Mother-In-Law Shames Little Girl For Her Name, Mom Teaches Her Costly Lesson


The Audacity

Lena couldn’t believe the audacity the woman had. And when she told her husband, Xander, he was just as upset as she was.

What his mother had done was incredibly illegal, and they would make sure that she would pay the ultimate price. There was no way she’d ever be allowed near their daughter again.

The Day She Was Born


All of the couple’s problems started when their daughter was born a couple of years ago. They already had trouble with Xander’s mother, Fiona, before that. But on that day, things exploded.

Fiona hated the name they had picked for their daughter, and she tried everything to convince them to change it. But they never thought things would go that far.

They Loved The Name


Lena and Xander loved the name they picked for their daughter. Lexi was supposed to be a combination of their names. The significance was that their love was never-ending, and so was their love for their daughter.

So they thought it would be a perfect fit. But Fiona didn’t feel the same way. What did she want?

His Mother


Fiona wanted them to call the baby Amber. But Xander and Lena stood firm. They explained why they had chosen that name and told Fiona that they weren’t going to change it.

And since Fiona wasn’t as forthcoming regarding her choice, they weren’t even going to consider the name she wanted. That was where the problems began.

Never-Ending Complaints


Since that day, Fiona hasn’t stopped complaining. Every time she came by, she had something to say about the baby’s name. And the comments only became worse as the days went by.

After about two months, the couple was fed up with her and her comments. And that was when the claws came out. Lena would not be keeping quiet anymore. But Fiona wouldn’t back down either.

He Tried To Intervene


One day, the two had a very heated discussion about Fiona’s involvement in her son’s life. Lena told her that she was crossing boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed and that she should watch herself.

This upset Fiona quite a lot, and she started throwing nasty comments at Lena. Xander knew he had to intervene before things went too far. But he didn’t stand a chance.

She Just Wouldn’t Stop


Even after Xander and Lena told Fiona where her place truly was, she wouldn’t stop. She was determined to get her way, and she insisted on it.

But the couple was just as stubborn as she was. And they started giving her a taste of her own medicine. When she made a comment, they returned one.

Years Passed By


Years had passed, and before they knew it, Lexi had grown into a beautiful little girl. She had the best traits of both her parents.

And they hoped that Fiona would finally stop her madness now that Lexi knew who she was. But that did absolutely nothing to stop her from getting her way. In fact, it only made things worse.

It Only Got Worse


The more Lexi began to understand the world around her, the stronger Fiona’s influence grew. Lexi loved her grandmother, but there was one part about her that the child could live without.

Fiona had begun telling the four-year-old that she had a terrible name. She hoped that Lexi would go to her parents and ask them to change it.

An Ultimatum


When Xander heard about this, he decided that enough was enough. He was done with his mother and her insane behavior toward his child.

So he sat Fiona down and gave her an ultimatum. She could either stop this madness regarding the child’s name. Or she could leave and never return. What would she choose?

Her Choice


Fiona chose to stop her madness and remain in her grandchild’s life. Well, at least that was what she told her son. But he wasn’t too sure that she would live up to her promise.

So he kept a cautious eye on her. The first few days went well, but it didn’t take long for Fiona to fall back to her old habits. If only she knew what the consequences of that would be.

Not Living Up To It


It took less than a week for Fiona to falter. She had forgotten all about her promises, and before long, she was spewing nasty comments again.

She went back to telling Lexi how terrible her name was and insisted that she should’ve been called Amber. She even went as far as to do it in front of her son.

No Other Choice


That was when Xander had enough. He told his mother that she was no longer welcome in his home and that he never wanted to see her near his child again.

Fiona was shocked by what she had heard. She never expected him to go so far. But he told her that she left him with no other choice. He had already warned her about her behavior. However, this was nowhere near the end.



A few months had passed, and everything seemed to be going well. That was until Lena went to pick Lexi up from daycare one day.

When she returned home, she told Xander that there were rumors going around about Fiona. The receptionist at the daycare center was more than happy to share them with her. What did she have to say?

Too Crazy To Believe


The receptionist told Lena that Fiona had come to the daycare on more than one occasion. She tried to pick Lexi up, but the staff refused to let her go.

What no one knew was that Xander had warned the daycare of that. He told them that only he or Lena were allowed to collect their daughter. The daycare knew Fiona from before and started getting suspicious when she arrived after the warning. However, Xander didn’t want to believe them because he didn’t think his mother would go that far.

What To Make Of It


That night, Lena and Xander tried to make sense of what they had heard. Lena wouldn’t put it past the woman. But Xander thought the receptionist was just making up stories.

However, when Lena mentioned that Fiona referred to Lexi as Amber, he knew there was more to this. No one but them knew that Fiona wanted the child to be called Amber.

Brushing It Off


The couple was concerned, but they decided to brush the incident off. Once again, Fiona didn’t get her way, and they were certain that would continue.

There was no way she could get her hands on Lexi. And there was nothing she could do about her name either. So they had nothing to be worried about. Or did they? The couple had no idea what tragedy Fiona was about to cause.

The Unthinkable


The couple thought that, for the most part, Fiona would just disappear into the background. If she ever wanted to be in their lives again, she’d have to change. But the old woman was doing anything but that.

In fact, she was busy doing the unthinkable. If she couldn’t see her granddaughter, then she would use questionable means to take her away.

Picking Her Up


The following week, Lena went to the daycare to pick up Lexi. Only then did she realize that something was very wrong. She spoke to the receptionist again, but this time she could see that she was nervous.

“Can I pick up Lexi, please,” The mother said. But the receptionist said in a meek voice, “She’s already been picked up.” Lena lost it. She already knew who would have taken her, but how?

Working There


The receptionist was clearly nervous about losing her child, but she did have a reason for how Fiona was able to pick up Lexi. She told her the devious plan that she had come up with.

Fiona was a retiree, which meant she could afford to apply at the daycare as a child counselor. She had the credentials for it since she used to be a therapist. But that wasn’t the craziest thing. It’s what she did to get Lexi out of the daycare.



The receptionist explained that Fiona had told the faculty that after speaking to Lexi one-on-one, she was concerned about her well-being. She proposed that she be taken to a hospital for a check-up.

Lena was seething. She knew her mother-in-law could stoop low, but lying about her well-being meant that she could get into trouble with child services. 

Her Next Move


Even if the faculty believed Fiona, Lena knew her all too well. She knew that the moment they let her be signed out, Fiona had no intention of bringing her back. She had been kidnapped.

Tears rolled down Lena’s cheeks as she realized that her baby girl was now gone. She could be anywhere now. That’s when the receptionist told her something unsettling she’d heard.

Overhearing Her


The receptionist and most of the faculty learned that Fiona was a loudmouth. She liked to speak about all kinds of things going on in her life. And she wasn’t just loud to them.

She was also a louder speaker when she was on the phone. The receptionist had overheard her speaking on the phone, and what she said she had planned made dread creep up Lena’s spine.

Plane Tickets


The receptionist told Lena, in a low voice, exactly what she had heard Fiona saying when she was on the phone while at the daycare. The fact of the matter was that she was booking plane tickets.

Not just any tickets, either. She was booking two tickets to California. Lena knew that she had a beach house there. Was that where she had taken her daughter?

Acting Quickly


Lena knew she had to act fast. If she ran out immediately, there was a chance that she could make it to the airport and cut her off. She turned and bolted for the door.

But she was so distracted by the task at hand that she nearly flattened the next person to come through the door. But it was a person she recognized.

Bringing Her Back


Lena nearly slammed into Fiona, who was walking back through the doors of the daycare. She had little Lexi in tow, who was happily licking at an ice cream cone.

“Hi, Mommy!” Lexi said as she skipped over to her. Lena stared at Fiona, who didn’t seem surprised she was there. She had a lot of explaining to do.



“There you are, Lena.” The old woman said, “I took Lexi for a check-up at the hospital and paid for it myself. You’re welcome.” This made Lena want to explode. How dare she?

“I also got a job here, so I can keep a close eye on Lexi for you.” She said with a grin. Lena knew this was all manipulation. But then she brought up the tickets. How would she explain them?



When confronted about the tickets, Fiona was quick to think of an excuse. “I bought them for you and Xander so you can have a nice vacation. Don’t worry. I can watch Lexi for you.”

But Fiona was about to get a rude awakening. Lena was ready to give her a piece of her mind. When she was done, it would be an all-out war between them.



Lena put Lexi in the car so she wouldn’t have to hear what she was about to say, “I want you out of our life. You only manipulate to get what you want. This is the last straw.” 

Fiona, who put on a facade of compassion, finally dropped it. “How dare you speak to me that way. You won’t let a grandmother see her child? Well, fine, let’s see what happens when I don’t play nice.” She snapped as she walked away.



Lena wasn’t done there. She went straight back to the receptionist and explained Fiona’s personal connections to Lexi. She had shown unprofessionalism, and after filing a formal complaint, they fired her.

She knew Fiona would only get angrier after hearing about it, but there was nothing else to be done. But she had no idea what she had set in motion.

A Letter


A week had passed since the incident with Fiona at the daycare, but Lena was surprisingly optimistic. 

Everything seemed normal when Lena found a letter in her mail one day. The hairs on her arms stood up as she realized who it was from. The name signed on the envelope was none other than Fiona.

Reading Through It


Her heart started racing as she ripped open the letter and started reading through it. She knew she was playing at something. But she could never have expected her to stoop so low.

It seemed Fiona wasn’t willing to back off and reflect on her actions. Right now, she was like a poison to Lena’s family, but the letter would only solidify her as the bad guy.

Nasty Tactics


Lena carefully read the letter, but the more she got through it, the more she felt sick to her stomach. How could her mother-in-law resort to such nasty tactics?

Her hands were shaking by the end of the letter. She knew she needed to tell her husband about this. Hopefully, he would be able to tell her if it was true or not.

Showing Xander


When Xander got home from work, Lena spared no time for pleasantries and thrust the letter into his hands. He sat on the edge of the bed, reading through it.

It seemed he had the same reaction as his wife. His hands started sweating, and she could tell he felt uncomfortable. When he was done, he stared up at her and spoke with a dry mouth.

What To Do


“She can’t actually do anything, right?” She said to Lena, who was hoping he’d be the one who knew. “She shouldn’t be able to do anything unpleasant.” She replied hoarsely.

They sat in silence, both thinking about what they had just read through. But what had Fiona written in the letter that had them worried? It was something they never expected her to do.

A Threat


The letter seemed like an unhinged rant toward the couple. They suspected that Fiona might have been drinking when she wrote and sent the letter because she wasn’t normally this bad.

The letter seemed like some kind of threat. She told the couple that they couldn’t deny her access to her granddaughter. If they kept doing so, there would be terrible consequences.



What worried Lena was that the daycare had already said she was trying to pick up Lexi. What else was she going to resort to? Her stomach flipped, thinking that the person she used to call family was out there, trying to cause harm.

To think it was all because of just a name that she had torn their family apart. Lena just hoped that there was nothing the old woman could do. But she’d be in for a big surprise.

A New Complaint


A few days later, Lena came home with yet another complaint. When she went to pick Lexi up, her name wasn’t in the logbook, but Amber was.

She asked the staff what was happening, and they said they had no choice but to change it. In a fit of rage, Lena demanded answers, and what she heard had the blood freezing in her veins.

Scary Thoughts


Lena started having a mental breakdown. She already knew what was going on, but she didn’t want to believe any of it. This had something to do with Fiona and she was sure of it.

What kind of trick had she pulled? Did she bribe the staff into changing her name on the logbook? But Lena was about to learn the tragic truth about what Fiona had really done.

Legal Documents


According to the staff, Fiona arrived at the daycare with legal documents that showed that a legal name change had been approved. And that the name had been registered with the social security administration.

They tried to protest, but she simply asked to speak to the daycare manager. And when they were done, the staff were forced to change Lexi’s name on their system.

Going To Xander


Lena was in tears. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Was her baby girl really going to be named Amber now? She still wondered how the nasty woman had even managed it.

She decided to go to her husband for support and maybe even a plan. But when Xander heard about what happened, he would make sure that his mother paid for what she did.

Two Questions


Xander could feel the blood burning in his veins as he listened to his wife speak. He never thought his mother would go so far to get her way. But that wasn’t the only thing that was roaming through his mind at the time.

He had two more questions, and they could make or break his entire relationship with his mother.

Why That Name?


Xander couldn’t help but wonder why his mother insisted on naming the child Amber. It would have been one thing just to think Lexi wasn’t a good one, but it seemed she was obsessed with the name Amber. 

He racked his brain for an answer, what could the reason be? But as he thought back, it came to him.

Other Girlfriend


He realized that there was only one Amber that his mother was talking about. One of his previous girlfriends was called Amber. 

His mother loved the girl like her own daughter, and she tried everything to get them back together after they broke up. Was that what this was about? And was she really being this petty?



If that really was the reason behind everything, then she was being even more petty than he had thought. He devoted his life to Lena now, and even had Lexi, why couldn’t she get over it?

He sat on the edge of the bed with his hands shaking as fury coursed through his body. He wanted her to pay, but he first needed to know how she even managed to pull it off.

How Did She Do It?


The next thing Xander thought about was how his mother managed to change the child’s name without the permission and signatures of her parents.

It wasn’t like anyone could walk into a department like the social security administration and request for someone else’s name to be changed. So she must’ve done something to convince them.

Getting Answers


They knew that they needed to do something about it. If they didn’t try to fight it, then Lexi would be stuck with the name forever and Fiona would have won, but Lena didn’t have the faintest clue of where to start.

Thankfully, Xander got off the phone with the social security administration and told her they were going to see them in person. Hopefully, they would have answers.

Social Security Administration


The next morning, Lena and Xander went down to the social security administration and demanded answers. They told the clerk that they never gave permission for their daughter’s name to be changed and that they wanted to know how Fiona managed to do it.

The man stared at them with a surprised look on his face. Clearly he didn’t think it was possible either.

The File


It took a few moments for the clerk to pull out the file. But as soon as the couple got their hands on it, they saw what Fiona had done.

Tears once again fell freely from Lena’s face as Xander tried to comfort her. They now knew the truth behind everything that the horrible woman had done to get her way. But she wouldn’t get away with it.

The Application


The application form was filled out with all the correct information. But there were a few problems with it. For one, there was no signature from the father.

Instead of Xander signing, Fiona did. And she was able to do so because she produced a signed letter stating that Xander gave her permission to act on his behalf.

Something Wrong


Lena looked over at her husband as the truth unraveled around them. Had Fiona asked him for a letter with permission to change it? Was he really on her side?

She didn’t know what to think. On one hand, she trusted Xander and he had never betrayed her. On the other hand, it seemed that there could have been proof that he was siding with his mother the entire time. She needed answers.



It seemed Xander noticed the look in her eye and quickly tried to defend himself. “Honey, I would never do something so ridiculous. I love Lexi and her name. It’s only Fiona that has a problem.”

After a bit of reassurance, she felt better. But the clerk would be the only one that would be able to say if it was true or not. But there was more to the application.

Something Was Fishy


As the couple looked over the paperwork, they realized that something fishy was going on. It was now apparent that Xander never gave his mother that letter. Lena trusted his word, but it got even weirder.

But the signatures on both pieces of paper looked like theirs. To the untrained eye, the differences would be invisible.



Lena felt a shiver down her spine as her nerves got the best of her. How would they be able to defend this when the forgery looked so good? But Xander’s mind raced elsewhere.

How did Fiona manage to pull that off? How did she get her hands on their signatures? This was the thing he wanted to find out the most. They needed justice.

She Never Signed That


Lena immediately went on the defensive and told her husband that she never signed the application form. She never signed anything for his mother.

She wanted to make it clear that she hadn’t betrayed him either or gotten tricked into anything. It seemed his mother had a few tricks that they really didn’t anticipate. But Xander had a few tricks of his own.

His Job


But Xander already knew that. He worked in the fraud department, and he could spot the differences between a fake signature and a real one.

These signatures were both faked, and they were made using a software. Lena could finally breathe easy knowing that her husband would make sure the truth got out.

The Signatures Were Wonky


Xander pulled out his phone and zoomed in on the signatures before taking a picture. Then he leaned down on the counter so both the clerk and his wife could see what he was talking about.

He zoomed in once more and said, “Do you see how wonky the lines on the signatures are? That’s because these signatures were copied, edited, and pasted on these documents.”

Asking For An Investigation


A bead of sweat formed on the clerk’s brow. It was clear that a massive mistake had been made, and that wasn’t something that the department could afford.

“I’d like for this application to be investigated,” Xander said as he put the phone away. “This was done fraudulently without our knowledge or consent. We were very happy with our daughter’s name.”

Incredibly Concerned


The clerk nodded and immediately called the manager to her desk. It was clear that the man was just as concerned as she was once he heard what had happened.

They promised to launch an investigation and get to the bottom of this before changing Lexi’s name back to what it was. But what would they find? And what would it mean for Fiona?

What They Found


A few days later, Xander received a call from the social security administration. They informed him that his daughter’s name had been changed back to Lexi and that they found out how Fiona managed to do what she did.

A forensic expert compared the signatures and found that what Xander said was 100% correct. She forged their signatures to get her way. And that meant that Fiona was in a world of trouble.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.