It’s #NationalPetDay! 25 Snaps of Pets To Make You Smile

A day to celebrate our favorite furry friends? Yes please! Move over, National Puppy Day. National Pet Day is by far our new favorite holiday.

Once upon a time, we thought National Puppy Day was our favorite holiday. Right up until we discovered National Pet Day. A day to celebrate puppies, senior pups, kittens, cats and pretty much every other domesticated animal out there? Yes, please!

In honor of this best day of the year, here are some sweet snaps to make you smile.

25.) You Can’t Leave My Brother BehindNational Pet Day

We love stories that show the soft side of breeds many feel to be “too vicious to adopt.” What a sweet boy making sure his brother was protected, too!

24.) Meow!

National Pet Day: We love our kitties!

We have never before seen a cat playing on a ride-on toy. How adorable! We wonder how the kids feel about this, though. We certainly wouldn’t want to have to share our favorite toys with the cat. At least these owners know what to buy their cat for National Pet Day next year.

23.) Arm The Teachers with Corgis 

National Pet Day: Corgi's For Teachers

Attention teachers: if you’re looking for a way to get your students to come to class, this is it. We’ve been out of high school for years and we want to go back just so we can sit in class with this corgi.

22.) CamouflageNational Pet Day

Talk about a fight for the front seat. We wonder how these three fit! We also wonder how many people walked by without stopping to pet these three cuties. We certainly wouldn’t be able to pass them up.

21.) Wiener Bun of Shame

National Pet Day

What clever, clever parents. We’ve seen people tying a horizontal stick to a pup’s collar to avoid escape, but never a Halloween costume! Bonus: it keeps him warm in the snow and provides entertainment for all who pass.

20.) The Beginning of a Long Friendship

National Pet Day

What a sweet, sweet pup. All dogs should have a kitten of their own. Do you think it was a gift for National Pet Day?

19.) Therapy Dogs

National Pet Day

There is nothing purer than the love of a dog and we absolutely adore seeing therapy dogs in action.

We know meditation lowers stress, but did you know petting a dog, or even just staring into its eyes can help reduce stress as well? Dogs have been proven to lower stress levels in humans by increasing levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and decreasing the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

18.) Sheep-Loving Pup

National Pet Day

We love stories of “failure pups.” Humphrey’s story is right up there with the little Aussie pup who was kicked out of the police academy for being too friendly!

17.) Adopt Don’t Shop

National Pet Day

So many loving dogs and cats out there need homes. If the transformation on this sweet girl’s face doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what will. In honor of National Pet Day, consider volunteering at your local shelter and, if your means allow, bringing home a new furry friend.

16.) Shotgun!

National Pet Day

Sorry, little fellow — the big guy always wins. Maybe next time he’ll let you have the front seat. We knew kids argued for the front seat but we never knew pups felt the same way!

15.) The Most Interesting Cat In The World

National Pet Day

Just stick a Dos Equis in her paw she’ll be the new face of their campaign. She’s even got that little debonair white beard (okay, quasi-beard) ready to go.

14.) Purse Abuse!

National Pet Day

On behalf of all wives and girlfriends out there: if your significant other is purchasing purses for the dog and then destroying them, you now have carte blanche to buy as many purses are your heart desires, sans judgment.

13.) Birthday Queen

National Pet Day

Just look at the smile on her face. We hope they threw a party for her in honor of National Pet Day, too. Not sure that cake is edible for humans, but that pup will certainly enjoy it.

12.) Legless Dog? Flying Dog?

National Pet Day

This pic is just too wild. Where are her legs? How does she have that much hair? Where can we find a pup just like her?

11.) WTF. You Can MEOW?

National Pet Day

Mind. Blown.

10.) Selfie Time!

National Pet Day

These selfie-snapping pups sure are giving these selfie-snapping penguins a run for their money! Who would you vote for? Our money’s on these dogs. That smile is just too genuine.

9.) Giddy-Up

National Pet Day

No judgements here. We hate the cold just as much. And what a sweet big bro to carry that little guy around.

8.) OMG

National Pet Day

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, we learn that abandoned cheetahs get therapy dogs. How precious are these little babes together? Now we want a cheetah for National Pet Day …

7.) This Is The Best

National Pet Day

Need some inspo on how to treat your pup on National Pet Day? Chalk your windows and take him for a spin around the block just like this creative dog mama did!

People don’t even do this for their kids. We hope this pup received many hugs, head scratches and cookies on her birthday.

6.) Another Sweet Pit

National Pet Day

It’s amazing how animals can recognize baby animals and know to be extra gentle and sweet with them, reglardless of species.

5.) What a Good Boy

National Pet Day

Based on his belly, he looks like he gets a lot of chicken. We imagine he does this at several restaurants on the block. If we owned a restaurant and saw this cute little face outside begging for scraps, we certainly wouldn’t be able to say no!

4.) Howdy, Cowboy

National Pet Day

We don’t blame that bird — this fluffy pup certainly looks comfy to us. It’s just like a pre-made nest. We wonder if the pup even realizes the bird is there.

3.) Snuggle Buddies

National Pet Day

Another example of a pup who got a kitten for his birthday (or National Pet Day). Just like his friend above, he probably thought that cat was a gift for him.

2.) Sometimes You JustNeed a Good Pep Talk

National Pet Day Ego Boost

They really can do wonders for your ego.

1.) Bedtime RitualNational Pet Day

That sweet cat doesn’t seem to mind one bit. BFFs for life.

We hope you enjoyed these snaps in honor of National Pet Day! Want more? Check out our compilation of Babies and Puppies That Will Melt Your Heart, Cats That Were Publically Shamed by Their Owners, or click next below for some of our favorite puppy pics of all time!