Nancy O’Dell: 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me

Emmy Award-winning entertainment journalist, Nancy O’Dell, has achieved much success throughout her career. While most people might know her from interviewing some of Hollywood’s A-List celebrities and public figures on CBS’ Entertainment Tonight and formally on Access Hollywood, Nancy has numerous projects and accomplishments that most might not know of, making her a star in her own right. From being Miss South Carolina to becoming a published author, entrepreneur and creator of a children’s app, Nancy is showing no signs of slowing down just yet. Here are five unknown facts from Nancy O’Dell herself.

5 I Am Somewhat Addicted to Social Media… 🙂

Image Credit: Nancy O’Dell

“I love to ask people questions. I find the whole thing fascinating that you can have conversations with complete strangers. You can find out answers to pretty much anything via people on social media. I even got great advice on how to take care of a certain tropical fish we got as a pet from a fish expert on Twitter! So please friend me on Facebook  and follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I will enjoy our conversations! (-:”

4 Little Ashby: Star Reporter

Image Credit: Nancy O’Dell

“I created an educational kids’ app called Little Ashby: Star Reporter. I had long wanted to do a series of stories about a little reporter who goes on these fantastic assignments with a “FUNtastic” crew. I always say I decided on my career as a reporter because I am always learning something new on every assignment as it is ever-changing (the people, the subject, the places). I thought how great that would be for kids, but they can’t just travel around the globe in reality. They can via an app, though! And I saw my daughter having such a great time using various educational apps, so it was obvious to me I should begin the series via an app. The app is named after my daughter. Check it out on iTunes.”


Image Credit: Nancy O’Dell

“I started a foundation in honor of my dear mother who passed away from complications of ALS. ALS is the most horrific of diseases and took one of the sweetest people who ever walked on this Earth, my mom. The foundation is and it benefits MDA’s ALS research. I hope someday that we find a cure so that other families won’t have to go through what mine did!”

2 I Met My Soulmate in the Airport!

Image Credit: Nancy O’Dell

“Yep, my hubby and I were in the security line at the Burbank airport when we first saw each other. I noticed he was flirting a little bit and I thought he was cute, so I flirted back. We wound up running in to each other at the coffee shop before our flights (we weren’t on the same flight) and after a few minutes of conversation, he just blurted out “Will you go to dinner with me sometime?” I liked his boldness! And the crazy thing is that I had just had a phone conversation with my mother on the way to the airport who said she felt I was going to meet someone important to my life that day!”

1 I Am a Huge Sports Buff!

Image Credit: Nancy O’Dell

“I love following sports and playing them myself! I competed in almost every sport in high school and I can even throw the football in a perfect spiral. Oh, and I will challenge anyone to a mean game of ping pong!”

We have yet to see Nancy’s ping pong skills, but once we do we’ll definitely consider her for our 5 Most Fit Celebrity Women!

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