5 Most Viral Videos of 2007

Image Credit: Yuriy Vlasenko / Shutterstock.com
You could say 2007 was the year viral videos truly went viral—even though the term hadn’t technically been coined yet. In its second year of existence, YouTube came into its own as the primary network for sharing videos with family and friends on the ‘Net. Even television got into the action, with new shows and news segments dedicated to making sure you didn’t miss the latest popular video, even if you didn’t have Internet access.

5 Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

If you’ve watched more than two segments of any local news broadcast, chances are you’ve heard some kid say some inane, irrelevant thing in response to an intrepid reporter’s question. Young Jonathon Ware, accosted by a reporter at a fair in Portland, Oregon, became an accidental Internet celebrity with just three words: “I like turtles.” Why millions of people latched onto this video is anybody’s guess, really—but Jonathon received calls from radio and television shows, and even a British company who wanted to purchase the rights to market his voice as a ringtone. Who knew so many people liked turtles?


In case you’ve forgotten, 2007 was the year a lot of things fell apart for Britney Spears. Chris Crocker took it upon himself to come to her defense, and uploaded two minutes of webcam footage to YouTube, complete with screaming and crying. Crocker’s impassioned plea to “leave Britney alone!” spread across the Internet like wildfire, earning him a little fame of his own. In just 48 hours, Crocker’s video logged over 4 million views.

3 South Carolina Answers a Question

If you pause, you realize you’ve probably been in a similar situation. It’s difficult to come up with answers on the spot, especially if you weren’t expecting such a difficult question: “Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can’t locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is?” You can almost see her gears turning, as she spouts out an incomprehensible answer filled with repetitions of “such as.” Sadly, “such as” is only a simile for “like” when you’re using the word “like” correctly in the first place. At least she managed to bring “the Iraq” into her answer—good save, South Carolina.

2 Chocolate Rain

When Tay Zonday uploaded a recording of his original song “Chocolate Rain,” he probably never dreamed it would be seen at least 90 million times. But someone stumbled upon it and posted a link on 4chan, the birthplace of many Internet memes. That was all it took for Zonday’s remarkable baritone voice to become legendary. The odd, repetitive lyrics spawned a plethora of remixes. And Zonday even added links to a free mp3 of the song, and an a capella vocal track of the performance, to the original YouTube post.

1 Charlie Bit My Finger

Hundreds of millions of views of a simple home video, less than a minute long, wherein a baby named Charlie bites his brother’s finger? Seems ridiculous, and it had marketing and advertising strategists scrambling—what was the reason for the success of this simple little video, loved and shared by so many? Plenty of commercial interests tried in vain to replicate the popularity this video achieved completely by accident. But it seems they were missing the key ingredient—adorable British children.

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