The Best Speakeasies and Secret Bars In New York City

Among the various nicknames that New York City has, “the city that never sleeps” is one that undoubtedly rings true. With over 8 million people, a nonstop subway system and over 10,000 bars, the city easily lives up to its nickname. A quick walk down memory lane will tell you just how New York got this reputation. Even a pesky nationwide ban that made drinking alcohol illegal couldn’t stop the city from keeping the party going. During the prohibition era the New York City speakeasy was born, birthing the era of indulging in gin cocktails andclassy jazz music in secret, unmarked bars around the city.

Today, speakeasies are trendy spots for people who like to feel like they are in on a secret, even if nearly nothing is a secret nowadays. The illusion of the forbidden is seductive and this a model that many secret bars capitalize on today. The city is filled with tons of bars to drink at that thrive off of just that and we have a list of some of the best ones to visit next time you’re in New York.

5.) Blind Barber — A Classic Choice

new york city speakeasy

Blind Barber

A “Blind pig” or a “blind tiger” was another famous moniker for speakeasies during the prohibition era. Blind Barber is, at first glance, a vintage-styled barbershop in the East Village, but after going through a few doors at the back, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a cocktail lounge. The Blind Barber is perfectly modeled after the mysterious lounges of the ‘20s and offers a lineup of delicious cocktails to sip on for $14 each.


East Village — 339 E 10th St


Monday – Saturday: 6 pm – 4 am

Closed on Sundays

Local Tip

While it is a speakeasy-style bar, there is a dance area with music and on the weekends this place is pretty popular. So if you’re looking for a chill place to sip on a gin cocktail, check out some of the other speakeasies on this list.