Oh No They Didn’t: Top 5 Most Offensive Celebrity Statements

Considering how often celebrities are in the limelight, you might think they would be more careful about what they say. Although some people like Paula Deen and Fuzzy Zoeller lose big deals and endorsements, most of the time celebs ride out controversy or get away with apologizing. Does apologizing for a racist comment make everything okay? Nope. Here are some of the biggest “Oh no they didn’t” moments in celeb history.

5 John Wayne: An Iconic Racist

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John Wayne really put one cowboy boot in his mouth when he told “Playboy” that Native Americans effectively had it coming when they selfishly refused to give up their land to the European invaders. He said that there were “great numbers of people who needed new land”—apparently without regard to the original inhabitants, who were already using the land at the time. The American icon went on to say that he supported white supremacy because black people lacked the education to make reasonable decisions or be trusted with authority. It’s amazing that he never ran for political office.

4 Sean Connery on Slapping Women

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Sean Connery may be your favorite James Bond, but that also probably makes him your favorite advocate of violence against women. Connery has been quoted saying that some women want to be smacked. He told the media that “To slap a woman is not the cruelest thing you can do to her.” Maybe it isn’t, but it’s not nice either. Perhaps Connery and Gibson should join forces. It’s not like they seem to have anything better to do.

3 Orlando Jones: Death to Sarah Palin

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Bet you didn’ t know that Orlando Jones was a political genius. The former 7 Up (Yours) spokesman and MADtv alum had this piece of advice for left-wing Americans: “Libyan Rebels kill[ed] Gadhafi, if American liberals want respect, they better stop listening to Aretha & kill Sarah Palin.” Palin better hope music by the Queen of Soul doesn’t someday fail to soothe and distract the angry liberals. Who knew Aretha saved lives?

2 Charlie Sheen: Somebody Take His Phone

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Charlie Sheen just can’t seem to help getting himself into trouble, though he does seem to do a great job of making other people pay for it. The “actor”—if playing a cocky womanizer when you are one in real life is “acting”—has made a lot of faux pas. Perhaps the most disturbing thing he said was in a text message to his then-manager, Mark Burg, which read, “I must execute mark b like the stoopid jew pig that he is.” Sheen and Burg have an on-again, off-again relationship. Sheen also reportedly fired “Anger Management” co-star Selma Blair via text and called her a “c–t.” Seriously, somebody take his phone.

1 Mel Gibson: Public Offender Number 1

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Judging from his remarks, you might suppose that Mel Gibson is the most hateful, angry rich white guy on the planet. It’s hard to imagine how the once lovable actor and serious box office draw became the guy who told his ex-girlfriend that if she were raped by a pack of N-words, it’d be her fault because of how she dresses and her fake breasts. For a man who repeatedly goes on hateful rants about Jewish people, I guess it could have worse. Not sure how, though.

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