Nia Moore: 5 Commitments I Made After “Real World: Portland” to Better My Body

By Nia Moore January 15, 2013 View all posts (1)
Image Credit: Cecelia Helen
TV personality, Nia Moore, from “The Real World: Portland” is more than just a pretty face. The 24-year-old reality star moved into the house in episode four after original castmate, Joi, departed—and Nia wasted no time in quickly becoming season 28’s most talked about cast member. Besides appearing on TV, Nia has a background in print journalism as she has written for various web-based outlets and is passionate about staying fit. As Nia prepares to do another reality TV show this year, she wanted to come back stronger and sexier than ever. These are the top 5 changes Nia Moore has made in her life that have helped her get back in the best shape.

“As I prepare to do another reality TV show this year, I wanted to come back stronger and sexier than ever! These changes that I’ve made in my life have helped me tremendously.”

5 Be Patient

“Often times we want the results now. With all the pressure of society to be fit and look great, many of us wake up every morning and the first thing we do is overanalyze ourselves in the mirror. Don’t do that! It’ll only cause you to develop body dysmorphia. No point in stressing yourself out (which also causes weight gain) over where you are. It’s about where you are trying to go. Even if you slack off on your workout from time to time or cheat on your diet more than you would like, don’t beat yourself up! You don’t have to be perfect and the journey to becoming the person you aim to be won’t happen every night. Everybody’s weight loss journey is different. Some people can lose weight easier than others, and then there are those like myself who have to fight that much harder because of the hereditary. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will you be. The same way you build a house or write a book, (by laying one brick or writing a page at a time) you have to give your mind body and soul the same courtesy. The results are inevitable as long as you consistently put in the work that’s due.”

4 Get a Booty Belt

“Most people who know me from television probably have noticed I have a large backside. Most women want a nice round butt these days, but mine was nothing but cellulite and fat. Squats and lunges helped a little, but I became discouraged because I couldn’t find the results I was looking for. Men like a butt that is not just noticeable, but round, shapely and toned. When my personal trainer introduced me to the blueprint of the Booty Belt, I went crazy! Not only do I have the results I was always looking for, but it’s no easy workout! It definitely challenges you and not only does it lift and tone the total glute region, but it actually sculpts your legs, hips and abdomen, too! If it were a gimmick, I wouldn’t promote it. I definitely think this is a product that every woman should invest in!”

3 Leave the Deadly Habits Behind

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“I quit smoking cigarettes and I now drink alcohol quite sparingly. Not only has it done wonders for my endurance and energy during my workouts, but I also noticed a drastic change in my skin and weight after I quit. I remember when I first started smoking cigarettes a model told me it helps her suppress her appetite. FALSE!! If anything it made my cravings worse! I also realized it was easier to resist pulling over to fast food joints or overeating at dinner when I wasn’t drinking alcohol. If I could recommend anything to people looking to shed weight fast, the first thing I would tell them is to lay off the cocktails and cigarettes for a couple of weeks and watch how different they look and feel.”

2 Boost Your Metabolism

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“I never realized how essential a high metabolism was to burning fat until my trainer and business partner Dominic Banks told me about its benefits. You can eat three hearty meals a day, but in between those you should snack on fruits and veggies and protein about every two-3 hours. I keep a small bag of healthy snacks like raisins, raw carrots, apples or a cup of yogurt on me at all times! I also have an oral fixation (which is why I always trick myself into thinking I’m hungry even when I’m not) so this has done wonders for suppressing those big nagging cravings.”

1 Moderation Is Key

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“Don’t believe the hype; you don’t have to hide from your favorite guilty pleasures in order to keep a beach bod. I’ve lost around 18 pounds since spring and I didn’t cut burritos, pizza cheesecake and Chinese food (my faves) out of my diet. I just made a commitment to moderate my intake with them. I used to eat fast food every other day. Now, I allow myself about two cheat meals a week. And on the days that I do cheat, I commit to doing 45 minutes of cardio the day AFTER I eat. That way, even though I don’t even feel guilty about it later on. If I do give in to my craving on a day that’s not a cheat day, I only allow myself a few bites of whatever it is. A few bites here and there never hurt anyone! During the rest of the week, I fill up on as many fresh fruits, veggies, yogurts and lean meats as I want. I also drink two full glasses of water every morning as soon as I wake up and every three-four hours throughout the day to suppress those midday craves.”

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