Mom Thinks Owner Is Waiter, Treats Him Badly And Gets $4k Bill


Tightening The Noose

Like any typical heavy attitude, entitled, self-centered woman, she wasn’t aware of the noose that had been cast around her. She screamed, “Is this some kind of joke?” The waiter looked over the bill and said, “I apologize, I’ll get you the correct bill in a moment.”

Shortly after he returned. When she saw the revised bill, her knees buckled.

Restaurant Owner


James Bauer, a successful high-end restaurant owner, had had one heck of a day. It was Christmas Eve. His wife and kids wanted to spend the night with him. However, running a successful business of any kind comes with its sacrifices.

And one of the more common sacrifices is family time. Even though it had to be done, James didn’t like it.

The Struggle


He had already taken a big loan to modernize the three-generation family restaurant that had been handed down to him. He was very attached to this business. James had worked there since he was 15.

At first, it looked like the risk he took was all in vain. It’s as if the cosmos in a moment opened doors for him.

Worth It


His fortune suddenly turned when a small local YouTube channel featured his restaurant. Critics started flocking to write reviews on the restaurant. Soon after, James began hosting celebrities.

And due to its popularity, people have to book as far back as July for a table in December. However, it seemed some people felt they were exempt from this rule.

Makes Her Entrance


Christmas Eve was such a busy day for his restaurant, and he was understaffed. James had to be the one at the door welcoming the guests. At a distance, he saw a woman and five of her friends. And he could sense trouble lurking.

“This place is awesome,” said the woman to her friends, “…food is amazing, there might be celebrities here.”

Far From Over


Even though business was thriving, James was far from being profitable. He had to keep his overheads low. And to maximize the profitability of his restaurant, he introduced 3 VIP tables at his establishment.

And the privilege to dine at these tables was a few thousand dollars. It wouldn’t be the first time someone tried to sit there for free.

Table For Six

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While still bracing himself for potential trouble. The woman walked up, “Table for six, please,” said the woman. With a smile, James replied, “Of course, can I please get the name on the reservation?”

The woman replied, “I don’t have one, but it’s okay; the owner is a personal friend.”

No Reservation


James knew full well that the lady was lying. He politely explained to her that; if she had no reservation, she couldn’t get a table. She wouldn’t have it.

She demanded a VIP table and promised to get James fired from his ‘lousy minimum wage job’ if he didn’t comply. After the day he had, he was desperate for some entertainment.

The Gamble


James knew what he was planning to do could potentially blow up in his face. But what choice did he have? This woman was threatening his ‘minimum wage job,’ she had to be taught a lesson. Even if it meant losing money.

James, mentally salivated, cracked his neck and knuckles. The match had begun.

Casting The Noose

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James apologized to the woman and gave her and her friends a VIP table that cost a few thousand dollars and didn’t charge for it.

He even went on to offer them 3 complimentary drinks each. Which they were excited about. Unbeknownst to her, a wide noose had been cast.

Special Menu


VIP tables have a special menu with no prices. Since the ladies were in the VIP, James handed them one. He told them it was a busy night and their orders would take a while.

Trying to get them to order as much food and drinks as possible. The ladies rudely placed their orders. But James was patient.

Sudden Impact

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After a night of great food and drinks, the woman then asks for her bill. Earlier that night she had told her friends that everything was on her. When she was handed the bill, she nearly collapsed. “Is this some kind of joke?” she screamed at James.

He looked over the bill and politely replied “Oh yes, I apologize, I’ll get you the correct bill in a moment.”

Slight Relief

Restaurant Rockstars

James realized he had forgotten to charge a few items. She sighed a sigh of relief expecting to see a smaller bill when James returned.

She had gone all her life believing that she could push anyone over with no real consequences. All that was about to change.



She was like a car traveling at 200 mph headed straight for a concrete wall. James returned with a whopping $4,352.23 bill for her. And the music stopped!

“You must be kidding me,” said the woman with a shaky voice. “Why, ma’am, is that not what you ordered?” asked James. The woman went over the bill line by line. The world was collapsing in on her.

Attempts To Escape


She asked if she could be excused. James, though concerned, remained calm and simply reminded her, “Ma’am, we have your ID on file, do not attempt to leave.”

She quickly rushed to the bathroom. The noose was on her neck, and James was applying pressure.

Fresh Makeup, Fresh Attitude


A couple of minutes later, she returned to the table with a fresh face of makeup and a heightened attitude.

“You must be out of your mind; your food was trash. There’s no way I’m paying for this, I have the owner’s number, and I’ll call him,” the woman exclaimed.

Game Over


Guests on other tables turned over to see what the fuss was all about. James promptly put her in her place.

“Ma’am, I am the owner, and this nonsense has gone far enough. You didn’t have a reservation, and I gave you the table you wanted, it’s time to pay for the experience you felt entitled to,” said James calmly.



The undefeated, heavy attitude champion of the world. Had finally met her match. She realized she was out of options. Her company just sat there like frozen dolled-up manikins.

The woman signed the check, grabbed a few hundred dollars from her purse, and stormed out embarrassed. And James thought he was never gonna see her again.

Woman Returns


Two days later, while James was in the back office. The woman returned with an older gentleman who must have been her father. And he was fuming. Like a pro, James didn’t pay them any attention.

He made them wait for about 30 minutes and then attended to them. James had irrefutable proof of her behavior caught on camera.



After the older gentleman had seen the highlights of her behavior, he was furious. He stormed out with her, shouting at her to the car.

Overall, James didn’t lose any money on the table. And he got the satisfaction that we all deeply desire, taming a badly behaved and entitled woman.