Old Couple Drain Pool And Lose Home Insurance When Authorities See The Bottom


Something Outside

The old man was busy doing his routine gardening when he heard a strange noise up above him. He looked to see but he couldn’t find the source of the noise.

He continued with his work, but there it was again, a loud buzzing, but there were no insects around.

When he looked up, he saw it, hovering above him.

Our Family Home


In a quiet suburban neighborhood, nestled under the shade of towering oak trees, resided 85-year-old John and 83-year-old Macy Becker, a retired couple whose lives had recently taken an unexpected twist.

This seemingly serene corner of the world had turned into a battleground for the Beckers and their insurance company, Sunlight Insurance Brokers, in a tale of unforeseen consequences.

Being Targeted


In the quiet, picturesque neighborhood of Oakridge, nestled beneath the gentle embrace of ancient oak trees, an elderly couple’s world was thrown into turmoil.

The couple was shocked as their seemingly innocent act of draining their pool ignited a feud with their home insurance company, Sunlight Insurance Brokers.

What was the issue?

Small Renovations


John and Macy Becker, a charming couple in their 80s, have called Oakridge their home for more than half a century.

They’ve weathered the storms of life together and watched as their grandchildren grew up and moved away.

With their once-bustling pool now echoing with the laughter of memories past, they decided to transform it into a lush garden for growing vegetables.

Our Own Ideas


It all began innocently enough when the Beckers decided to drain their once-beloved backyard pool. The decision was not motivated by a desire to save on water bills or a newfound fear of aquatic adventures.

Instead, it was driven by the simple fact that their cherished grandchildren had grown up, their laughter fading into memory.

The pool had transformed into a stagnant, unused relic of summers past.

A Safer Option


Keeping a pool of good quality is high maintenance, and the couple’s decision also positively affected the environment.

They were saving on water and didn’t have to keep refilling the pool.

Mrs. Becker was almost in tears when explaining the problem to a local reporter. Little did they know that their tranquil retirement dream would soon be clouded by the actions of their insurance provider.

Something Amiss


When the insurance company first called Mr. Becker, he thought they would see their petty error and leave them alone.

However, what the Beckers perceived as a routine task was about to trigger a chain of events they never saw coming.

Within days of draining the pool, their phone rang, and Macy’s heart skipped a beat as she answered. Who could it be?

A Problem With Your Pool


It was a representative from Sunlight Insurance Brokers, and the news was anything but sunny.

Macy frowned at the phone, shaking her head in the negative.

The voice on the other end informed them that their homeowner’s insurance policy was being canceled. John’s face flushed with anger, and Macy was left bewildered, clutching the phone.

Insurance Woes


John was trying to eavesdrop through the receiver, but he couldn’t hear well. He knew that something was wrong.

He tried to comfort his wife, but she was in tears. “What did we do wrong?” Macy asked, her voice trembling with confusion and fear.

“It’s our property, we didn’t hurt anyone, why are they doing this?”

Making Up Excuses


The insurance representative offered a vague explanation, citing concerns about changes in their property that needed clarification.

It made little sense to the Beckers, who had always paid their premiums dutifully.

The elderly couple felt like they were caught in a storm of uncertainty, not knowing what they had done to trigger such a drastic response from their insurance company.

It Can’t Be Right


While Macy was whimpering. John called the insurance company back. He wanted details. John was a man known for his easy going nature but today couldn’t contain his outrage. “Cancel our policy?

What on Earth is the problem?” he demanded, his voice trembling with frustration.

He felt that they were playing games with him and he didn’t like being made a fool.

The Truth


The consultant on the line cited a vague clause about home inspection and alleged that the draining of the pool had triggered their decision. “But the onus lies on us because it’s our pool,” John retorted.

Macy, the ever-calm counterpart to her husband’s fiery emotions, couldn’t fathom the connection.

Why were they making such a big deal about it?

Check For Yourself


Doubt and bewilderment shrouded the couple. They had never missed a premium payment and had diligently maintained their home over the years.

They actually had one of the best-maintained yards in the area.

John promptly fired back, “I’ll have you know that our home has been inspected, and it’s in perfect condition! What’s the real reason behind this absurd decision?”

Sending Spies


Desperate to understand the reasons behind this abrupt termination of their coverage, John and Macy turned to local authorities for assistance.

With the digital age at their disposal, the authorities decided to employ a high-tech solution – drones.

A pair of government-issued drones were dispatched to capture images of the Beckers’ home from above, giving them a view they had never seen before.

Can’t Argue With Proof


In an attempt to substantiate their claim, Sunlight Insurance Brokers dispatched drone photographs of the Beckers’ property, revealing an aerial view of their well-kept home and the now-empty pool that had sparked the controversy.

John got a fright when he saw the eerie-looking machines hovering above him.

The photos bore a digital timestamp confirming that the inspection had indeed taken place.

Here Are The Facts


The drone photographs arrived, accompanied by a sense of anticipation and trepidation. John and Macy gathered around their computer screen, hands clasped tightly, as they opened the images.

What they saw was shocking, for it revealed the source of their insurance woes.

The drone had captured their backyard, and in the place of the emptied pool were neatly arranged rows of thriving vegetable plants, bathed in the golden rays of the sun.



Macy’s hands were shaking as she sat beside her husband. It felt like everything had come crumbling down around them, and she didn’t know where to go next. 

She was hoping and praying that the images would reveal some answers.

But when she squinted down at the screen, it only confused her. 



“What on earth?” John muttered from beside her. He wasn’t sure what he was looking at. He stared at the screen for what felt like hours, trying to decipher what was going on. 

None of this made sense to him. Removing his glasses from his head, the old man rubbed at his tired eyes. He couldn’t understand why everything had gotten so complicated.

But then he looked again. 

The Images


As he and Macy took another look at the images, something finally clicked. John quickly jumped to the conclusion that it must’ve been a huge misunderstanding. He saw something in the photo that deeply disturbed him.

Sunlight Insurance Brokers had misunderstood their intentions. The company believed that the pool’s draining was a sign of neglect or decay, not realizing that the Beckers had merely repurposed the space. But he understood why. Even he couldn’t deny that he saw something worrying in the photo.

They Had To Do Something 


Their grandchildren’s playground had become an oasis of homegrown vegetables, a testament to the couple’s resourcefulness and love for the land. 

John explained the situation to Macy. The Becker’s knew they had to do something about this. It was all a horrible misunderstanding, and they were suffering because of it. But once John pointed out what he had seen in the photo to Marcy, she nearly fainted.

Never Seen It Before


The old couple tried their best to maintain their property over the years, with the insurance company looming over them. But John’s old, tired eyes could only see so much.

He must have missed some of the finer details to only notice something once it was on a high-resolution camera. He swore that if he had known about it, he would have done something.

Staring In Horror


Macy, on the other hand, blamed herself for not noticing it sooner.

The drone footage showed her something that she could have avoided altogether. She could have gotten a garden service to be a bit more thorough than she or John could be in their old age.

But now they were sitting in regret. John promised to try and clear out the misunderstanding, but they needed to sort out the monstrosity that was on their screen.

Matted Fur


The old couple cleaned up everything on-site in their back garden by the pool, but there was something they hadn’t considered before. It was the verticality that their house had.

If either had known what could have been from a bird’s eye view, they would have cleaned it up immediately.

But instead, they were staring at matted fur on a high-resolution picture.

Their Gutters


The pool might have been part of the problem, but the couple hadn’t gotten someone to clean their gutters in years. It just wasn’t a priority for them. But they wished they had cleaned them now.

John scrutinized the screen again and was nearly wretched.

He picked up the phone, but before calling the insurance company, he called the one person who could help him – the exterminator.



John explained the situation to an exterminator over the phone. They told him that they’d dispatch a man to sort everything out for them. John just had to wait. Once they took care of the creature in their gutter, then he could worry about the pool.

As time passed, Macy sat in the living room, paranoid about what she had seen. John reassured her that everything would be fine. But things were far worse than they thought.

Checking It Out


While Macy stayed inside out of fear, John decided to take a look at what he was dealing with himself. He didn’t even know if the drone photos were old or not. Maybe the miscreant had moved?

He found his old ladder in the shed and set it up on the side of the house. He carefully climbed the ladder, but that’s when he heard a squelching sound.



John climbed the final rung of the ladder to see what was in his gutter for the first time. He could only make out fur in the photograph, but with his own two eyes, it was horrific.

Not only did he see the wet fur in much better detail, but the writhing mass made him nearly puke. He could also see tails, dozens of them. It was something out of a horror movie.

Climbing Back Down


John couldn’t stand to look at the creature any longer and descended the ladder. He went back into the safety of his home and stared at his wife. Macy wanted to know what he had found, seeing how pale his face had gone.

But he didn’t want to scare her any more than she already was. He decided to hand over the problem to the exterminator.

Finally Arriving


A few hours later, John finally heard a honk at their gate. He let the van in, and a man in uniform jumped out. It was clear that he was a pro, judging by his demeanor and uniform.

John was just happy to see someone who was willing to deal with what was in their gutters. The exterminator wasted no time getting down to business. He walked to their backyard and saw the ladder already set up. He had no idea what John was harboring up there.



The exterminator went up the ladder with his equipment and climbed onto the roof. He was careful not to knock any roof tiles loose and seemed to be doing a good job. Then John heard his surprise.

He seemed to be caught off guard by the creature in the gutter. “How did this happen,” John heard the exterminator say to himself.

Bringing It Down


After half an hour and a lot of effort on behalf of the exterminator, he finally descended the ladder with a carrier stuffed with the writing mass. John could see that even he was pale, but he wanted to understand what was going on.

“What is it?” John asked in awe. The exterminator explained that it was something called a rat king. He’d have to do his own research from there.

Rat King


John decided to look up what a “rat king” was. But the more he looked, the sadder he felt for the animal, or animals, to be precise. The phenomenon is when a dozen or more rats get their tails tangled together.

Thankfully, the exterminator said he was going to free them from their bonds and release them somewhere in the wild. John breathed a sigh of relief. But he had nearly forgotten something important.

Back To The Original Problem


John sat back down on the couch and relaxed for a moment. But then Macy reminded him that he had only solved one problem that the insurance company had. He’d have to be quick to fix the next matter.

He stared at Macy as he thought about their next solution. He was sure he’d think of something. But then Macy jolted him out of his thoughts.

One Thing To Do 


“What do you think we should do about this?” Macy spoke as John got up from his seat. He paced back and forth, his mind racing. He had to find justice for himself and his wife. 

But there was only one thing the old man could think to do. He just hoped it would work.

He made his way toward the telephone and dialed a number.

Upset Owners


The old man, feeling wronged and slighted, invited local authorities to scrutinize their home maintenance records and the metamorphosis of their pool into a flourishing vegetable garden. 

Their motives were purely sentimental; the pool had lost its allure with the departure of their beloved grandchildren, and they sought to create a new purpose for it.



John was fuming. He couldn’t believe that something like this had happened to them. Their actions were completely innocent, and now, they were being punished. Something had to be done. 

The authorities took their time as they inspected their home maintenance records and the metamorphosis of their pool. John wondered what would happen next.

Calling Them


With newfound evidence in hand, the Beckers contacted Sunlight Insurance Brokers to present their case. Would they change their mind?

Reaching for the phone once again, John called the insurance company.

Macy sat beside him, bringing her ear close to the phone so she could also hear what was being said.

The Call


The phone rang for what felt like an eternity. With his free hand, John placed a comforting hand on his wife’s back.

This kind of stress was not good for the old couple. Eventually, someone answered.

The conversation that followed was intense and emotional as John and Macy poured their hearts out to the insurance company representative. This was their long-time family home.

What’s The Matter


John explained that their pool had been a place of joy and laughter for their grandchildren, but now, it had transformed into a source of sustenance and pride. 

He tried to explain that at his age, it was getting increasingly difficult to give the pool the attention it needed. It was a large pool, and maintaining it sometimes felt impossible.

An Explanation


John then explained the importance of their vegetable garden. He told them that it was a lot easier to manage and that they benefit from having it. 

The couple spent hours tending their vegetable garden and always shared their produce with their neighbors. It was a place where family bonds continued to grow, just in a different form.

He just hoped they would have mercy on him.

No Mercy


But the person on the other end of the line did not seem to care for John’s explanation.

All they would say was that the old couple had violated their policy. When John asked for an explanation, they refused to give him one.

It was at this point that tears began to pool in Macy’s eyes. John couldn’t allow this. 

It’s Too Late


As the investigation unfolded, John felt an indignant fire within him. He declared his intentions to report Sunlight Insurance Brokers to the underwriters, believing it was a matter of principle. 

Seeing his wife so upset only made him angrier.

He couldn’t let these people get away with it. He was going to fight until this entire situation was sorted out.

Loyal Customer


John knew that he would have to report the company. He felt like it was the only way to get them to listen.

He figured they saw an empty pool as a danger or hazard, and showed them that they had adequate safety precautions around, including a ladder in the pool.

After all, he had been a loyal customer for over half a century and deserved better treatment.

That Night 


John decided to report the company to the underwriters that evening. If they wanted to play dirty, he would play dirty too. He wrote a long email and sent it to a few people. 

He knew that in just a few days, the story would be everywhere.

He wanted justice for himself and his wife, and that is exactly what he was getting. 

Neighborhood Behind You


As the days passed, public outrage swelled, leading to a flurry of messages and emails flooding Sunlight Insurance Brokers.

It seemed that most people were siding with John and Macy.

The old couple had their community behind them and they wanted to show the insurance company that they were making a big mistake.

A Response


Seeing the story all over the papers, people at the company began to panic. This did not look good at all.

They thought John was bluffing. 

The company was forced to respond, the couple wanted a public apology to John and Macy Becker, acknowledging their mistake. Would the insurance company oblige?

A Community United


Word of the Beckers’ ordeal spread through their tight-knit community like wildfire. Neighbors rallied around them, offering assistance with their burgeoning vegetable garden.

Some neighbors even brought their grandchildren to help tend to the crops.

They all stood by the Beckers and offered to help in any way they could.

Their Community


The empty pool had become a symbol of resilience and adaptability, a reminder that life could change, but love and family endured.

The Beckers were loved by their community.

No one wanted to see them fail. Eventually, the community began calling the company and complaining about the entire ordeal. Everyone was on their side.

Getting Together


The entire Oakridge community rallied behind the Beckers, who were beloved fixtures of the neighborhood. Local media caught wind of the story, casting a spotlight on the injustice that had befallen them. 

Before long, even strangers were aware of the story, and they, too wanted to help.

Questioning It


Friends and neighbors expressed their shock and dismay at the treatment meted out to such cherished residents. The company’s reputation was crumbling by the hour. 

The entire ordeal made them question the intention of the insurance brokers. Were they there for the people or just out there to make a quick buck?

Changing Their Mind


The conversation was intense, the insurance company representative slowly began to understand the Beckers’ perspective.

It wasn’t neglect or abandonment; it was a loving transformation of their property. 

All along, the old couple had done something innocent in an attempt to make their home a happier place.



It took some time for the company to respond. They had to do a proper investigation on the matter. But eventually, they made a decision.

With a newfound sense of empathy, the insurance company decided to reverse its decision and reinstate Becker’s policy.

The couple’s relief was palpable, their faith in humanity restored.

Saying Sorry


Finally, Sunlight Insurance Company issued a formal apology in the local newspaper.

John read it with tears in his eyes. He could save his grandfather’s home.

But John knew that he had his community to thank. They were the reason why the company decided to soften up.

The Apology 


John read the apology to his wife as she sat beside him with happy tears in her eyes. 

“We deeply regret the error in judgment regarding the cancellation of the Becker family’s policy,” the company’s statement read.

“Their loyalty and impeccable home maintenance record should never have been questioned.”

Doesn’t Feel Right


Although the couple had won their battle with the insurance company, they were still not happy.

The Beckers, although vindicated, had lost faith in their once-trusted insurer

John, still nursing the wound of his pride, decided to take his business elsewhere, choosing a competitor known for its commitment to valuing long-standing customers. His wife supported him.

Bigger And Brighter


Oakridge, now united more than ever, celebrated the Becker family’s victory over corporate bureaucracy.

The Beckers could continue to grow old in their family home in peace.

The once-empty pool, a symbol of their resilience, continued to thrive as a garden, now bearing the most vibrant vegetables Oakridge had ever seen.

Back To Normal


The Beckers emerged victorious, not only in their battle with Sunlight Insurance Brokers but also in their quest to show the world that a simple act of repurposing could transform a setback into a triumph.

They wanted to make sure that anyone getting screwed over by their insurance company could see them as an example to always fight it no matter how bleak it seemed.

Sun Setting


As the sun set over their verdant backyard, John and Macy Becker, hand in hand, knew that their story was more than just a footnote in the annals of suburban life. It was a testament to the enduring spirit of love, family, and the power of adaptation.

They thought about their kids as they looked into their garden pool. It was beautiful in its own right, and it would stay that way forever.

A Living Pool


In the end, the story of John and Macy Becker served as a testament to the unwavering spirit of a couple who had weathered life’s storms together, and to the power of a community that stood up for what was right.

They even had a few neighbors in the community come by and ask if they could see the pool. This gave the couple an idea.

Social Media


The loving couple planned to add more vegetable and flower boxes to the pool and already started coming up with new ideas for the pool’s redecoration. But with a lot of demand to see the living pool, Macy came up with an idea.

The two decided to create a social media page for the pool where they’d post photos of their lovely vegetation. Their life was happy again and full of love.

This story was handcrafted with love by a creative novelist to thrill and entertain, mirroring real-life situations to awaken your imagination and evoke profound emotions. All events, places, and characters are products of the author’s imagination, and all images and videos are used for illustrative purposes only. We hope you enjoyed reading it just as much as we enjoyed writing it!