Neighbor Won’t Stop Playing Loud Music, Mom Gets Sweet Revenge


Blazing Anger

The man sneered after reading her note but seemed to perk up when he noticed the cake she was holding. He greedily snatched both items from her hands and told her to find another neighborhood to live in, considering she didn’t like the loud music.

Jennifer’s anger flared at his words. She watched him close the door and was satisfied, knowing he would get what he deserved.

A Single Mother


Jennifer Garvey had recently moved from the busy city and was happy to be in a calm, safe-looking neighborhood. She was mother to James, a toddler she battled trying to get to sleep when it was time for bed.

She was a single mother, which meant she and her son lived on a single income. She needed to make the best of what she could afford, but her neighbor would not make things easy for her.

Living Modestly

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Despite how happy she was to move to the suburbs, she knew she didn’t have the means to buy a home. The divorce had been hard on her and James, and they were put into a situation where she could only rent something modest for them to live in.

Her son was the only thing she cared about, and she needed to stay strong for him, no matter how tough things became.

Introducing Herself


Jennifer was great around people and enjoyed meeting her neighbors but had forgotten to introduce herself this time. Her job and the unpacking had kept her busy, but she still felt terrible that she hadn’t made a cake for her neighbors like she usually would.

She planned to bake a cake for her neighbor as soon as the opportunity presented itself, but she had no idea she would be baking something different than what she was used to.

Her Neighbor


One day, Jennifer noticed her neighbor coming home from work. When she heard the loud music started, she regretted not having introduced herself sooner. She had no idea who this man was and what the meaning behind the music was.

She was curious about her neighbor now, but she had no idea how soon that curiosity would turn into frustration.

Late Into The Night


The music could be heard in the distance, and Jennifer enjoyed it while she was cooking dinner. She still enjoyed it while organizing her things for the next day, but that’s where it ended. The music was still playing by the time she had to put James to sleep at 08:00 PM, but the music kept the toddler’s eyes open.

It was much later than she would have liked, but the music eventually died, and she could fall asleep. But there was more waiting around the corner for her.

The Middle Of The Week

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Jennifer had put everything behind her when two days had passed without noise. But later that afternoon, she felt the base of the music coming through the floor and prayed that the music would stop before she had to put James to sleep.

But then she saw the masses waiting to get into the house, and her jaw dropped. It was in the middle of the week. Was this man seriously hosting a party?

No Sleep


Jennifer wondered if the man considered everyone else living around him. She had no problem with people getting together and having a good time, but booming music going late into the night was where she had to draw the line.

The party didn’t die down as she’d hoped and continued into the late hours. Jennifer had been awake until 4:00 AM, listening to the music filtering into her room. Something had to be done, and considering she had been forced to stay awake, she had ample time to plot her revenge.

Making Use Of The Time


The music had kept Jennifer going while she baked the cake for her neighbor, and it was some of her best work despite how sleep-deprived she was.

She had added something special to the cake and a note. She had spent the early morning typing it out. She couldn’t wait to give her neighbor this “gift” and watch her revenge plan unfold.

Visiting Her Neighbor

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She grabbed the cake and the note off the counter before stomping to her neighbor’s front door. She rang the doorbell and wondered if smashing the cake into the face would give her the satisfaction she was looking for. She decided that her original plan was better and her patience would be worth it.

She smiled at the man who finally opened the door. She smirked inwardly, knowing she was the only one who knew there was something unique about the cake.


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The man didn’t take her note too kindly, although his greedy eyes sparkled at the sight of the cake. He snatched both from her before telling her that if she didn’t like the loud music, then she could move elsewhere.

This made Jennifer’s blood boil, but she knew that she would have the last laugh after he ate her “special” cake.

The Cake

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Once Jennifer got back to her house, she smiled. She knew that for at least the next evening, he wouldn’t be able to be loud. The cake she had given him was made with cake mix she had found in the cupboard when she moved there. She was sure it was expired and even seemed to have evidence of moths.

The cake wouldn’t hurt him but would be sure to have his stomach upset for at least the evening.

A Double Whammy


Because her neighbor wouldn’t be considerate, she decided to take her actions further than just the cake. She decided to make a phone call that would make sure he would stop one way or another.

Now she just had to wait for the next time he was loud, and he would finally get what was coming to him.

Another Loud Evening

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Another two days passed, and just like before the loud music started up. She knew he was doing it out of spite, but she had her last plan up her sleeve that he wouldn’t see comingone that would finally shut him up.

She smugly called the number on her phone and a few moments later, police swarmed his house.

Noise Complaint

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Jennifer had called the police for a classic noise complaint. She knew it would do the trick and watched the man have to explain himself. The best part was that he couldn’t.

After the police knocked on his door, he never played his loud music past 7:00 PM. And he never bothered Jennifer again. But Jennifer isn’t the only one to get epic revenge on a bad neighbor.

Exactly As Planned

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The floodlights were on 24/7. They shone through their bedroom window preventing them from getting sleep. He waited two weeks for things to change but now, he had enough. Now, it was blatant disrespect. 

His new neighbor stood in front of him, holding a pair of pliers in his hand. He looked angry. It was exactly what Jack wanted.

Jack And Holly

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Jack and Holly had three young children and lived in a nice neighborhood. Holly worked as a teacher and Jack worked as a cop. 

They kept a busy routine and cherished their rest and downtime. So when new neighbors moved in and threatened their routined life, Jack wasn’t going to go down without a fight. 

New Neighbors

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Their new neighbors were a quiet middle-aged couple with no kids. When they first moved in, they seemed like lovely, genuine people. 

But soon, their nonsense shenanigans would leave Jack no choice. He would have to mix business with pleasure and teach his unassuming neighbors why you shouldn’t mess with a cop.

No Sleep

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Jack and Holly suffered through two weeks of their new neighbor’s floodlights being on 24/7. They hoped they’d remember to turn them off but now, they had to say something. 

The floodlights were positioned just outside their bedroom window and their curtains failed to block them out. They couldn’t sleep. But when Jack finally asked them to turn them off, he was shocked by their response. 

Acting Irrational

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They refused to accommodate them. Jack learned that the man’s wife seemed to be afraid of just about everything. 

She left the floodlights on over their garage door to combat her fear of the dark. But Jack knew that the floodlights couldn’t be seen from inside their house. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. 

Hitting Breaking Point

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Another week passed before Jack tried again. This time he even offered to pay for a timer so that it would turn on and off at a more agreeable hour and they wouldn’t have to do anything. 

When that failed, Jack took matters into his own hands. He was done with tiptoeing around these irrational people. What he did next took guts.

Taking Action 

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Jack waited until they were both gone. Being mindful to avoid suspicion, he moved the security cameras around their house and waited until nightfall. 

As a cop, he knew what to look for and how to cover his tracks. The last thing he needed was for them to discover that he was the one behind this elaborate scheme. 

Loosening The Lights

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Jack grabbed a ladder and loosened the lights just enough so as they wouldn’t turn on. Six months passed before the neighbors even realized they weren’t working. 

Jack watched as his neighbor fixed the lights again. Then he waited two more weeks before he did the exact same thing. But this time, it would end differently.

Figuring It Out

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Another 3 months passed before the neighbors noticed the lights weren’t working again. Jack watched as his neighbor grabbed a ladder and tightened them once more. But this time, he could sense something was off. 

Suddenly, Jack heard someone banging on his front door. 


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It was him. He still had a pair of pliers in his hands. He asked Jack if he ever had any problems with his outdoor lights. 

Thinking quickly, Jack responded, “Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. They loosen up occasionally and I have to retighten them. I blame it on the vibration from the traffic on our street”. But he wasn’t buying it.


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The neighbor’s eyes narrowed. “Really? Vibration from the street? Do you really expect me to believe that?”. He became visibly angry. 

“It’s funny how all this has unfolded. You really wanted those lights to go and now, I find out that there’s actually a problem with all outdoor lights?”. Things were reaching a boiling point.

Playing The Cop Card

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“Listen man”, Jack said. He took his belt and handcuffs that hung on the coat rack beside him. “I’m a cop. If you’re accusing me of something here, I’ll be happy to take you down to the precinct and we can talk this out”.

The man hesitated. He had no idea Jack was a cop. Suddenly, his demeanor changed. 

Changing Demeanor 

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He switched from angry and confrontational to calm and understanding in the blink of an eye. He told Jack that he wasn’t accusing him at all and it was just a misunderstanding. 

Jack continued “I eventually stopped tightening my lights and just left them off. They became a real nuisance”. Jack smiled and waved the man off. But was the ordeal finally over?

A Party Piece

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Eventually, the man did the exact same thing and left the lights off. Jack wondered how heated the situation would have gotten if he didn’t play his cop card.

Overall, he was happy with how the situation played out and had quite the story to tell to his family and friends at dinner parties. 

Peaceful Ever After

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They managed to avoid disrupting the peace in the neighborhood and learned to live with each other thereafter in peace. 

The new neighbors never bothered them again but remained civil and would say hi and wave any time they passed each other. Thankfully, no one needed to get the cops involved because Jack already was one!

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental