Mom Is Sick Of Homeless Man At Grocery Store So She Sets A Trap


What Has She Done?

Sierra stood there with her mind whirling as the officers she herself called placed her in handcuffs. How did things go so far?

All she was trying to do was get the man to leave her alone. She knew she had gone too far, but she never thought she’d be the one getting arrested. Yet, there she was, being escorted to the police cruiser.

Every Single Day


Sierra Lien just couldn’t handle it anymore. She visited her local Target in downtown Texas on a daily basis. And every single time she was there, she was being harassed by a homeless man.

The trip was supposed to be a fun outing for her and her two children, yet they always ended up in tears when they were there.

She Had Told Him Multiple Times


It had gotten so bad that Sierra even spoke to the man. On multiple occasions, she had told him that she didn’t have any extra money. So she couldn’t afford to give him anything.

She could hardly afford the stuff she needed herself. But that didn’t mean that the man was going to back down. In fact, that was when things started getting worse.

He Kept Trying


Even though she had made herself very clear, the man kept trying. Every single time he saw her, he asked for money, and every time he did, she told him the same thing.

Then, after a few weeks of listening to her pleas for him to stop, he decided to change his tactic. And it was what he did next that ultimately pushed her to her breaking point.

He Made Nasty Comments


When he had enough of Sierra refusing his politeness, the man started making nasty comments every time she walked past him.

He called her entitled, stating that she had more than enough to spoil herself and her kids. But she wouldn’t dare help a man who had nothing to his name. And that was just the beginning.

Harassed The Kids


When that trick didn’t work, the homeless man turned his attention to her children. He asked them to give him some of their pocket money since their mother “didn’t have a heart.”

His attempts would often bring the two young boys to tears, as they hardly made any pocket money themselves. And just like their mother, they felt incredibly guilty about their inability to help.

Even Called Her Names


When his next attempt didn’t work, the man went all out. He started calling Sierra terrible names, and he did it loud enough so everyone in the surrounding area would hear him.

It had become so bad that Sierra and her children didn’t want to visit the store anymore. But Sierra wasn’t just going to let a homeless man ruin everything she had tried to build.

His Latest Attempt


Then one day, the man made his final attempt. He tried to be friendly with the single mother and even offered to help her pack her car.

But after everything he had done up until that point, Sierra wasn’t willing to risk it. She had no idea what he had up his sleeve, and she wasn’t planning on finding out either.

She Had Enough


Sierra had reached her breaking point that day. She just couldn’t deal with the man anymore. All she wanted was for him to leave her alone, and that seemed to be the last thing on his mind.

However, she has tried everything, and she wouldn’t tolerate his behavior anymore. He managed to get himself in her bad books, and he would suffer the consequences.

What Could She Do?


On that very day, Sierra decided that it was time for her to take drastic measures, but what could she do? It wasn’t like she could be rude to the man.

But what she did want was to bring her message across loud and clear. She needed him to understand that she wasn’t helping him because she couldn’t help him. Not because she didn’t want to.

She Wanted Him Off Her Back


All she wanted was for him to stop following her around. She wanted the name-calling and insults to stop. And she wanted him to stop harassing her children.

Was that really too much to ask? Apparently, it was because he would’ve stopped if he listened to her, to begin with. If only she knew how much trouble he would end up causing her.

He Couldn’t keep Pestering Her And Her Kids


The last thing Sierra wanted was for the man to keep pestering her children. But that would end up being the least of her concerns.

When this man was done with her, she would be a broken person, and it would have absolutely nothing to do with his harassment. What did he do to the poor mother?

She Already Tried The Police


What the homeless man didn’t know was that Sierra had called the police on him on multiple occasions. She complained about the harassment and the fact that he was torturing her children.

But unfortunately, it didn’t have the outcome she was looking for. What the police told her is what had her taking matters into her own hands.

There Was Nothing They Could Do


Since the man didn’t actually cause any physical harm and he didn’t follow the family out of the store parking lot, there was nothing they could do.

They could only act if there were evidence, and at that stage, he had absolutely nothing to go on. So the only thing Sierra could do was act on her own.

Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands


That was when Sierra knew that she would have to take matters into her own hands, and she planned on doing just that.

If nobody were going to help her, then she would help herself. If only she knew that her decision would end with her sitting in the back of a police cruiser. Maybe then she would’ve rethought her actions.

Coming Up With A Plan


Over the next few days, Sierra started formulating her plan. She didn’t want to do anything illegal, and she didn’t want the man to get hurt either.

She just wanted him to learn a tough lesson. But at the end of the day, she would be the one learning the lesson, and it would be tougher than expected.

It Could Take A While


The first thing Sierra needed to prepare herself for was that her plan couldn’t be put into action overnight. She needed to gather some things and make some preparations first.

That left her with two choices. She could either ignore the man until she was ready. Or she could stop going to the store altogether. She decided to go with option two.

Starting Her Preparations


Then Sierra started making her preparations. The absence from the store would save her a bit of money, and that was exactly what she needed to put her plan to work.

Of course, there were a few other elements as well. But she had more than enough time to work on those. What she needed to focus on now was covering her tracks.

A Few Weeks


A few weeks had passed, and Sierra was nearly ready to act. All she needed to do was put the last few pieces of the puzzle in place.

That started with her going to the bank and withdrawing a large amount of $1 bills. That was the key element in her plan, after all. What was the single mom up to?

The Day Had Finally Come


The day had finally come. That morning Sierra dropped her boys off at kindergarten, and then she got to work.

She shoved the stacks of $1 bills into a relatively large duffle bag and headed to the store. It was the moment of truth. Would the homeless man learn his lesson? Or would Sierra suffer the consequences of her actions?

She Was Alone


When Sierra arrived at the store, she was completely alone, and that was exactly how she wanted it to be. She didn’t want her boys to see how she exacted her revenge.

She didn’t want them to grow up thinking that things should be dealt with in the way she was doing it. Little did she know that they would learn a completely different lesson.

Making Her Move


Sierra did her shopping as she usually would and headed to the counter. The duffle bag was tightly clutched within her fist as she prepared to make her move.

She was nervous and ill-prepared, but she wasn’t going to back down now. With that, Sierra left the store, and as she did, she dropped the duffle bag next to the trash can.

Looking Extra Suspicious


When Sierra dropped the bag, she tried to look extra suspicious. She was trying to get the homeless man’s attention. And she wanted to make sure he’d come to investigate the situation.

Sierra saw the man’s gaze drifting to her, and with that, she walked off. Now she only had to wait for him to take the bait. Would he do it?

Taking The Bait


Sierra sat in her car and watched as the man approached the trash can. He looked around a couple of times before grabbing the bag and rushing off.

That was exactly what she was hoping for. And now that she had him where she wanted him, she could implement the last step of her plan.

Leaping To Action


Sierra jumped out of her car and rushed up to the homeless man that had been the cause of her nightmares over the last few months.

She could finally give him a piece of her mind and show him what his constant torture had done to her. If only she knew how it would end.

Accusing Him Of Theft


With an angry finger pointed at the man, Sierra accused him of trying to steal from her. The homeless man was clearly shocked by the accusation, but there was no way he could explain what he had done.

That was when Sierra pulled out her phone and called the local police department. She’d make sure he was taken care of once and for all.

He Was Afraid


The man dropped the bag and raised his hands as he pleaded with Sierra to put the phone down. His hands were shaking with fear as he tried to explain that he wanted to give the bag back.

But his pleas fell on deaf ears, just as Sierra’s had done. That was until he said something that would change everything.

Trying To Explain Himself


The man apologized profusely, but when he saw that it was getting him nowhere, he plopped down in defeat. “Do you know why I keep coming to you?” the man asked.

Sierra shook her head. “Because you are the kindest person I have ever met. You’re the only one who gives me the time of day,” the homeless man said.

A Sad Tale


The man then went on to tell Sierra how he ended up where he was. He wasn’t always homeless, but he had recently gotten divorced, and his wife took everything he owned.

That was how he ended up on the street. And he thought a kind-hearted person like Sierra would help him out. But she ended up treating him worse than everyone else.

Feeling Bad


Sierra was crushed. She always tried her best to be a good person. Yet there she was, trying to ruin a man who meant her no harm.

“This is all the money my boys and I have,” Sierra said as she pushed the bag toward the man. “For the last three weeks, we ate poorly because I wanted to fill this bag.” Before the man could respond, Sierra was handcuffed.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.