Top 5 Must-Have Apps for Astrology Lovers

What's going on in the cosmos? What does your natal chart say about you? If astrology is your thing, check out these Top 5 astrology apps that you'll love!

Zodiac signs, horoscopes, natal charts and moon phases galore! If those words sound familiar, chances are you’re a part of the fast-growing demographic that can’t get enough of astrology. Gone are the days of simply turning to the back of a teen magazine to giggle at a “today you’ll meet the love of your life” styled horoscope. Astrology culture has become much more complex and personable, providing many with cosmic insight into the inner workings of our minds in relation to the stars.

As more and more millennials become astrology-obsessed, the tech industry has produced hundreds of apps to keep you updated on the energy of the planets. More importantly, the variety of astrology apps offered is growing, meaning there’s something for every kind of astrology lover. Every day, expert astrologers work hard to curate personable content that explains the complexities of the planets and connects it to our daily lives. Understanding astrology goes beyond knowing the traits of your zodiac sun sign. Many apps dive deep into natal charts and detailed planet interpretations. Thanks to technology, astrology lovers everywhere can enjoy all of this information in the palm of their hands. 

Finding the perfect app can seem overwhelming, but there are some that stand out from the rest. Whether you’re obsessed with reading up on your partner’s zodiac sign, a diehard astrology guru, or if astrology is simply a source of daily inspiration, get your smartphones ready. There’s an app for that, and these are our Top 5.


5.) Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot

For the spiritual guru 

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Astrolis is an exciting app that gives you horoscopes, Tarot readings and daily love compatibility, all in one. Tarot readings and horoscopes can go hand in hand to inspire and make predictions for the day. Astrolis is a highly rated app that uses all of these aspects of spirituality to send uplifting daily updates. The daily horoscope is accompanied with references to the position of the moon and how it affects your moods. Under that, you can find a meter of your daily outlook for money, energy, love and mood. The unique daily compatibility component shows which sign you would be most compatible with on a particular day. Your compatibility changes daily with the changing planetary positions and with Astrolis, you’ll never miss a beat.

One aspect of the Astrolis app that gives it such high ratings is the free Tarot readings that throw in an extra set of spiritual inspiration for the day. Astrolis is perfect for the astrology lover who likes their daily horoscope reading with a side of tarot mysticism.


4.) Co — Star

For the Tech-Savvy 

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Modern AI technology meets ultra-sleek design and brings you one of the latest astrology apps to hit the market, Co — Star. This aesthetically pleasing app is the perfect representation of 21st century astrology. Co — Star is for those of you who have the carefully curated Instagram feeds and know your natal chart like the back of your hand. You appreciate a well-designed app just as much as you appreciate understanding what sign your Mercury is in. Co — Star is every tech-savvy millennial’s dream, and since it’s brand new, there are plenty of innovative updates happening frequently to add to the unique set of features it already possesses.

What sets Co — Star apart from other apps is that it comes up with cool, AI-generated readings using data from NASA and expert astrologer knowledge. Co — Star breaks down every planet in your natal chart with “hyper-personalized” yet concise explanations and daily updates on the transits of the planets and what that may mean for you.

There may be luck and opportunity in your home life but frustrations and challenges coming up in your productivity. Co — Star attempts to simplify and modernize the meaning behind which planets sit in all of your houses, and it does all of this using a high-tech algorithm.

In addition to its chic aesthetic, the app offers detailed personality compatibility descriptions based on you and your friends’ charts. Co — Star deviates from the general sun sign compatibility and takes it to the next level with planet-by-planet explanations of you and your loved one’s charts. You’d be surprised to find out how much you’ll understand about your relationship once you learn that your Venus’ are in opposing signs.


3.) Astro Gold

For the experts

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In the world of astrology apps, there is indeed something for everyone. While many apps are designed for horoscope readers, Astro Gold is here to make sure all of the professional astrologers have access to a great resource. The app provides high-precision data from the astrology software program Solar Fire.

Top professional astrologer Nadiya Shah gives it the ultimate stamp of approval. The app was beta tested with feedback from Shah and other professionals in order to lay out the tools you need to do readings and interpretations on the go.

“It allows you to quickly generate a variety of types of charts, from natal charts, transits, and also allows subsidiary charts like solar and natal returns, and composite charts,” said Shah.

“Astro Gold is great for generating charts and seeing details about what is happening in the sky, but not for the novice who just wants to read someone telling them if its a good day for love.”

With the steep price tag of $39.99, this app is also essential for those who are studying astrology and need an on-the-go resource in their pockets. Since it is geared towards professionals and students, you won’t find much of the traditional horoscopes and interpretations. Astro Gold is better suited for those who already have the astrological knowledge and can interpret the planetary bodies and their aspects for themselves.


2.) The DailyHoroscope

For the horoscope lover

The DailyHoroscope is a comprehensive, no-frills app that is perfect for readers who want to get straight to the point. If you like your astrology like you like your morning coffee, enjoy the DH’s straightforward horoscopes in an easy-to-use app.  Swipe through during your morning subway commute, and enjoy your daily dose of cosmic predictions. It’s an astrology fan favorite, with compelling reviews and high ratings in app stores on all devices. Best of all, it’s free and available on both iOS and Android devices.

Once you know your sun sign, the entire app is right at your fingertips. The user interface is easy to use and offers several themed tabs: Zodiac Yearly, Compatibility, Zodiac characteristics and horoscopes. Perhaps the most interactive part of the app is the compatibility tool that allows you to read about your love compatibility with each sign. Are you a Leo dating a Taurus? DH explains the complications that could arise from such a dynamic earth-water combination. The DH may be a great place to start if you’re trying to expand your knowledge of each zodiac sign or want to quickly check a characteristic of a particular sign.

The Chinese Yearly and Druid Horoscopes also offer insight into other types of astrology. The DailyHoroscope is perfect for those who want a simple and informative forecast for the day.


1.) TimePassages

For your one-stop astrology fix

TimePassages is one of the most highly rated astrology apps out there. With several versions available and plenty of features at each level, you can choose the amount of information you want to take advantage of.

TimePassages resembles an “encyclopedia” in app form that’s a must-have for astrology gurus. At a quick glance, TimePassages tells you what sun sign the planet is in, and hourly updates of what sign the moon is in. This information is not only important for you as an individual, but it also gives insight into the collective energy the planet is experiencing.

On the personal tab, you can find a breakdown of your sun, moon and rising signs, as well as a natal chart analysis for an extra .99 cents. Astrology beginners shouldn’t fret if they don’t quite understand the abstract lists and charts. TimePassages offers a detailed glossary of all of the terms and descriptions of the celestial bodies. With this app, you’ll be eloquently discussing the meaning of a Venus in the seventh house in Virgo in no time.

Lastly, if you’re dying to know how your loved one’s chart looks, or even your favorite celebrity that you swear you have a connection with, you can manually add another chart and view their aspects in the app.

TimePassages keeps you in the know of when the next Mercury Retrograde is so you know just when to think twice about making those major life decisions. Essentially, this is a must-have for the astrology enthusiast who wants all the cosmic knowledge they need in the palm of their hand.


All apps mentioned are free, with the exception of Astro Gold. All apps are ready to download on both iOS and Android devices, with the exception of Costar and Time Passages which are currently only available on iOS.


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Astrology lovers! Do you use any of these apps? What are some of your favorite apps to use? Let us know in the comments below!