10 Essentials for Your Music Festival Survival Kit

Music festival season is finally here! And while you may still be figuring out your festival calendar or the acts you’d like to see at an upcoming music event, there are other things you will need to plan out on any given weekend that you’re there. Although many music festivals execute detailed builds to create a fun and multi-sensory experience for attendees, the long hours standing in the sun and, at times, drinking too much can wear on the body. Then there’s also the chance that the sun can go away and be replaced with rain clouds. And of course, there’s the porta potty situation. So how do you get yourself ready for all of this? Thereare a number of essentials that you should have with you or some kind of music festival survival kit that will get you through these multi-day outdoor events.

Following the shooting at Route 91 Harvest in Las Vegas and the explosions at the end of Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, England, in 2017, security at these kinds of events has been increased significantly. This means that the list of prohibited items has also gotten bigger. But don’t worry, we have some tips for you to keep yourself healthy and safe during the sunny music-filled days while making sure you don’t hold up the line at security. Find out more about the essentials for yourmusic festival survival kit.