A Missing Plane From 1955 Landed After 37-Years. Here Is What Happened.


Time Travel

A great theme for movies loved by all sci-fi fans is the theory of time travel.

When these mere theories make their way into real-life everyone gets excited, and with good reason. Who doesn’t want to get swept away in the mystery?

Science Fiction


Time travel has graced nearly every science fiction movie you come across, from Donnie Darko to Harry Potter.

Some are even cult classics, like the notorious Back to The Future. When it comes to real life, things can get a lot creepier.



In the realm of large objects going missing is the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

As a child, this mystical triangle in the middle of the sea somewhere fascinated me. Whole ships and planes risking it all, most never to be seen again.

Famous Flight


Except for this particular plane, the Pan America Flight 914 was seen… 37 years after it took off like nothing had ever happened.

Time travel seemed to have indeed happened in the year 1955 and it took the entire nation by storm.



Pan Am Flight 914 was carrying a total of 4 crew members and 57 passengers when it departed from New York.

Its final destination was Miami. The plane departed on time but it would never make it to its destination. It wasn’t long before things began to take a mysterious turn.


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It was long before air traffic control began to have problems contacting the Pan America flight and then suddenly it lost all contact.

There was never any indication of something going wrong. There was no crash to be seen and the passengers were quietly missing too. Something was very fishy.

Case Closed


After a time authorities had no choice but to tie up what loose ends they could and the Pan AM 914 was assumed to have crashed somewhere in the ocean.

Taking all the evidence of the plane and passengers with it.

Time Passed

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The truth lay hidden for 37 years until sometime remarkable happen that left air traffic controllers baffled. Suddenly on 21st May 1992 at the Caracas Venezuela airport there came a plane seemingly from out of nowhere.

A ghost plane that no one was prepared for.


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Eventually air traffic controller Juan de la Corte was able to make contact. What he heard was almost unbelievable: “We are Pan American Airways flight 914 from New York to Miami with a crew of four and 57 passengers.”

“We were scheduled to land in Miami at 9:55 am on 2 July 1955.”

Gone Again

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Falling off the radar yet again no one quite believed what had transpired. The evidence was hard to dispute though considering that there were now eyewitnesses.

Then suddenly, only a couple of hours later, the plane landed in Miami… 37 years late.


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Speculation continues to this day and there are still thousands of people that try to make heads or tails over the confusing details of the flight.

According to some sources, the plane was thoroughly inspected and confirmed to indeed be the long lost aircraft.

Forever Young

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Stranger still, there are reports that all of the passengers were still on board. Apparently interviewed and questioned but ultimately released to go home to their families. Every one of the passengers had not been affected by age or time.

They all looked exactly as they had the day the plane departed 37 years ago.

Still Unsolved

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While this story persists even today as an unsolved mystery there and also some skeptics out there.

No doubt the people stuck in time is a hard thing to wrap one’s head around regardless of how exciting a mystery a lost aircraft reappearing may be.

The Newspaper

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Of the evidence, only one newspaper reported this bizarre event, that and the eye witness account of the air traffic controller.

The newspaper in question was in infamous Weekly World News with a reputation for publishing fantastical stories, not all based in truth.

Same Story Three Times

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The story was published not only once but a total of 3 times. The first story suspiciously shows the air traffic controller, Juan de la Corte as two completely different people.

Digging even deeper, it appears that the picture of the plane itself was just a stock photo from Alamy. Perhaps some things are too mysterious to be completely true.