Mom Refuses To Comb Hair Until Hairdresser Uncovers The Underlying Problem


Watching Eyes

The shy woman cowered into the corner of her cubicle. She peered over the divider to check if anyone was still looking at her.

A few of the younger ladies were pointing at her and snickering. She thought that she was through with childish games in high school.

But clearly, these women found her very amusing.

Part Of The Furniture


In the heart of the bustling city of Altadena California, there was an eerie silence surrounding 38-year-old Jessy Sprites.

Once an integral part of the office dynamics, she had transformed into a shadow of her former self.

The admin clerk was silently battling personal demons that had turned her into an outcast among her colleagues. What happened to change her once jovial nature?

Talk Of The Office


The news of Jessy’s sudden descent into isolation had been the office’s whispered secret for months.

She used to be friendly, but then new management took over the company.

Gone were the days when laughter echoed in the breakroom, and Jessy’s infectious smile lit up the room. Colleagues had stopped talking to her, fearing the contagion of her misery. They didn’t want to be associated with her.

The Ex


As if things were not bad enough, her boyfriend of 3 years broke up with her leaving her a single mother. She thought that they were going to get married, but he left her in the lurch when she didn’t get an expected promotion at the company.

Her descent into despair had manifested in her personal hygiene, or rather, the lack thereof.

Her hair, once a glossy crown of golden strands, now resembled a tangled, neglected nest.

A New Life


In a gripping turn of events, Jessy Sprites, a once-prominent figure in the bustling corporate world emerged from the shadows of personal despair and isolation.

She had no choice but to get up and go to work every day.

Her character and change in behavior revealed a tale shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Would she be able to pick herself back up again?

Losing Control


For months, Jessy had been enduring a harrowing ordeal at her office.

Colleagues who once regarded her as a friend had inexplicably distanced themselves, leaving her feeling like a solitary island in a sea of indifference.

She began to withdraw from social interactions, her once-impeccable personal hygiene falling by the wayside. What was going to happen to her reputation in the workplace?

From Higher Up


Jessy’s boss, Mr. Richard Sterling, couldn’t ignore the situation any longer.

The stench emanating from her unkempt hair had become unbearable, and his complaints about her appearance were only a faint reflection of the turmoil within her.

As Jessy faced a crossroads, she made a decision that would send ripples of curiosity throughout the office. What was she going to do about it?

Get It Together


Witnesses reported that Jessy’s usually luscious hair, once the envy of the office, had transformed into a tangled, unkempt mess.

Her physical appearance was definitely different.

She started wearing various hats indoors and kept her hair hidden underneath. It was perpetually tied up as if attempting to conceal her growing distress. What was she trying to hide?

A Friends Advice


Her once close friend Henderson, couldn’t ignore the situation any longer and confronted her about her deteriorating appearance, even commenting on the strange odour emanating from her hair.

“Girl, what’s going on with you? What’s with all the hats? It’s been months now; you have got to pull yourself together.” he said to her privately.

He didn’t want to be seen with her, but he still wanted to help.

Making A Change


Her colleague’s lecture hit home for her. She had to take care of herself. One sunny morning, wearing oversized sunglasses that concealed her weary eyes, Jessy set out on a covert mission.

She ventured to a hairdresser out of town, desperate to avoid recognition.

The destination of her choice was Laura Camps’ salon, a small, unassuming place known for its discretion.

A Better Me


With her professional reputation on the line, Jessy felt compelled to take action.

She embarked on her secret mission to the hairdresser located far from the prying eyes of her colleagues.

She donned oversized sunglasses, a disguise to protect her identity as she entered the salon. Would she be able to escape town in peace?

Taking Risks


Upon entering, Laura greeted Jessy with a warm smile that Jessy had long forgotten.

However, something about Jessy’s demeanor made Laura uneasy.

She sensed an aura of secrecy and unease. As Laura prepared to wash Jessy’s hair, she politely asked if she could do so in private, but Jessy hesitated, shaking her head.

A Good Hairdresser


Jessy was greeted by the friendly stylist, 35-year-old Laura. She immediately made her feel like a person, like a woman.

She smiled back at her and followed her through the pretty salon.

However, Laura couldn’t help but notice that Jessy’s behavior was far from ordinary. The kind stylist knew that she had a special case on her hands.

I Know My Job


Laura wrapped a towel around Jessy’s shoulders. The timid woman winced at the touch of another person.

“It’s okay, it’s just the towel, when last did you cut your hair?” she inquired.

She sensed an air of secrecy and unease about her client. As Laura began to wash Jessy’s hair, she saw that it was oily and greasy. It hadn’t been washed in months.

Playing Games


In the salon chair, Jessy finally allowed herself a moment of vulnerability.

As Laura began to wash her hair, the stylist’s hands gently massaged Jessy’s scalp.

It took some time to work out the knots. She had to use extra conditioner to detangle her hair. As she rubbed the lather through her scalp, she felt something hard on her head.

Shy To See


Laura parted her client’s hair with great difficulty. She discreetly observed her client’s scalp, and that’s when she made a shocking discovery.

A piercing gasp escaped Laura’s lips, and her eyes widened with shock.

She had stumbled upon the shocking reason behind Jessy’s mysterious transformation.

Not Normal


Laura picked up her comb and saw red spots on it. It looked like blood. “There’s something here,”

Laura whispered, her fingers delicately tracing the outline of a large, red bump on Jessy’s scalp.

The suspense in the room was palpable as Jessy’s secret came dangerously close to the surface. What was on her head?

Doing The Work


The gentle hairdresser softly ran her fingers over Jessy’s scalp. “Can you feel this?” she asked quietly. Jessy shook her head, “What is that?” she responded, “Ow, you’re hurting me, Laura,” she made an excuse.

Hidden beneath Jessy’s disheveled hair, Laura found a large, red bump on her scalp.

It was a startling revelation that sent shivers down her spine.

Something Stuck In Your Hair


Laura rolled her eyes in exasperation. She was sued by clients saying they were irritated, but she knew she was being as gentle as she could be.

The calm stylist pointed out the red bumps on her scalp.

She cautiously inquired if Jessy had experienced any discomfort or pain, to which Jessy responded with a perplexing “no.”

Coming Clean


Laura was a great stylist and if there was one thing she knew, it was hair. She already knew

that Jessy didn’t take care of her hair. But she wanted to find out why.

Jessy Sprites, the woman who had been silently drowning in her own despair, was about to reveal a dark, hidden truth that would not only change her life but send shockwaves through the entire office and community.

Did She Know


Laura knew it wouldn’t be easy to get the truth out of her client.

But she had to find out more information before she could use any chemicals or products on her hair and skin.

What was the source of the mysterious bump, and how would it impact her journey to redemption? Only time would tell as Jessy’s tale of transformation continued to unfold.

Unhygienic Hair


“Didn’t you feel that bump in your head?” Laura asked Jessy. Her clients’ eyes grew in shock.

She seemed genuinely surprised to discover that her head was covered in sores and little open wounds.

As they moved to the cutting chair, Laura continued to comb out the tangled mess that was Jessy’s hair. In a spine-chilling moment, Laura spotted something inexplicable moving within the hair.

Playing Dumb


Laura’s eyes grew in shock. She moved closer to her client’s head to inspect the strands of wet hair. Was she seeing things?

Panic washed over her as she reached for an electronic microscope, realizing she needed to investigate further.

She tried to separate the matted locks; it was a nightmare. There was something on Jessy’s head.

Don’t Care Attitude


Jessy realized that her hairdresser had spotted something in her scalp. Her face turned red as she blushed in embarrassment. Did she know what happened to her head?

“It’s been some time since I washed my hair, I had an injury and couldn’t put water on my scalp,” she said quietly.

Laura looked at her suspiciously, she knew it was just an excuse.

Making Sure


Laura walked forward carrying the microscope, “I just have to use this to check your hair follicle,” she said quietly.

She stood towards the back of Jessy’s head where she saw the movement.

With trembling hands, Laura peered through the microscope’s lens and was confronted with a nightmarish sight—a nest of nits and lice nestled behind Jessy’s ear.

Extra Safe


The hairdresser was worried. She put on a surgical glove and a plastic head cap. “Why are you wearing that?” Jessy asked her. “For protection,” she responded.

The sad mother felt embarrassed. What was wrong with her hair that even the hairdresser was afraid to go near her?

She shuffled uncomfortably in her seat. Should she leave or go?

That’s The Spot


As Laura combed through Jessy’s hair, she screamed in irritation, “Oh my, It’s itching Laura! What are you doing to me?” But the hairdresser didn’t stop.

The cause of her distress had been laid bare.

Jessy, overwhelmed with shame, finally confessed to the infestation that had plagued her for far too long.

A Living Head


Laura was almost angry with her client, “How could you let this happen to yourself? You’re a grown-up!” Her hairdresser gave her a mouthful

Jessy hung her head in shame. She felt humiliated. She knew she had let things get too bad.

Some other customers were frightened at the lice infestation and left the salon in a hurry.

Cut It All Off


As Jessy sobbed in her chair, Laura comforted her. In an unexpected twist, Jessy, ever empathetic, offered to assist Laura in resolving the issue.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you get it out,” she said nicely.

Together, they applied a potent treatment to eradicate the unwelcome guests, and Jessy emerged from the ordeal with a shorter haircut, one that rejuvenated her self-confidence.

The New Jessy


As Jessy Sprites steps back into her professional world, her dramatic transformation is a testament to the strength that can be found in the most unexpected of alliances. She felt beautiful with her new hairstyle.

The mystery of her alienation may have been unraveled, but the resilience she displayed in the face of adversity will undoubtedly inspire those who witness her triumphant return. What can we expect from her next?

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.