20 “OCD” Photos That Will Majorly Mess With You

Everyone has that one thing that drives them crazy if it's not done right. Check out these 20 OCD photos that will make you want to clean, straighten and organize.

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a disorder that affects people of all ages and walks of life. People who suffer from OCD frequently have unwanted thoughts and obsessions urging them to have compulsive behaviors. OCD sufferers feel compelled to perform repetitive rituals that they are unable to resist or break free from.

Most people have obsessive thoughts or compulsions at some point in their lives. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone has OCD. Some people may just like everything to be in order and kept in its right place, and this is completely different from this serious disorder. These people take pleasure in things like neatness, symmetry and color coordination. And when things are out of place and not quite right, it can make them feel light anxiety.

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There is a perfectionist in all of us. Humans see patterns everywhere; our brains like order because it makes it easier for the brain to process. Imperfections, flaws and things out of place can be harder for our brain to register. And sometimes they are just not acceptable.

Everyone has that one thing that drives them crazy if it’s not done right. Whether it be dirty dishes being left in the sink or something not being put away after it’s been used, we all have our own quirks.

From wonky windows and upside-down labels to badly fitted cupboard doors and incorrectly packaged food, this collection of OCD photos will annoy anyone, never mind someone with compulsive tendencies.

Check out these 20 OCD photos that will make you want to clean, straighten and organize.

20. The Light Switch

OCD photos - light switch


All they needed to do was to put left, center and right in the correct order. Is that too much to ask?

However, the switch might not actually be wired that way and there may be no alternative but to label them that way.

19. The Condiment Label

ocd photos - condiment bottles


Who would just peel off the sticker and put it back on the same way as the others to match?

Even if the bottle was turned upside down, the lid would be at the top and still wouldn’t match! Consistency is key.

18. The Painkillers

ocd photos - painkillers


Would you just remove the odd painkiller out first?

I’m guessing whoever these painkillers belong to took them out before turning the pack over to see the offending culprit.

17. The Grate

ocd photos - grate


They tried to get it right! It was designed to fit right in with the rest, but the grates just weren’t put in right.

Can’t they just swap over the 2nd and 3rd grate?

16. The Line of Pencils

pencils out of order - ocd photos

Twitter / @wowarkham

Seriously though? There’s just no need.

Please just put them allstraight, in order and facing the same way!

15. The Pack of Fig Newtons

fig newton ocd photos


This fig newton is the rebel among the pack.

Eat the first 4 figs from the bottom, then it will all match and look neat. Or just empty them all into a container and then nobody will ever know.

14. The Painted Lines

ocd photos - painted road lines


So close but no cigar!

Just turn the grate 40 degrees clockwise; that’s all that needs to be done to make everything right with the world.

13. Opening the Bag at the Bottom

ocd photos - chip packet open upside down


Looking at this OCD photo will give you all the feels.

Why would you open a packet at the bottom, why?

12. The Wonky Window

OCD photos - wonky window


The building has obviously been designed to have a wonky window installed as a feature detail.

But please just straighten it. I can’t even!

11. The Misaligned Hob

cooker hob off center - OCD photos


I’d want a discount if my cooker hob was misaligned like this.

In fact, send it back and get a shiny new cooker with everything where it’s meant to be.

10. The Lemon and Lime Crates

lemon and lime crates - OCD photos


I think someone has done this on purpose to mess with the shoppers in the supermarket.

Would you swap it over if you were in the supermarket and saw this?

9. The Tile on the Table

OCD photos - mismatched tiles


Imagine tiling this table yourself and then realizing after all your hard work and it had all set that the tile is the wrong way around.

Well, it’s too late to change now. Cover that tile up with a fruit bowl. Shh, it’ll be our little secret!

8. That One Blue Sprinkle

That one blue sprinkle - OCD photos


That one blue sprinkle that was packaged into the red sprinkle section: It’s enough to drive anyone mad.

Maybe shake the container and see if it moves the blue sprinkle to the back so at least it can’t be seen. It’s worth a try!

7. The Slabs of the Sidewalk

pavement slabs - OCD photos


Let’s hope that they ran out of hexagon slabs; otherwise, what other reason would there be to create this horribly mismatched patch-up job?

There must be some kind of outside rug that can be put on top of it to hide it.

6. The Cracker Packet

ocd photos - stacked crackers


These packaged crackers would not pass the quality control of anyone who likes things in order.

Send it back and pack it again, please!

5. The One Different DVD

OCD photos - dvd collection


Everybody loves Raymond, but not everybody loves a mismatched DVD set.

Thank goodness for online streaming these days: no more non-matching DVDs.

4. The Pack of Pencils

ocd photos - packaged pencils


One pencil in the pack is out of place. Just one, but that’s all it takes to make you feel on edge.

Put it back on the shelf and get a different pack of pencils: a pack that’s facing all the same way.

3. The Tiled Runner

ocd photos - tiled runner

Reddit / Noredy

This sidewalk design mimics a carpet outside the entrance of this doorway.

Was there really any need to fold it over at the end?

2. The Green M&M

green M&M - ocd photos


There is something quite satisfying about sorting M&Ms into groups of color.

However, there is something rather dissatisfying about that one green M&M grouped with the orange ones.

1. The Cupboard Doors

OCD photos - cupboard doors


TFW you spend all day fitting the cupboard door to find out that this has happened. Take the door off and start again.

It has to be done.

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