5 Most Viral Videos of 2011

Image Credit: Erwin Niemand / Shutterstock.com
There’s probably no better way to waste time online than to visit YouTube. You might see a video that makes you laugh, be overcome by how darn cute it is, see one so bad you might write “SMH” in the comment section, or the video might motivate you to get up and dance. The year 2011 might not have had a goofy, fun, irresistible dance video as one of its top memorable time-wasters, but 2011 had its doozies.

5 Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten

No viral video display would be complete without a cat video, and the cat mom who hugs her baby does not disappoint. Mama cat is sleeping next to her tiny, helpless newborn kitten—and an orange kitten to boot. Baby starts to become restless and flails its paws. Mama rouses herself from sleep just enough to give her baby a bear hug, complete with both paws around the kitten, so they can snuggle even more. There is only one reaction: Aww.

4 Ultimate Dog Tease

What kind of sadist would get his totally cute dog all riled up about bacon—and maple bacon yet—even getting the dog to talk, yes talk, only to disappoint said dog by saying he ate the bacon? The guy who filmed a dog with the most hopeful and then disappointed expressions, that’s who. In the ultimate dog tease video, the narrator keeps setting his dog up for failure. But taunting the dog by letting the cat win was just too much to bear.

3 Talking Twin Babies

Now this video is really cute … and educational. Two twin toddler boys clad in diapers, striped ankle socks and nothing else are having a prolonged conversation, complete with arm movements and hand waving, in the kitchen. They take turns with their babbling: “Da da da da?” says one. “Da da da da DA uh,” says the other. This back-and-forth exchange goes on for more than two minutes. Maybe we have a future Socrates and Plato on our hands.

2 The Honey Badger

Who can resist the honey badger video? It has it all. A cute animal. A frou frou, sarcastic narrator. Swear words. And boldness. The honey badger doesn’t give a hoot. (“Hoot” was not the original word used.) We all want to be like the honey badger. The honey badger isn’t afraid of snakes or bees. As the narrator says, “The honey badger don’t care. It just takes what it wants.” And millions of viewers have cared about the “cra-zy, nasty and ooh” honey badger.

1 Friday

Friday, a heavily auto-tuned music video about nothing just doesn’t have the same charm as the once popular TV show about nothing: “Seinfeld.” No, Friday is just inane. Rebecca Black actually sings about getting up, eating cereal and going to the bus stop. Oh, please tell us more. This is so interesting. Not, but which is the reason this video that also teaches the days of the week went viral. Millions disliked it. And can you blame them when the most introspective Black gets is to ponder sitting in the front seat or back seat? Black might be so excited, but her viewers certainly weren’t.

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