32 Most Beautiful Airport Lounges You Need to Get Into

From Paris to Abu Dhabi to South Africa, we round up to most luxurious best airport lounges in the world to escape to during your travels.

Layovers aren’t so bad when you’re lounging in a luxurious airport lounge between your flights. Airports around the globe have some ritzy, fabulous first class and airport lounges.

Here are the best lounges to wine and dine in between flights in the best airport lounges.

32.) Lufthansa First Class Terminal

lufthansa first class terminal

Pat + / Flickr

Take a break from your travels in the relaxing Lufthansa First Class terminal in the Frankfurt airport.

Enjoy drinks, comfortable seating, and a space away from the airport madness.

31.) British Airways Concorde Room

british airways concord room

British Airways

If you’re traveling Premium on British Airways, you can enjoy this luxurious lounge while you wait for your next flight.

Sip a cocktail in the London Heathrow Terminal 5, and you may nearly never want to leave.

30.) Thair Airways Royal First Class

thair airways royal first class


As if flying on the world famous Thair Airways isn’t enough, check out the Royal First Class Lounge that will blow your mind.

It’s an oasis in the middle of the Bangkok Airport. Relax with a Thai massage, and be enchanted by the amazing decor.

29.) Emirates First Class Lounge

emirates first class lounge dubai

Bill Holler on Flickr

It should be no surprise to you that Dubai would house one of the best airport lounges in the world.

The Emirates First Class Lounge has gorgeous decor, luxury shopping, delicious food and even a cigar bar.

28.) The Pier Business Class Lounge

cathay pacific airways hong kong

Cathay Pacific

Find your home away from in the Cathay Pacific Airways lounge in Hong Kong.

Enjoy a nice book in the comfortable couches, grab a drink at the bar, and have a bite to eat at the noodle bar. They serve freshly made noodles to order!

27.) Air France L’Espace Premier Lounge

air france lespace

Charles de Gaulle is a busy airport with hundreds of planes flying out daily. Why not retreat to the top-rated L’Espace Premier Lounge?

In terminal two, you can enjoy the world class spa facilities, freshen up with a shower, and enjoy a massage before your flight.

26.) Etihad Airways Royal Lounge

eithad airways royal lounge

Alvin/ One More Week to Go

After a royal experience in Abu Dhabi, it only makes sense to continue the treatment at the luxurious Etihad Airways Royal Lounge.

Enjoy a world class beverage made at the bar. If you’re more suited for a relaxing massage, head to the spa.

25.) American Airlines Flagship Lounge

flagship lounge american airlines

American Airlines

It’s New York, New York, in the swanky JFK lounge. Sip on classic cocktails and eat state-of-the-art food while you wind down from a day of travel.

24.) Swiss First Class Lounge

swiss first class lounge

Swiss Air

The Swiss First Class Lounge regularly makes it onto the best airport lounges in the world.

Maybe it’s because of the 5-star restaurant inside with large and spacious rooms.

23.) South African Airways Cycad First Class Lounge

south african airways cycad first class lounge

Christian W

Flying first class on South African Airways will get you into the world renowned Cycad First Class Lounge.

Try lounging in the modern, African-inspired decor, or head to the cigar lounge to smoke the finest cigars.

22.) Qantas First Class Lounge

qantas first class lounge sydney

EQRoy/ Shutterstock

Another top contender for the world’s best airport lounge is the Qantas First Class Lounge in Sydney, Australia.

Qantas stands out for its innovative design and architecture. The pillars separating the lounge area will stand out to you once you arrive. Enjoy the seasonal breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus as you wait for your flight.

21.) Qatar Airways Al Safwa Lounge

qatar airways al safwa lounge

Qatar Airways

Located in the Doha airport, the Qatar Airways Al Safwa Lounge is an “oasis of luxury” in the middle of the Arabic airport.

Enjoy the finest Arabic-inspired cuisine in the 5-star restaurant and unwind in the first class spa facilities.

20.) Delta Sky Club

delta skyclub san francisco


This is one of two airport lounges in San Francisco to make the cut.

The Delta Sky Club is a recently renovated, beautiful space that caters to Delta Sky Club members flying internationally.

19.) One World Lounge

one world lounge lax the points guy

The Points Guy

Hopping off — or on — a plane at LAX is much easier when you can lounge in the One World Lounge.

Enjoy an array of delicious meals and drinks in a modern-style room.

18.) Al Ghazal Lounge

al ghazal lounge 

Visit n Go

If you’ve got some work to get done orwant to take a break, head on over to the Al Ghazal Lounge in the Abu Dhabi International airport.

Help yourself to the food buffet packed with delicious food, including plenty of vegetarian options.

17.) Plaza Premium Lounge

plaza premiere lounge toronto

Plaza Premiere Lounge

Reserve a spot at Toronto’s Plaza Premium Lounge whether you’re getting a layover or resting up before your flight.

Choose from draught beer, food and drinks, and even shower facilities.

16.) BGS Premier Lounge

bgs premiere lounge

Plaza Premier Lounge

You can spend time in the BGS Premiere Lounge around the clock.

It’s open 24 hours a day, and you have a wide selection of wine and dining options to choose from.

15.) Singapore Airlines Private Room

singapore airlines private room

Daniel Gilliaspia/ Flickr

You may have heard of the infamous Singapore Airline Private Room first class cabins.

If you need a little extra R&R in between your flights, check out the gorgeous Private Room lounge to relax in.

14.) Oman Air First Class Lounge Muscat

oman air first class lounge

Oman Air

This first class lounge is truly state of the art. The walls are covered in luxurious gold, and the amenities do not disappoint. Enjoy free WiFi, food, drinks, and comfortable resting areas.

13.) GVK Lounge

gvk lounge  mumbai

GVK Lounge Mumbai

If you’re flying either first class or business class, head on over to the the GVK lounge. If you’re not, then you wouldn’t qualify to stay in this luxurious travel lounge.

It’s fully equipped with food, drinks, and all of the entertainment you need.

12.) Virgin Atlantic JFK Club

virgin atlantic jfk club

Virgin Atlantic JFK club

JFK is one of the busiest airports in the world, but you wouldn’t notice if you spend the day in the Virgin Atlantic JFK club. Try out some of the food and drinks, or relax in their modernly designed lounge chairs while you pass the time.

11.) Al Mourjan Business Lounge

al mourjan business lounge

Qatar Airways

Speaking of passing the time, you won’t even notice it while you’re at the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge.

Enjoy the amazing facilities including a delicious buffet or international foods and plenty of entertainment options to choose from.

10.) Cathay Pacific Tokyo Haneda Lounge

cathay pacific haneda

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific’s newest airport lounge is located in Tokyo and matches its fellow airport lounges in Hong Kong.

The decor and design is incredible, and the service is top tier.

9.) United Club Polaris Lounge

united club chicago polaris


The United Club has lounges all around the world in major airports, but the Chicago one is one of our favorites.

It’s not just because of the food and customer service. It’s also because of it’s marble floors and sleek design that make you feel like the luxury traveler that you are.

8.) United Club

united san diego club

Business Insider

Our second favorite is the United Club in San Diego, California.

The sunny California vibes don’t stop when you get to the airport. Lounge in a well-lit, relaxing environment with your drink and book of choice.

7.) American Express Centurion Lounge

centurion lounge san franc

American Express

There are plenty of perks that come with choosing American Express as your credit card provider. One of the major choices is access to the best airport lounges around the world.

The Centurion Lounge in the San Francisco international airport is one of class and comfort.

6.) Iberia Madrid Barajas VIP Club

madrid iberia lounge


Enjoy an array of top Spanish wines while you lounge at the Iberia Madrid Barajas VIP Club.

On top of that, the delicious food array will make this Spanish experience a truly VIP experience.

5.) Finnair Premium Lounge

finair premium lounge 


The Scandinavian vibes don’t end when you arrive to the Helsinki airport.

At the Finnavia lounge, you’ll feel nice and wintery with the cool tones and ice-inspired decor.

4.) Dnata Lounge

dnata lounge singapore


The new Dnata lounge in Singapore and its Asian-inspired designs and facilities make it stand out from many other airport lounges.

Freshen up in the shower and lounge areas and then head over to the Singapore-influenced restaurant to enjoy some delicious food.

3.) Marhaba Lounge

marhaba lounge melbounre


If the unlimited food and and shower spa isn’t enough to bring you into the Marhaba lounge, we don’t know what to tell you.

Located in the busy Melbourne airport, the Marhaba lounge can be your new home away from home.

2.) Neptuno Lounge

neptuno lounge area

Sala VIP Amnios

The Aena Neptuno Lounge is a perfect oasis in the terminal four of the Madrid Airport.

You don’t need a fancy first class or even business class ticket to access it. It’s available for all walk-ins for only 30 euros.

1.) Strata Lounge

auckland airport strata lounge

Auckland Airport

To get into this exclusive club you have to be a paying member of the Strata club. Once you do that, you’ll have access to the nicest airport lounges out there.

Enjoy unlimited WiFi and the best service around.

Next time you fly, see if you can get into one of these incredible lounges. You won’t regret it.

32 most beautiful airport lounges you need to get into