The 30 Most Shocking History Facts They Forgot To Teach Us In School

By Youmn August 10, 2018 View all posts (80)

While many of us have been bored to death during our history classes, history in itself remains a fascinating study. We would have probably paid more attention if we had known some of the crazier history facts out there, such as the Japanese artist who drew fart battles or Abraham Lincoln being a wrestling champion.

It’s never too late, though.

Here are the 30 most shocking history facts we could find that would have made our history lessons a hundred times more interesting:

30.) The Court Dwarfs

history facts: court dwarfs

Court dwarfs were a thing in the past. Their main mission was to use their stature to entertain the court or to make the queen and king appear taller by standing next to them.

Back in ancient Egypt and Rome, dwarfs were also treated like commodities and traded.