Orange Chug, Anyone? The Top 5 Other Colas

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When someone says “cola,” chances are you immediately picture that iconic red background, white script and the flavor of Coca-Cola. Or maybe you think of Pepsi. Or maybe you think of Inca Kola which, by the way, is owned by the Coca-Cola Company. Regardless of which brand of delicious yet tooth-destroying, gut-fattening beverages springs to mind when you hear the word “cola,” we are going to go out on a limb here and bet that it is not one of these also-ran brands. Because these colas are anything but “classic.”

5 Worth the Trip?

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It might seem strange to name a cola brand for one of the two holiest cities of the Islamic faith, but go figure: Mecca Cola is a huge success in many North African and Middle Eastern countries. This is likely due to the fact that Mecca Cola is specifically marketed as an alternative to Western brands like Coke and Pepsi. Which is a rather depressing comment on the state of international and inter-cultural relations, but there you have it.

4 Ah, Those Caribbean/Nordic Breezes

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Sweden’s favorite cola is named for … Cuba? Yeah, that’s right: Cuba Cola might have nothing to do with the land of Castro, but it is a smash hit with the people of the fjords. It has been made since the early ‘50s. Here’s an interesting note for you: Before the middle of the 20th century, cola was not legal in this Scandinavian country.

3 Not Part of Our Posse

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For some reason, the music group Insane Clown Posse, or ICP, as their rather devoted, um, devotees like to call them, has a bit of an obsession with the Faygo Beverages company and their soft drink offerings. Outside of the state of Michigan and beyond the influence of these lyrical wordsmiths, however, Faygo Cola enjoys a degree of anonymity, largely because it is not so very good. But don’t forget to try their “Orange Chug” flavor!

2 The Future is Here

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Yes friends, in China, at least, the future is here today, in the form of Future Cola! In fact, behind multinational conglomerates Pepsi and Coke, Future Cola is China’s third best-selling brand of cola beverage. It tastes fine, according to most testers, so let’s move on to the more notable aspect of the brand – its slogan: “The future will be better!” That sounds like a distinctly Party-inspired bit of propaganda to us, but hey, if it helps sell cola …

1 Lesser Royalty

You might know Royal Crown Cola as RC Cola, or you might ask “Don’t you mean Crown Royal, the liquor?” But no, strangely this brand of cola is not only a survivor, but the third largest brand worldwide – and a member of the century club now, having been founded in 1905. Royal Crown was something of a midcentury pioneer as well, launching Diet Rite Cola, the first diet brand of cola beverage, way back in the late 1950s.

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