5 Most Viral Videos of 2009

Image Credit: Sodahead.com
Two huge sensations took over the Internet in 2009, and “viral video” became a household term. Millions of people shared videos as social networking became mainstream, and despite the hundreds of corporations poised to take their stab at creating viral sensations, the amateurs still held strong. The Internet doesn’t look kindly on fakers, and while commercial interests may still get lots of views, the truly viral are a slice of real life that can’t be thought up in a boardroom or created in a studio.

5 ‘Sound of Music – Central Station Antwerp (Belgium)’

Sometimes humanity is a beautiful thing—like when 200 dancers can crack smiles on the faces of Monday morning commuters in a busy train station. True, the performance itself was more orchestrated than your typical flash mob—it was a promotion for a local television station—but the childlike smiles and wide-eyed wonder on the faces of business people and students passing through the station make the video of the impromptu performance truly compelling. It’s no wonder it’s racked up more than 27 million views.

4 ‘Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog’

Poor Bizkit. It’s not very nice to laugh at a dog that runs into a wall while sleep-walking—but then, the Internet isn’t really known for nice people. There were a few viewers concerned that Bizkit had some sort of neurological disorder, but her owner explained a veterinarian had found nothing wrong with the dog. The family later bought a helmet to protect her head when she sleepwalks. Bizkit wasn’t injured when she ran into the wall, so feel free to have a guilt-free laugh at Bizkit’s expense—30 million other people already have.

3 ‘JK Wedding Entrance Dance’

Jill and Kevin wanted their wedding entrance to be different—something surprising and fun. So at that moment when you normally hear the beginning of some traditional classical song, the opening strains of Chris Brown’s “Forever,” blast over the church’s sound system, and the wedding party grooves their way down the aisle to the delight of those in attendance. For the grand finalé, the groom somersaults through the group to take his place at the altar, offering his arm to his bride as she comes to join him. It’s a safe bet that the church wouldn’t have had seating for the 80 million people who’ve seen the video.

2 ‘Susan Boyle’s First Audition – I Dreamed a Dream – Britain’s Got Talent 2009’

When a frumpy middle-age woman with bushy eyebrows took center stage for her “Britain’s Got Talent” audition, everyone wondered if she’d gotten lost trying to find the restroom. The audience and the judges readied themselves cynically for what they were sure would be high comedy—and then Susan Boyle began singing. Eyes widened and jaws dropped, and even impossible-to-please judge Simon Cowell broke into a smile. The video of Boyle’s first audition took over the Internet and made the woman an overnight sensation.

1 ‘David After Dentist’

With more than 120 million views and counting, it’s safe to say that if you’ve had access to the Internet for at least an hour you’ve probably seen this video. Poor David, then 7 years old, needed dental surgery to have an extra tooth extracted. His father filmed him after surgery—and anesthesia. David’s philosophical observations following surgery spread throughout the Internet like—well, a virus, and suddenly everyone was talking about things going viral. The popularity of this video has more people than David asking: “Is this real life?”

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