What Not To Do In NYC To Avoid Pissing Off The Locals

New Yorkers aren’t rude; they’re efficient. They’re always on the go, they walk with purpose and they hate tourists. Why? Because tourists slow New Yorkers down. They aren’t a part of the New York pack and they don’t understand the ways of the “New Yorkquaise” tribe. Which is why they think New Yorkers are rude. New Yorkers aren’t rude. They just don’t have time for stupid questions, aimless meandering and inefficiency. Planning a trip to the Big Apple? Be sure to memorize the below NYC don’ts if you want to avoid incurring the wrath of the locals.

5.) Don’t Be Ignorant on The Subway

NYC Donts

The subway isn’t that complicated and there are two key NYC don’ts when it comes to riding it: don’t be slow getting on and don’t act obnoxious once on.

Rides cost $2.75 each way and you can either load your card with a dollar amount or choose the unlimited option (3-day, week or month) if you think you’ll be using it daily. When you go through the turnstile, slowly swipe your card. If it reads “please swipe again,” try again; it didn’t work.

To avoid being an obnoxious subway rider, quickly board the train once it arrives. If you’re slow, you’ll prevent people from boarding and may even cause them to be hit by the closing doors (which can hurt). If you sit, only take one seat. Don’t be a “manspreader” and take up excessive leg space. Don’t put your purse or shopping bags on the seat next to you. If you stand, hold the pole — don’t lean against it. Other people need to hold on as well and don’t want their hand beneath your leaning body.  If it’s crowded, maximize the space. Move towards the center, get close with your neighbors and enable that car to become as packed as possible.

Pushiness is okay and New Yorkers will walk all over you if you stall. During rush hour, the turnstiles act as both an entrance and an exit. Push your way through, especially if there are people waiting behind you. If not, those exiting will never politely stop to let you pass and the people behind you will swear at you for making them wait. Still confused? Let “Commuter Barbie” show you few more NYC don’ts of subway etiquette.