It’s Not All That: Overrated Main Attractions in NYC That Aren’t Worth Your Time and Money

Have you ever seen countless photos of a city on Instagram and Pinterest and you make it your life goal to visit? Then, you get there and you find it overwhelmingly disappointing. Well to be fair, New York actually does live up to the hype but these 5 main attractions in NYC are overrated.

You still might have a good time at these places, but you’ll probably have more fun elsewhere… and you just might walk away thinking you’ve wasted your time and hard-earned tourist dollars. So here’s the inside scoop on the 5 main attractions in NYC you can just skip.


5.) Junior’s

main attractions in nyc juniors


Junior’s is another prime example of how hype can really get totally out of control. Here’s a secret: you’ll be hard pressed to find New Yorkers who eat here. The ones who do may possibly have been dragged along by eager out of town friends. It’s a cute place. The food is fair. Most people go to Junior’s for the cheesecake, though, so let’s talk about that.

You will find reviews where people definitively declare that Junior’s serves real New York cheesecake. Well, yes, I would expect that it would. It isn’t bad. However, is it nirvana inducing? No. Is it so extraordinarily special that you need to go out of your way for it? Not really. Can you find cheesecake that is just as good somewhere else? Sorry to say, but yes, you can.

Here’s another secret: just about every little diner and restaurant in New York that has cheesecake on their menu will also be serving the real New York version, and ten to one, you might like it more than Junior’s.