Monstrous Fame: the 5 Best Lady Gaga Songs

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Lady Gaga exploded onto the pop culture media spectrum in 2008 and continued to shock and awe us as her career progressed. Not only was she the biggest philanthropist of 2011, sang with the likes of Tony Bennett, and wore a dress made entirely out of meat, but she also made some music! These are five of her best songs, which are just the tip of the iceberg that is her pop culture influence.

5 Judas

This song makes the list for the pure reason that Lady Gaga managed to really, seriously, heinously piss off the Catholic church. Anyway, Judas is one of those songs that combines all of the things we love most about Lady Gaga—an absurdity, over-the-top-ness and a willingness to experiment with all sorts of music in order to craft a song that’s really a lot of fun to dance to. It is typical of Gaga’s style and while it doesn’t represent her musical evolution, it is a still a solid, classic, Lady Gaga hit.

4 Bad Romance

Off of The Fame Monster, Bad Romance was another Lady Gaga song that flooded the radio stations and dance clubs everywhere. You couldn’t go five feet without hearing it, but that wasn’t exactly a bad thing. Besides Lady Gaga’s bizarre loss-of-diction somewhere in the middle of the song (where ‘bad romance’ sounds like ‘bawwomanss’) the song is catchy and easy to sing along to. It’s easy to relate to, even if the lyrics are a bit obtuse, because in the end we all have had that bad romance that we just can’t turn away from and Lady Gaga makes it exciting to revel in the fun of a Bad Romance.

3 Just Dance

The song that catapulted Lady Gaga into mainstream success, Just Dance is undoubtedly one of the best club-dance songs of the 2000s. The driving beats, the simple lyrics and Gaga’s vocal prowess come together to create a song that you just want to dance to. It’s as simple as that. If you play it now, bodies will jump up out of their chairs, guaranteed! No matter what’s going on in your life that’s got you down, Just Dance will put a smile on your face and get your body moving.

2 You and I

It’s hard to go wrong when you incorporate Queen into a song—and You and I is proof of that. Gaga’s sound in You and I has a more soulful, rock influence to it. Her voice has a stunning depth to it, showing that she is more than just a queen of pop auto-tune. It has an honesty to it that a lot of her other songs don’t have, with a classic rock (almost country-esque) construction. If you thought Lady Gaga was only good for bizarre pop, You and I proves you wrong.

1 Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Released in 2008, Beautiful, Dirty, Rich was Lady Gaga’s lesser known hit on the album The Fame. The song made waves in a pop culture world obsessed with shows like Gossip Girl. The intent behind the song is, of course, a mystery—as is the intent behind a lot of Lady Gaga’s music—but the fact remains that the song is catchy, danceable and one of her more lyrically unique songs. The video is intriguing and Beautiful, Dirty, Rich was a breath of fresh air in the pop realm of 2008. It remains an interesting song, even if it doesn’t get as much air time as her other hits.

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