Mom With ‘Newborn’ Marries Ragdoll


Having A Family 

She explained that love at first sight, had brought her and her doll husband together. But she never expected what would come from being together with him.

She says that she had fallen pregnant a few days after starting their relationship. They decided to marry to ensure the child wasn’t born out of wedlock. She was finally starting her dream family.

Started As A Joke

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It had all started with a joke when her mom stated she would be able to find a boyfriend for her within a week. Considering Leila had terrible relationship luck, she agreed.

The fun and games would be over soon when Leila discovered she was pregnant a few days later. How she fell pregnant with the ragdoll’s baby will leave a smile on your face.

Finding Love

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Everyone in the world grows up wishing to find their special someone. They feel a need to find someone who they feel the most connected to in order to settle down and live their lives together.

Finding your special someone isn’t as easy as it may seem, especially for Leila. Her path to love would be paved with her mother’s unique sewing gifts and cracking knee-slapping jokes. (

Her Mother

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Leila Hernandez was born in a small town near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She was an only daughter to Anita Hernandez, who was a seamstress. Her daughter had always been lively, taking on her mother’s traits.

Anita raised her daughter alone, which meant Leila idolized everything she did, unaware that she’d follow her mother’s trend when searching for the love of her life. 


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It is widely known that parents still see them as babies no matter how old their children become. Leila was twenty-six when she cried into her mother’s lap while they had another one of their late-night talks.

Anita said that her daughter found dating difficult. She didn’t enjoy seeing her daughter crying on her lap and decided to do something that would prove her love for her.

Pain In Her Voice 

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Whenever she found herself in a predicament, Anita made fun of the situation. It was her coping mechanism, so it was no surprise that she did the same when it involved her daughter.

Anita hated hearing the pain in Leila’s voice when she spoke of her past relationships. She understood that her daughter wanted to find someone who truly loved her, and her mother wanted to make her daughter smile again.

A Mother’s Claim

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Leila’s mother told her that she would be able to find her a boyfriend in less than a week. She was on vacation at the time, so agreed.

She didn’t know what her mom had up her sleeve would alter her life. Before long, Leila would find herself expecting a child while she sat in the delivery room.

Meet Eddy 

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Her mom had been gone for days, busy at work. She occasionally said hello when grabbing something to eat or going for a shower and was found taking naps. One day she reappeared with a full-sized rag doll at her side.

She had a huge smile when she told her daughter to meet Eddy. When her mother told Leila that this was her new boyfriend, she chortled. Little did she know how much of an impact Eddy would have on her future.

Big News 


Leila said that she loved him from when she first saw him. They began their relationship, but Leila could never tell what pursuing it would lead to.

Leila was cheerful when she shared her news about being pregnant. She had found out a few after they started dating and was happy that her dreams of having a family were coming true. She and Eddy decided to get married so the child wouldn’t be born out of wedlock.

An Important Day

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Leila and Eddy had the wedding of their dreams, despite the rain. Leila described it as a beautiful, meaningful, and very emotional day for her.

Everyone who attended the wedding wished the happy couple a wonderful life together. The crowd of more than 250 people had no clue what Leila and Eddy were expecting.

Married Life 

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With the wedding and honeymoon done, Leila set out to be the best wife she could be. Talking about her experience as a married woman, she said, “It’s everything I could have asked for. Eddy is very good to me.”

She revealed that Eddy is “a great and faithful husband” and “the envy of all women in her neighborhood.” The couple prepared to welcome their first child together. 

The Delivery 

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Leila’s due date came, and her mom, alongside a doctor and nurse, joined her in her room for forty minutes, where they successfully delivered Javier, her son. 

“The delivery was successful,” Leila’s mom reported. She’d spent two days sewing Javier together for her daughter, seeing how happy she was with her new life. This would only be the beginning of their lives as a family. 

Returning To Normal Life

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Leila’s vacation days were finally coming to an end. She packed everything and got ready to return to the city where she worked. 

But since she was a mom and a wife, she found it difficult to leave everything behind. Could she walk away after having the happiest two weeks of her life with her mom, son, and husband?

The Reality Of Things


Reality was calling to Leila. As much as she hated it, she knew she needed to answer its call. With everything packed, she helped Eddy and Javier into their car and headed back to the city. 

By now, her story had spread all over her place, making her a micro-celebrity. Most people came to see the woman who’d married and had a child with a rag doll. While others were baffled by her decision, others left her utterly speechless with their responses.  

The Truth Behind It All

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“Several of the people who’ve approached me about my decision have admitted that the dating game is the most difficult it’s ever been,” the mother of one shared. 

“It’s not guaranteed that everything will work out even if you find the one. Divorce rates are the highest they’ve ever been, and breakups are being handed out left, right and center. I am happy to have found someone who, although very lazy, will never leave me,” Leila said. 

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