Top 5 Netflix Original Series You Need To Check Out Now

Of all of the questionable things to become normal in this generation, spending hours binge-watching your favorite TV show has to be one of the best things. Thanks to giants in TV streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, our favorite shows are a click away waiting for us to consume them. Notably, Netflix has a wide array of both old and new shows to choose from. With its shift from being a service to see your favorite reruns and movies to producing its own original content, Netflix (and Netflix Original Series) has arguably taken over the TV world.


Netflix has a rather large catalog of original content and keeps it coming every month. This month alone, Netflix is releasing 30 original tv shows and movies to the site.


If you’re a real fan of Netflix original series, we know you’ve probably already seen all of Orange Is The New Black, Stranger Things and Black Mirror. With such a massive library, it can be overwhelming to pick your next show, so we’ve picked some good Netflix Original Series that may not get the same attention as the aforementioned shows but are definitely worth checking out. You never know, you could find your new favorite show!


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5.) Lovesick


Formerly known as Scrotal Recall, Lovesick is a British comedy series that Netflix picked up in 2016. Lovesick follows the lives of English young adults who share of house in Glasgow, Scotland. The main character, Dylan, finds out that he has contracted chlamydia, and he has to inform every one of his past lovers of his diagnosis. Each episode centers on a different girl from Dylan’s past and takes you down memory lane, then ties it to his present-day love life. Ultimately, every character is in search of their true love, and viewers get to go on the bumpy, yet entertaining ride with them. The serious themes are juxtaposed by the story’s often lighthearted and fun vibe, and each episode is full of British-style comedy that is both cheeky and hilariously blunt.


Lovesick stars British actors Johnny Flynn, Antonia Thomas of Misfits, Daniel Ings and Joshua Macguire, and was originally created by Tom Edge, also a writer for the popular Netflix drama The Crown. After the first season, Netflix took over, changed the name and released a second season in 2016. The most recent eight-episode season was released on Jan. 1, 2018, following the show’s success. If you fall in love with these lovable characters, you’re in luck: There are rumors that the show will be picked up for a fourth season.