new late faces top 5 replacements for jimmy fallon on “late night”

It’s official, beginning in spring 2014, Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno as the host of NBC’s Tonight Show. NBC made the announcement today, which will make Fallon the eighth permanent host in the storied late night franchise (though it’s hard to count Conan O’Brien as “œpermanent,”since he was boned by Leno and the network early in his tenure). The shift for the Tonight Show inherently brings about a shift for Fallon’s current gig, Late Night, as well. So who will replace Fallon in the 12:30 slot?

5 José Canseco

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It seems ridiculous, but just look at this guy’s Twitter feed. The former baseball star and long-time steroid-user is absolutely all over the place, and he’s so ill-informed and unconcerned with social etiquette that he has unintentionally become one of the funniest men on the internet. If NBC wants to break away from the traditional format and just go for some off the wall insanity, Canseco might just be their man.

4 Hannibal Buress

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Talk about a guy on the cusp, Hannibal Buress is among the best working standup comedians today, and he is definitely poised to explode. He hasn’t gone mainstream yet, but amongst comedy fans he’s a household name. Whatever show puts Hannibal in front of the masses will be glad they did, so why not Late Night? He’d be a great change of pace from the white male history of late night TV, and his offbeat humor and delivery would bring something wholly new to what has become the standard format.

3 Amy Poehler

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She was amazing on SNL. She was amazing on Weekend Update. She was amazing on the Golden Globes. And she’s freaking amazing on Parks and Rec. Amy Poehler hasn’t missed yet, so it’s safe to say she’d probably be an amazing choice for Late Night. While she’s obviously still tied to Parks and Rec, the show is likely on its tail end, making the Late Night gig a very possible next step. She’d be the first female host in late night history, and you just know she’d knock it out of the park.

2 John Mulaney

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This former SNL writer and standup comic isn’t a familiar face to everyone, but he should be. Mulaney’s dry, offbeat wit could prove to be a nice change of pace for the Late Night scene. His delivery on stage is pinpoint and always hilarious, and the fact that he created the ridiculous Bill Hader character “œStefon,”proves that Mulaney is, on some level, a genius. Too bad he has a pilot in the works with Lorne Michaels, which could take him out of the running for Late Night if it goes.

1 Seth Meyers

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Like Fallon, Seth Meyers is a personable SNL and Weekend Update guy that seems to be made for the Late Night hosting gig. And considering that Lorne Michaels is the one that landed Jimmy Fallon the job in the first place, it seems that Meyers would be the logical frontrunner to replace him. Meyers’ wit and big personality would guarantee great interviews and his time on Update has already proven his ability to deliver monologue jokes with sheer perfection.

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