70-Year-Old Kicked Out Of Restaurant Over Trendy Haircut


Not In Fashion

The old lady was disgusted at how she was treated. “You won’t hear the last of this!” she yelled. Other customers turned to look at her, some started laughing thinking the old woman must be senile.

The host rushed forward trying to block anybody from seeing the woman’s tantrum. But she was too late. A few people had already whipped their phones out; they were recording.

A Full Life


Martha Simpson was an energetic 70-year-old lady with a twinkle in her eye. She had always been adventurous at heart. Living her life in a quiet Chicago suburb.

She had spent her life taking care of others and had finally decided that it was time to do something for herself. She compiled a bucket list of all the things she had dreamt of doing but never got the chance to do.

Old But Not Cold


Martha had always been one for the finer things in life. One of the items on her list was getting a trendy haircut that would make her feel bold and vibrant.

She believed that life should be lived to the fullest, and with a twinkle in her eye, she decided it was time to tackle her bucket list head-on. First on her list was getting a trendy haircut that she had seen in a magazine. Which salon would she choose?

A New Me


With the picture in hand, Martha ventured into the local salon to seek out the assistance of the talented hairdresser, Kitty. She was famous for styling older women.

Martha entered the trendy salon, her gray curls neatly arranged on her head. She was greeted by Kitty, a young and stylish hairdresser with vibrant blue hair. Kitty’s eyes widened as Martha handed her a picture of the hairstyle she wanted.

Like The Kids


As Martha showed Kitty the picture of the stylish cut she desired, Kitty’s eyes widened in surprise. It was no simple task to transform Martha’s hair into the intricate style she had chosen.

Other ladies were gawking at her choice. “This style is usually for younger girls with thicker hair,” she said questioningly. “Do you really think you can pull it off?” she asked. Kitty was an expert, but she didn’t know if she could pull it off.

Just Do It


Kitty’s surprise was evident as she examined the picture. She had seen many requests for edgy cuts, but never from someone of Martha’s age. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but be intrigued by the sparkle in Martha’s eyes.

“I’ll be honest, I have never done this hairstyle on an older woman before,” she laughed nervously. “Have you done it on a man before?” Martha asked with a giggle.

A New Look


Kitty took a moment to compose herself, then smiled at Martha. “Well, Martha, you certainly know how to make a statement! Are you sure about this?”

Martha chuckled and replied, “Oh, Kitty, life’s too short to worry about what others think. I’ve always wanted to try something wild and now’s the perfect time. I want to show the world that age doesn’t define us!”

Go Ahead


Impressed by Martha’s spirit, Kitty nodded and said, “You know what, Martha? I think this is going to be an exciting challenge. Let’s get started!”

The cool hairdresser carefully washed and dried her client’s hair. Martha was enjoying the feeling of the warm water on her scalp. Kitty used a special oil to prevent her hair from getting tangled too.

Do Your Thing


“Are you ready?” Kitty asked, scissors in hand. Martha smiled at her reflection in the mirror, “It’s now or never,” she said.

The transformation began with Kitty carefully cutting Martha’s hair, section by section. As the locks fell to the floor, Martha could feel a sense of liberation. She was shedding not only her hair but also the societal expectations that had weighed her down for far too long.

The Different Look


After the cutting was complete, Kitty moved on to dyeing Martha’s hair a vibrant shade of pink. “Oh my gosh, you are going to look so cute!” Kitty gushed.

As the color set, they engaged in a lively conversation, sharing stories and dreams. Martha regaled Kitty with tales of her youth, while Kitty shared her aspirations as a young artist.

Beauty Is Pain


As the dye was processed, Martha’s excitement grew. Kitty knew this was more than just a haircut; it was a symbol of self-expression and newfound freedom. Finally, the dye was rinsed out, and Kitty meticulously styled Martha’s hair into the fabulous style, using copious amounts of gel.

Hours passed as Kitty worked diligently, carefully cutting, dyeing, and applying copious amounts of gel to achieve the desired look.

When Martha finally caught sight of herself in the mirror, she couldn’t help but smile. The bold, fashionable hairstyle made her feel young and vibrant.

A New Face


Martha gazed at her reflection in the mirror, her eyes sparkling with joy. The vibrant color stood bright and proud, a testament to her courage and zest for life. She couldn’t believe her transformation.

Kitty, too, was amazed by her work. “Martha, you look absolutely fabulous! This is one of the best makeovers I’ve ever done. You’re a true inspiration.”

Well Worth It


Martha was admiring herself in the mirror. She took a few selfies and photos with Kitty. Other customers were ogling at her, she felt special.

A tear of happiness escaped Martha’s eye. “Thank you, Kitty. This means more to me than you can imagine. Today, I feel alive and ready to conquer the world!”

A Real Stylist


The two embraced warmly, sharing a moment of pure connection. “Can you do me next Kitty?” another elderly asked her. Kitty just laughed, “Not today ma’am.”

Martha left the salon feeling rejuvenated, her heart filled with newfound confidence. As she walked down the street, heads turned, and people couldn’t help but smile at her boldness.

It’s For Keeps


Martha’s bright pink mohawk became her signature look, accompanying her on many adventures. She skydived from a plane, bungee jumped off a tall bridge, and even joined a roller derby team, all while rocking her vibrant hair.

Her bucket list was no longer a collection of dreams but a series of remarkable achievements. What was next on her list?

I’m Loving It


Eager to embrace another item on her bucket list, Martha set her sights on fine dining at a renowned Michelin-starred restaurant. She wanted a fancy night out, an evening dress and all.

She called and made a booking two weeks in advance. With a reservation in hand, she entered the establishment. She had no idea how badly this would end for her.

Standing Out


Martha neared the restaurant to see she was the only person who looked like she did. Her bright pink hair would stand out amongst a sea of gray hair.

The restaurant happened to be hosting a grand event filled with high-class CEOs and social elites. Martha’s punk rock appearance would be a sore thumb amidst the sea of elegantly dressed individuals. But there was no going back for her.

She’d Planned It For A While


Martha had planned this night for a while. She’d spent her days thinking about it, hoping to have the night of her life. Standing at the crowded entrance, she remembered her past and how much she’d wanted to eat at this restaurant.

She’d been poor then, with a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. Being here now, with enough money to comfortably see her through the night, she knew she couldn’t give up.

Not Easily Intimidated


Martha had rarely been one to be intimidated by other people easily. She’d already seen the look other customers entering the restaurant were giving her.

One of the women even shot a snarky comment her way and giggled, saying she was out of place. But the woman had no idea who Martha was and what she was capable of.



Headstrong and unbothered, Martha took her first step toward the restaurant. With a kind smile, she handed her car keys to the valet and hurried up the establishment’s steps.

The servers inside were already turning to look at her, most of them sharing hushed comments as they jutted their chins at her. Was this a sign that she was at the wrong place on the wrong night?

Why Attack Her?


Martha didn’t see it that way. She was going to pay for her meal the same way everyone here was. She’d made a reservation in advance as the restaurant required and had a table waiting for her.

She’d spent her day choosing her look, knowing she needed to feel comfortable in her skin. Why would the restaurant attack her when all she wanted was to be herself while simultaneously having a good night?

Center Of Attention


Martha didn’t care. She hadn’t even considered the possibility of the restaurant kicking her out. She’d done everything by the book and, by extension, deserved to be treated with respect and kindness.

Regardless, her heart started thumping with every step toward the glass doors. More eyes were settling on her. The press covering whatever event was happening inside turned their attention to her.

Stand Tall


With her chin held high and shoulders back, Martha stood at the glass doors and patiently waited for them to slide open for her.

When they did, she cracked a grin, one befitting the radiance she embodied, and walked into the restaurant. The first person to approach her was the restaurant’s hostess.

A Superstar


The woman must’ve thought Martha was a high-level celebrity because she applauded her vibrant color before asking for her name so she could announce her.

“No need for that, honey,” Martha said sweetly, humbled by the woman’s comment. “I’m not part of that group. But I have a reservation for a Martha Simpson. Thank you.”



The woman stared at Martha for a second, trying to work out what she was hearing. Her sight stretched to the event taking place at their side before settling on Martha once more.

“Alright,” she said, her tone laced with disbelief. She turned to her tablet and quickly flicked through several names. “Martha Simpson. Oh, yes! I have you at table fifteen! Right this way.”

I’m Finally Here


Martha followed the woman through the stunning entrance. The walls around her were dark and enigmatic, a mixture of marble and exotic woods she couldn’t name.

She couldn’t count the number of times she wanted to visit this place, to be welcomed as a customer. Her heart thundered as a realization took hold: ‘I’m finally going to live my dream.’ Little did she know how this would end for her.

Table For One


The hostess led Martha to her table, set for one. The restaurant had nestled her next to the window, with the whole restaurant facing her and the beautiful city she’d grown up in rising behind her.

Martha took in everything, reveling in how perfect everything had turned out. But as she sat, she couldn’t help but feel like something was about to go terribly wrong.

All Eyes On Me


Undeterred, Martha gestured to the maître d’ and prepared to place her order. She was happily looking at the menu while the hostess set her table.

The maître d seemed cold and hostile, “Will anybody else be joining you?” he said with a French accent. Martha nodded in the negative and turned to check her surroundings. Why was the hostess taking so long?

The Big Guy


Just then, another tall, stern man appeared. He looked like the manager or owner of the establishment. He whispered something to the maître d, and they both looked angry.

Martha’s excitement was abruptly extinguished when the maître d, disapproving of Martha’s unconventional attire, asked her to leave. But why was she making such an odd request when Martha had done nothing wrong?



“Excuse me, what?” A bewildered Martha asked. The maître d stared at her for a few seconds before repeating that she needed to leave the premises.

“Your attire is not up to par with the night’s dress code,” he stated matter-of-factly. But what about her reservation? What about the money she’d already burned trying to make this night a success?

It Was Supposed To Be A Good Night


Martha had been looking forward to eating her for so long. She’d had this place on her bucket list for years and was finally here, all dressed up and ready to feast.

But the restaurant had decided that despite her wishes and everything she’d done to get here, it was not going to serve her. Had Martha wasted her time trying to make this night happen?

Why Was He So Harsh?


The manager mentioned that Martha looked ‘funny.’ He threw a few unsavory words at her, all targeted at her looks.

Martha would have cried under the man’s unnecessary onslaught if she wasn’t a hardened woman. Being as old as she was, she was no stranger to body shaming and everything in between. But this was too much.

Calling Security


Martha watched in disbelief as the maître d called security, whispering something in his ears. The burly guard came and stood near her table, watching quietly.

The manager and maître d didn’t waste any more seconds trying to hear her out, they filtered into the crowd that, by now, had stopped gawking at Martha. That’s when the security guard spoke.

Walk Away


“Let’s just go quietly, ma’am,” he said. “There is no need to make a scene.” He offered her his hand respectfully, helping her to her feet.

Martha walked quietly through the crowds, the man shielding her from everyone’s gaze with his massive body. She was glad the security guard was kind to her. But even his kindness wouldn’t shelter the manager and maître d from her wrath.

What Kind Of Discrimination


Martha felt a surge of anger rise within her, and she vowed to make her voice heard. Fueled by her frustration, she took to social media, sharing her experience and expressing her disappointment in the restaurant’s judgmental behavior.

To her surprise, people from all walks of life rallied behind her, applauding her for standing up against body shaming and advocating for acceptance. Would she get justice?

It’s Not Right


Undeterred by the initial setback, Martha decided to confront the restaurant again. With a newfound sense of purpose, she made another reservation, determined to make a statement.

This time, as she walked into the restaurant, all eyes turned to her as she confidently revealed her new look. Martha had done the unthinkable! She shaved her head completely bald!

It’s My Life


News of Martha’s courageous act spread like wildfire across social media. People hailed her as a symbol of bravery and an advocate for acceptance. Martha laughed as customers took pictures of her. It was going to go viral.

Her story resonated with individuals who had experienced body shaming and discrimination, igniting a movement of positivity and self-acceptance. She was a real person with real feelings and her voice did matter.

Standing Up For You


Martha’s unexpected fame brought her a sense of fulfillment she had never anticipated. Though fame hadn’t been on her bucket list, she relished the opportunity to be a voice for those who had been silenced and judged.

She used her newfound platform to advocate for inclusivity and self-love, speaking at events and sharing her story with the world. Would she be able to keep up with the stir she caused?

Hairy Sorry


With each passing day, Martha’s message of acceptance reached more and more people, touching hearts and inspiring change.

The restaurant that had once turned her away was forced to confront their actions and reconsider their dress code policies. They made a public apology to Martha; it was all over social media. Unfortunately, the old lady did not accept.

We Mean No Harm


The host went further to give a personal apology to Martha, they also offered her free dining for the rest of her life. It was a great offer that anybody would accept.

They reached out to Martha, offering her a heartfelt apology and an invitation to return as their honored guest. Would Martha make amends?

Makings Things Kosher


Martha graciously accepted the invitation, not out of a desire for revenge, but to demonstrate the power of acceptance and forgiveness.

She dined at the Michelin-starred establishment, surrounded by people who now saw her as a symbol of courage and resilience.

The evening was filled with laughter, heartfelt conversations, and a newfound understanding between Martha and the restaurant’s staff. But was it sincere or just another show?

All’s Well


As Martha continued to tick items off her bucket list, she realized that life’s greatest adventures often lay beyond the boundaries of what we initially imagined. She was glad she didn’t give in.

Through her bold actions and unwavering spirit, she not only achieved her own dreams but also touched the lives of countless others. She also found a new love for fine dining!

Make Your Look


In the end, Martha Simpson’s journey reminded the world of the importance of embracing individuality, celebrating diversity, and above all, learning to love ourselves and others unconditionally.

And so, as Martha reveled in her newfound happiness, she understood that her bucket list had transformed into a testament to resilience, love, and the power of embracing who we truly are.

The Beauty Within


Over time, Martha’s story spread, touching the hearts of many. Inspired by her courage, others began embracing their own dreams and breaking free from the chains of societal expectations.

Martha became a symbol of ageless vitality, showing the world that it’s never too late to live life to the fullest. And when her hair grew back, she dyed it pink again! It became her signature style.

In Your Own Skin


Martha lived a full life into her golden years. She even added a few more things to her bucket list because she felt a rush of youthfulness.

And so, as Martha continued ticking off items on her bucket list, she carried her pink mohawk as a proud reminder of the day she decided to challenge the norms and discovered the true power of self-expression.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.