Newborn’s Mom Makes Strange Discovery After Peeking Under Blanket


Sick To Her Stomach

She could feel the bile rising up from her stomach. This was an accident, right? Why was it in a blanket? She can feel tears stream down her face as she cradles her newborn.

It was fine before the nurse came to take away her baby. What had happened in the short time she was away from her baby? As she looked down at the blanket she knew nothing would ever be the same again.

The Most Unforgettable Day Of Her Life

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The day a new baby arrives is always a very important day for both parents – and it’s one they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

But the day Lauren Hertzog gave birth to her baby girl, she was greeted with something so unexpected that she’d remember that day for all the wrong reasons.

Instant Love

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When Lauren and Chad got to meet their baby girl and Lauren held her for the first time, they immediately fell in love with their little bundle of joy.

From her tiny, grasping hands to the fine baby fuzz on her little head, she was absolutely perfect. Both parents were in awe and thankful there hadn’t been any complications, so the last thing Lauren expected was to go from bliss to shock in just a few seconds.

Second Child

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When Lauren discovered that she was pregnant nine months ago, she was thrilled. She already had a small boy named Kaden with her partner, Chad McDevitt, so she thought she knew exactly what to expect this time around.

The couple had wanted to expand their family, so when Lauren gave birth to her second child in November 2014, she thought it would go just as smoothly as the first. But this time, things took a strange turn.

This Couldn’t Be Happening

My Birth My Choice

As any mother knows, the delivery of a baby can go from smooth to complicated – for both the mother and baby – in a matter of minutes.

Lauren, thinking they were in the clear, took a look at her baby from underneath the blanket, but couldn’t believe what she saw. She felt her stomach flip. This wasn’t happening. Not like this.

Devoted Mother

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Lauren had always dreamed of being a mother. So when she married her romantic companion Chad she couldn’t wait to start a family. After her firstborn, she was so happy to hear that she was expecting a second.

Kaden was her whole world. She had so much love to give and was ecstatic to start showing it to her next child. But she had no idea what was about to happen.

Here Comes The Baby

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When Lauren’s water broke she knew what to do, she’d done this before. She stayed calm and got in the car while Chad took her to the hospital. She wanted it to be less stressful labor than her first one. She was ready for this.

But she could never have prepared herself for what was to come after the delivery when she looked down at her baby girl and saw what had happened.

A Beautiful Baby Girl

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There weren’t any complications of any sort during Lauren’s pregnancy and birth. After 6 hours she gave birth to Everly, a beautiful baby girl. She was healthy and Lauren knew her son back home would be over the moon.

Chad was equally ecstatic, he called their family and excitedly explained the news of their new baby. But he spoke too soon.

The Only Thing She Wanted


It seemed that their life was turning out perfectly. Even though she had just gone through labor, Lauren fought off the fatigue to continue holding her child. She looked at her husband, her daughter, and her son. It’s all she ever wanted.

But Lauren would be quite surprised at what was in store for her next. It would flip her world upside down.

Something Was Off

Parents – especially mothers – are said to have an uncanny ability to tell when something is wrong. Maybe it was Lauren’s protectiveness over her new baby that alerted her to the fact something was off.

She tried to brush away the nagging feeling at the back of her mind. Maybe she was just tired. Maybe it was hormones. But Lauren’s instincts would turn out to be 100 percent correct.

A Mother’s Instincts

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It happened while she was holding Everly. One minute she was on cloud nine, but then all her instincts were suddenly screaming at her that something was different.

She looked over at Chad and couldn’t help but notice he was acting strangely. On the surface he was happy, but it was clear that something was bothering her partner as well. But she didn’t have time to study him for long.

More Visitors

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More and more people started flooding into the hospital, they were Lauren and Chad’s friends and loved ones. They wanted to see the newest member of the family.

They laughed ecstatically as they saw the beautiful baby girl who spread joy throughout the room. Lauren even joined in on the fun, as tired as she was. But she could never have foreseen what would happen next.

Every Second


Delivering and nursing baby Everly had really taken it out of Lauren, but she knew the real work of motherhood was only just beginning. Still, she held on despite her exhaustion.

She knew that any time she got to spend with her baby was precious, so she wanted to remember every second of it. One nurse, however, seemed strangely eager to jump in and hold the baby.

She Needed Rest

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Even though it had only been a few hours since she’d given birth to Everly, Lauren was already exhausted. All the people coming in and out of the room were also becoming overwhelming.

The nurse had seen this before and offered to take Everly again so Lauren could rest, but Lauren was determined to take care of her by herself. Then, her aunt noticed the uneasy expression on her face and stepped in.

The Baby Needed Changing

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The family was already addicted to looking at little Everly. They all loved this little girl. But then Lauren’s aunt told her that her child needed changing. This time, Lauren was too tired to protest.

The nurse came back and took Everly away to change her. Lauren had no idea that things would be different when she got back.

Taking Her Away


Lauren didn’t have the strength to change Everly after the intense 6 hours of labor that she had gone through. She was just too tired.

The nurse smiled and left the room with her child that wasn’t even a single day old. Lauren wasn’t feeling too good about the situation, something just felt off about it all. She had no idea that her intuition was right.

A Smirk


After a quarter of an hour passed, the nurse came back with Everly. She handed her back into her mother’s arms and left. But, as she stepped away, Lauren could have sworn she saw her mouth curve into a smirk.

This smirk wasn’t one out of joy, but rather one that seemed so much more sinister. What was the nurse doing? And what did she have in store?

Looking For Any Opportunity


On one hand, Lauren felt extremely lucky that all these people – friends, family, and nurses – were there to help her with Everly. On the other hand, she still preferred to do everything for the baby herself.

The one nurse still kept trying to jump in to help her, offering to teach Lauren how to swaddle a baby properly. Lauren still felt uncomfortable – it seemed like the nurse was waiting for any excuse to hold the baby.

Wrapped Up Tight

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With her baby back in her arms, Lauren noticed that Everly was tightly wrapped up in the blanket. She could see her dark eyes and thin hair peeking out at the top.

The nurse was obviously good at her job and had swaddled hundreds of babies before. However, Lauren had no idea what was lurking inside the blanket.

A Closer Look

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With more and more family members arriving at the hospital wanting to cuddle and feast their eyes on baby Everly, many members were disappointed to find that they couldn’t really see the baby aside from her eyes and thin hair.

They told Lauren to unwrap the blanket and let baby Everly out so they could get a closer look. Lauren agreed and she started to unwrap the blanket, but she had no idea what was coming.

Unwrapping Her

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Lauren was more than happy to show off her baby. After all, she was a cute little thing, and she knew how much her elderly relatives would swoon at the sight of Everly. (

But as she unwrapped her precious baby, the smile on Lauren’s face faded. And what she saw left her feeling sick to her stomach.

She Had No Idea What Was Coming

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Everly was wrapped so tightly that Lauren found it hard to unwrap her. The nurse who cleaned up Everly had purposefully tightened the blanket… but why?

This whole situation should have been a beautiful and poignant moment, but instead, it turned into something unexplainable and unimaginable.

Not What She Wanted To See

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Lauren was finally able to untuck her new baby from the very tight blanket. With everyone eager to see the face of their new family member, Lauren felt all eyes on her.

Finally, baby Everly was free from the blanket and Lauren was ready to show her aunts and uncles her face. But as Lauren unwrapped the baby, she soon realized there was something else inside the blanket. She felt sick.

There Had To Be A Mistake

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Lauren was frozen in her tracks, and her face went as white as a ghost. This had to be a joke, right? She tried to scream for help but the words wouldn’t come out. She was too focused on what she just uncovered in her baby daughter’s blanket.

She held her baby in her arms while a shiver crept up her spine. This was too much. She started to scream and the laughter and cheer that filled the room came to a sudden halt, what had Lauren found?

What Was Wrong With Her?


As worried family members huddled around Lauren and baby Everly, they were confused at what was going on. Why was Lauren shrieking?

The baby was perfectly fine before the nurse took her and changed her diaper. What had happened? What did the nurse do?

He Was In On It

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While Lauren had tears falling from her eyes, her partner Chad was surprisingly calm. He kissed his girlfriend’s forehead and reassured her that everything was fine.

But little did Lauren know that Chad was also in on this foul plan.

What Had Happened?


With Lauren’s shrieks getting louder and louder, confused family members suddenly caught a peek at baby Eveoyn’s attire. It was a onesie, but it wasn’t the same one she was wearing before getting cleaned up by the nurse. The situation started to get seriously suspicious. What had happened?

Lauren knew she had to find out the truth. And when this devoted mom finally uncovered the mystery that left her feeling sick, she was lost for words.

Lifting Her Up

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Without a second to waste, Lauren wiped the tears from her eyes and picked up baby Everly. She lifted her in the air, showing fellow family members her tiny outfit.

As people peered over and ‘ooohed’ and ‘ahhhed’ at the baby’s adorable onesie, they suddenly went quiet. They were witnessing something that would never leave their minds.

The Truth

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For a second, the truth had started to unravel in front of eagle-eyed guests and worried family members. As soon as she lifted little Everly, people gasped at what they saw.

It was Everly’s onesie and it had something stomach-churning on it. What exactly did Chad and the nurse do?

More Surprises Await

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Seeing the strange thing on baby Everly’s onesie, Lauren knew she had to look inside the blanket to find out the truth. Whatever was hiding and lurking inside, Lauren was about to uncover it.

When she discovered the truth, tears dribbled down her cheek. But Chad, her so-called Prince Charming, had another surprise waiting for her.

Four Words

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A Very Happy Ending

Lauren McDevitt / Facebook

With family members witnessing the proposal and even more excited about their engagement, many wondered what was written on the baby’s onesie.

Lauren picked up the onesie and with a big smile slapped on her face she revealed what was on the onesie. “Mommy, will you marry Daddy?” How cute! Chad’s proposal had been there all along!

The Plan

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Chad had executed his proposal plan perfectly and Lauren had been none the wiser! She had been so tired that she didn’t notice anything when the nurse took Everly away and changed her into new clothes.

All the suspicious behavior from the nurse and Chad finally made sense. But why did Chad take so long to make things official?

Not That Important

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For Chad and Lauren, an official marriage had never been that important. Besides, the couple had been together for almost 10 years.

After all, the couple was absolutely committed to each other and already had two beautiful children. But, in a stunning ceremony with their loved ones and friends, they officially tied the knot in 2019.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.