Mom Pregnant Every Year For 12 Years Until Doctor Notices Something’s Wrong


Extreme Discomfort

There was a sense of terror in the exhausted lady’s eyes. She was alone with her children.

At the time, they were too young to drive. Her breathing was labored.

It was urgent that she get to the hospital as soon as possible. Her husband was nowhere to be found. Grabbing her stomach in seething pain, she collapsed to the ground.



Having a big family had always been a dream for Rosetta Sanchez, 38, a mother from sunny New Mexico.

Her contagious smile and insatiable desire for a large family characterized her as a woman with a heart of gold.

Her dream had always been to have a family full of children, and her amazing husband, Michael, shared that dream.

Perfect Timing


Having a big family was one of Rosetta’s burning passions. It was her dream to have a large family since she was a small girl in a small town in New Mexico. That’s exactly what she did.

After giving birth to her first son at 25, she continued to fall pregnant year after year for twelve years straight. It was a family of 11 for the couple.

With diapers, school runs, and doctor’s appointments, Rosetta’s life was an absolute blur.

Adjusting Plans


Rosetta loved her life despite the demands of motherhood.

Her husband, Michael Sanchez, worked as a contractor for a building company while she worked from home doing administrative tasks for a decorating company.

After buying food and clothing for their brood, they did not have much money left over.

Many Many Mouths


As part of her daily routine, Rosetta woke up early to prepare breakfast for her family. Every morning, they had a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast.

During a typical morning, the family would consume 24 eggs, 3 packets of bacon, and at least 2 loaves of bread!

Each morning, the children would fall out of bed, rubbing their sleep from their eyes, and congregate around the kitchen table. Each of them was unique in their own way, a beautiful mix of ages and personalities.

By The Book


The younger children would be helped to get dressed by Rosetta after breakfast, while the older ones would do it themselves. Getting to school was next on the agenda.

All the children and their backpacks fit comfortably in the Sanchez family’s big, luxurious van.

During the commute to school, there was always a lot of chatter and laughter as the children squabbled for seats.

The Journey


As soon as all the children had been safely dropped off at their various schools, Rosetta returned home to begin her day’s work.

Because she could still be there for her children when they needed her, she loved working from home.

There was always noise and movement in Rosetta’s house, but she didn’t mind. A big family was familiar to her, and it brought her immense joy.

Worlds Best Mother


Rosetta would prepare lunch for her family at lunchtime when she took a break from work. In addition to lean meats and whole grains, she ensured they ate plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Rosetta always made sure that her family was healthy and well-fed.

Whatever she served her children, they would eagerly scarf down.

Just As Planned


Rosetta began chipping away at the laundry pile after lunch.

Having so many children meant there was always a mile-high pile of laundry to wash, dry, and fold.

Seeing the pile lessen as she worked her way through it was oddly satisfying to Rosetta. Looking after her children was her greatest passion in life.

Closing Time


After picking up the younger children from school, Rosetta settled them in for their daily naps.

Rosetta could relax or catch up on some work during this peaceful time of day.

She often joked that her kids were generally well-behaved because she had so many of them, and they didn’t bother fighting.

Family Time


In the evenings, Rosetta would cook a delicious dinner for her family.

She loved experimenting with new recipes, and her children were always eager to try whatever she made. They ate together as a family, chatting about their day and sharing stories. 

Rosetta and Michael made sure that family dinners were a priority, as they believed it was important to have this time together.

Playing Their Part


After dinner, the children would scatter to do their homework or play games.

Rosetta would clean up the kitchen and then settle down with Michael to watch a movie or talk about their day.

They were a strong couple, and they worked together to make their family thrive. It was extremely tiring, but they knew that they were a unique family.

Feeling Sick


After dinner that night she was feeling queasy.

“Robbie and Rina, please can you guys help to clear the table, Mom isn’t feeling too well. ” 

Her older children were used to helping out with chores at home, but their mom was rarely unwell. “What’s wrong supermom?”, little 6-year-old Benjamin asked his mom.

Brave Mother


Rosetta tried to put on a smile. “Nothing darling, maybe mommy ate too much for dinner.”

Little Benji kissed his mommy’s tummy and ran off giggling. 

Rosetta watched her kids clean up as she tried to catch her breath. The wonder mom didn’t know that there was something seriously wrong with her.

Something Is Wrong


“Michael? Michael?” she called.  “Where’s your father, he was just here a minute ago?” She asked the eldest in front of the TV, 12-year-old Steven didn’t even look at his mother, he just shrugged his shoulders and carried on staring at the screen. 

Rosetta clutched her stomach and wobbled towards her bedroom.

But she didn’t even reach her bedroom door when something terrible happened.

Going Down


“What the…?” Rosetta suddenly felt light-headed, it was too late, and she fell to the floor, out cold. She fainted.

7-year-old Alison, who had been in the bathroom, heard the bump and ran outside.

“Help, Mom fell, Steven, come here!” she screamed. The children ran to their mother’s side.



Steven screamed for his father. Michael came rushing into the house, “What’s happening?” he checked his children’s faces, which led to him seeing a humped body lying on the floor.

Michael ran over to his wife, he checked her pulse, and she was still breathing.

“Thank God,” he said. “Steven, go tell Mrs. Lynch next door that we have an emergency, please ask her to come over and watch you guys.” Steven nodded and darted out the door.



Michael carried his wife to the car. She was a big-boned lady, but he was used to her weight and carrying her. He managed to drive there in 6 minutes flat. He didn’t stop at the traffic lights.

As they got to the hospital, the emergency staff was waiting for them.

Michael watched in horror as his unconscious wife was pushed into a cold, white, ward.

Emergency Situation


After 20 minutes, Doctor Johnsons came outside. “Is she…? ” Michael looked questioningly at the doctor.

Tired Michaels’s eyes were as big as boulders.

“She’s fine, she’s stable, she’s awake,” the doctor said. “Can I see her?” Michael asked. “Yes, that’s fine, but don’t agitate her,” the doctor said strictly. “Thank you, Doctor,” Michael said.

What’s The Problem


Michael ran inside the ward. Rosetta was sitting on the bed, looking pale and sad.

“Oh Michael,” she said. He held her hand. “The Doctors are still doing more tests; they think it may be low blood pressure.” 

Michael kissed his wife’s forehead, “Just relax, you’re going to be okay honey.” Rosetta trusted her husband, but she wasn’t sure.

More Tests


Just then, Dr. Johnsons came in with a confused look on his face.

“I have contacted your previous Doctor, so I am aware of your medical history, Dr. Singh, your gynecologist?”

Michael was not following, “Is everything okay?” he stared at the Doctor’s face. “I think you may want to sit down for this one he said,” and patted the back of the visitor’s armchair, “I need to run more tests.”

False Alarm


Rosetta was nervous as she lay on the examination table, waiting for the doctor to run more tests.

Why had Dr. Johnsons called Dr. Singh? 

She had never experienced any complications during her previous pregnancies, but she knew that anything could happen.  But when Dr. Johnsons asked her for a urine sample, she suspected the worst.

Shocking News


The doctor examined her carefully, and then he smiled.

“Rosetta,” he said, “you are incredibly fertile. You’re going to have a big family, indeed!” 

Rosetta felt a mix of emotions as the doctor checked her. The stethoscope was ice cold on her chest. She was excited but also apprehensive. What if something went wrong? Could it be?

In Her Blood


The doctor had been surprised when he saw her medical history and had run more tests.

When he told her that she was incredibly fertile, Rosetta was both shocked and thrilled. She had always wanted a big family.

She and Michael had two sets of twins, and they were looking forward to raising them. However, the doctor was surprised when he saw Rosetta’s medical history and asked her to stay back for an ultrasound appointment. 

There’s More


The doctor left the room for a moment and soon returned with a piece of paper in his hand.

“Well, it looks like congratulations are in order, you two,” he said with a smile.

“You’re pregnant!” the Doctor exclaimed. Rosetta felt sick. “Are you sure, Doctor? How is my body going to be able to handle this again?” she cried. “I’m sure you will be fine with child number 12.” The doctor replied. She was only a few weeks pregnant, so it was too early for the doctor to tell anything definite.

And More


The next month, Rosetta and Michael went back to the doctor’s office, holding hands tightly. They waited patiently as the doctor examined her and then gave them the good news.

“You’re having twins!” he said. Rosetta and Michael burst into tears of joy. They hugged each other, laughing and crying at the same time.

Michael, however, was worried about the expenses. He knew that they could afford to take care of more children, it would be a stretch. He didn’t want Rosetta to worry about anything during her pregnancy, so he promised himself that he would work harder and save more money.

Risky Time


During Rosetta’s sixth month of pregnancy, she was very sick.

She was experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort, and Michael rushed her to the doctor. As she waited for her doctor’s appointment, Rosetta couldn’t help but think about how her family would grow. 

She was looking forward to seeing her little bundle of joy and the happiness he or she would bring to their lives.

Something Growing Inside


When she arrived at the doctor’s office, the doctor was surprised to see her. He asked her to stay back to discuss her medical history. It had been a difficult pregnancy to accept, she had her hands full.

Rosetta was a bit nervous, but she trusted her doctor.

She knew he would do everything in his power to keep her and her baby safe. The Doctor looked worried as he examined her, what was wrong with her this time?

The Doctor’s Find


He did another ultrasound, and he was shocked to see what he did.

The doctor was taken aback to find something growing in her stomach. He looked at Rosetta, and she could see the fear on his face.

At first, he thought it was a tumor, but upon further examination, he discovered that Rosetta was pregnant with something else. He didn’t want to take any chances with the diagnosis. What else was growing inside her womb?

More To See


The technician conducting the ultrasound was surprised to find not one, not two, but three little babies hiding in Rosetta’s womb behind their older siblings. The doctor confirmed that Rosetta was having triplets – two boys and one girl.

She was pregnant with triplets! There was another little boy hiding behind his brother.

He was much smaller in size, which is why the doctor initially mistook him for a benign growth.

Amazing Discovery


 “Rosetta,” he said, “you’re pregnant with triplets!” Rosetta couldn’t believe it. She and Michael hugged each other, tears streaming down their faces.

There was another little boy hiding behind his brother. He was much smaller in size, but he was healthy and strong. Rosetta and Michael were over the moon.

They couldn’t wait to meet their three beautiful babies. They already had two sets of twins, but triplets were a whole different ballgame. The couple knew that it was going to be a rough few months before the delivery.

Bigger Is Better


The next few months were a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation. Rosetta was getting bigger and bigger, and Michael was working harder than ever. 

They had to make sure that they had everything they needed for the babies.

They bought a bigger house, a bigger car, and stocked up on baby clothes, diapers, and bottles. Michael felt that he was physically prepared for his new children.

Thought As Much


The news of her pregnancy wasn’t a surprise to anyone in the Sanchez household.

They were all excited and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new member of their family. Rosetta’s husband, Michael, was over the moon. 

He loved nothing more than the sound of little feet running around the house, and he couldn’t wait to hold his new baby in his arms. He was still emotional about the whole ordeal, but he tried to keep a straight face for his children.

Growing Pains


As the months went by, Rosetta’s belly grew bigger and bigger.

The family’s excitement grew with it. They talked about baby names, nursery decorations, and how the new baby would fit into their already large family. 

Rosetta had become somewhat of a pro at being pregnant, but this time was different. She was very emotional. She was about to have fourteen children in her house. “It must be a current world record,” she thought.

Keeping Positive


The Sanchez family was over the moon. They couldn’t believe that they were going to be blessed with not one, not two, but three new babies! Their already big family was going to be humungous.

Rosetta was a little apprehensive in the beginning, but as she felt the babies move and kick inside her, she knew that she was going to love them with all her heart.

She just needed some extra support from her husband Michael, he was acting distant lately.

Proper Planning


The family spent the next few months preparing for the arrival of the triplets.

They decorated the nursery with three cribs, three changing tables, and three of everything else. All the other children nicknamed their new siblings “The Terrific Trio.”

Rosetta’s other children, ranging in age from 2 to 16, were excited to have three new siblings to play with and help take care of. They were all on board for the adventure, and the older siblings already started training the younger ones on how to behave with babies.

More Money


Michael was worried about how they would support such a large family.

With so many mouths to feed, he began to think of new ways to earn more income. He was going to be a father of an amazing fourteen children.

He took on extra jobs and worked long hours to ensure his family would have everything they needed. But would it be enough? Would he be able to support his family going into the future?

Looking Forward


Michael tried hard to put his wife first. The couple were over the moon with excitement. They couldn’t wait to meet their triplets. It was going to be their first set! 

They started preparing for their arrival, buying baby clothes, and painting the nursery. Rosetta’s older children were thrilled to have three new siblings on the way, and they couldn’t wait to meet them.

They helped more at home because now Rosetta could barely walk, she needed a wheelchair on most days.

A Mother’s Love


As Rosetta’s pregnancy progressed, she noticed that she was feeling more tired than usual.

But she didn’t let that stop her from taking care of her children and running her household. She was a pro at designating tasks while sitting in one spot.

She continued to prepare meals, clean the house, and care for her children with the same love and dedication she always had. Michael warned her that stress was bad for the babies, but she shushed him up and said that the older children do most of the chores anyway.

Almost Time


As the due date approached, Rosetta’s excitement grew.

She was eager to hold her babies in her arms and introduce them to the world. Michael was nervous, but he was also excited to meet his children. 

He had been working overtime and saved up over $10 000, he wasn’t confident that the first few months would be okay. The average birth cost around $ 18000, and he didn’t have for even one child. What if there were complications during the delivery?

Supportive Clan


The babies were almost due, and the family’s excitement grew.

Michael took time off work to be there for the birth, and the children made signs to welcome their new siblings into the world.

The big day was just around the corner. Rosetta ensured that her crowded home was cozy and warm for the new babies. Everything was set. Her parents and Michaels had traveled up to take care of them. Would the other children be obliging towards their grandparents?

All Aboard


As the due date approached, Rosetta’s family and friends gathered around her, offering their support and love.

They spoke about the day of the delivery, Rosetta wanted everyone to be there when she went into labor. 

She would need more than the help of her husband and the doctors to give birth to three healthy babies. Rosetta was still in a lot of pain, and the expecting couple decided to have a cesarean section.

Planned Birth


It was the summertime, and really hot. Rosetta couldn’t manage with her big belly.

The couple had chosen the 3rd of July as Triplet’s birthday. It was just before Independence Day, and everybody was usually in a good mood around that time. 

Rosetta was calm and collected, but she was also eager to meet her babies. But that night, something happened that made them shake to the core.

Stressful Situations


Rosetta was in pain; it was a few days before their planned cesarean section.

The expectant mother was ready to burst, and she couldn’t manage the weight of the pregnancy anymore.  

She was slowly waddling up and down the dining room, chatting to her mother. All of a sudden, there was a loud bang. It shook the house and vibrated the floorboards. Rosetta’s mother jumped out of her skin, “What on earth?” she screamed.

Outside Alarm


Some eager beaver couldn’t wait until the 4th of July and decided to set a firework bomb off, right near their house. “You stupid kids, that’s illegal,” Rosetta’s mother screamed out the window.

But the teenagers were already running down the street laughing.

“Mom?” Rosetta said in a worried voice. Her mother turned around to face her. Her daughter was clutching her stomach, her face grimacing in pain.

Before Their Time


Rosetta’s mother looked at the drenched floor. Rosetta’s water had just broken unexpectedly. The noise from the fireworks must have given her a real shock.

“Call Michael,” she said as she dropped onto the couch, breathing heavily.

The triplets wanted out now. It was time to go. Her mother ran out of the room screaming.

The Babies Have Arrived


Rosetta had to have an emergency C-Section operation.  The room was filled with fearful excitement. Michael was pacing in the hospital. He had been through this before, but he knew that triplets were a high-risk pregnancy.

The first baby was a little girl, and she was perfect in every way. The second baby was a little boy, and he was just as beautiful as his sister.

The third baby was the little boy who had been hiding behind his brothers in the ultrasound. He was small, but he was healthy.

All My Children


The family sat in anticipation, waiting for the doctor to come out. Finally, he appeared with an update.

Rosetta gave birth to three healthy babies, and she was stable in recovery. 

The first was named Lukas, the second was named Sophia, and the third, the smallest of the three, was named Noah. The family was overjoyed. They couldn’t believe how lucky they were to have been blessed with three beautiful, healthy babies. They now had a whopping fourteen children!

Favorite Fourteen


Rosetta and Michael were overwhelmed with joy. They had never been happier in their lives. They knew that their family was now complete, and they couldn’t wait to watch their children grow up together.

The triplets were named Sophia, Lucas, and Noah.

They were loved by everyone in the family, and their arrival brought them all closer together. They felt that they were a gift from God.

Making It Together


Michael was excited about the new additions to their family but also worried about how they would afford to care for three new babies.

“I’m going have to pick up some extra time with the office,” he said. 

However, Rosetta remained positive, assuring Michael that they would find a way to make it work, “We’re going to be fine, don’t worry.” she said. The insurance will cover the c- section and delivery costs.

Family Of Fourteen


The family was overjoyed with the new additions to their family, and Rosetta’s older children were thrilled to have three new siblings to play with. 

Michael continued to work hard to provide for his family, but he also made sure to spend time with his other children and be a present father.

He was doing a good job so far while working overtime to pay off their building credit card debt.

To Be A Mom Again


The next few weeks were a blur of diapers, feedings, and sleepless nights, but the Sanchez family took it all in stride.

Rosetta was a natural at caring for babies, and Michael was an amazing help. 

The older children pitched in, taking turns holding the babies and helping with the housework. The parents had their own little team of helpers. But for how long would their children behave to the new adjustments?

Local Wonder Babies


Rosetta made it in the local newspaper, the headline was “Independence Day Triplets.” Other people had heard about her sudden birth and were quite interested in her triplets. As the famous babies grew, their personalities started to emerge. 

Noah was the quiet one, content to sit and watch the world go by. It’s no wonder he was hiding in his mother’s womb. Lucas was the rambunctious one, always on the move and getting into everything.

And little Sophia was the sweetest of them all, with a smile that could light up a room.

Kid’s First


As the children grew, Rosetta continued to dedicate herself to her family, always putting their needs before her own.

She made many sacrifices to keep her kids educated and sheltered.

Despite the challenges of raising such a large family, she remained determined to provide her children with a happy and loving home. Her children were well-behaved, and she knew that she was a great mom. But she was still worried about Michael, he was working too hard.

Expensive Living


As the weeks passed, Rosetta and Michael watched their children grow up.

They were happy and healthy, and they loved each other more than anything. Rosetta never regretted her decision to have a large family. It was unusual and took up all her time, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Rosetta knew that it was the best thing she had ever done. But when she looked at the monthly credit card statement, she knew that it was taking its toll on her husband.

Famous Fourteen Family


The Sanchez family became well known in their community for their large family, and people would often stop to admire the children when they were out in public.

Rosetta didn’t mind much, as long as she wasn’t in a rush. 

Pictures with fans usually took some time because they would want to meet every single child, “There just isn’t time for everyone!” Rosetta would say. Everybody wanted a little piece of them.

Fitting In


As the triplets turned one, the family celebrated with a big party. There was cake and balloons, and all the family and friends came to celebrate. Michael knew that he would have to fit the bill.

Rosetta pulled out all the stops and even got some live entertainment.

There was a punk rock band and a magician. Rosetta looked around at her family, and she knew that she was the luckiest woman. But did she really appreciate the life her husband had given her?

Tik Tok Triplets


Sophia, Lucas, and Noah were inseparable, and they did everything together. They played sports, went to school, and even started a band together. The Sanchez family was always full of laughter and love. 

They were always the center of attention wherever they went, and they loved it.

They started a TikTok channel called “Cheaper by the Baker’s Dozen Plus One,” they were an online hit. Rosetta became a popular social media personality because of her triplets.

Freebies Times Three


The Triplets’ thing was to do everything three times over. They had a large online following and they were growing. It was always three turns at a game, or three different flavors, or three different venues. Their viewers loved it.

She knew that her children would grow up to do great things, and she couldn’t wait to see what the future held for them. Michael was glad that his wife was finally making an income.

The Sanchez family had their ups and downs, but they always stuck together.

A Brighter Future


With each passing day, Rosetta and Michael’s love for each other and their children grew stronger. They knew that their family was their greatest blessing and were grateful for each and every one of their children. 

They knew that they had their own little army, and for the rest of their lives, they would always stick up for each other.

That night before bed, his oldest, Steven walked up to him and handed him an envelope. 

My Children Are The Tomorrow


Michael opened it to find $500 in cash! “Son, where did you get this?” the father said shocked. Steven put his arm around his fathers’ shoulders and said, “Don’t worry dad, I’m mowing a few lawns and helping some of the neighbors out dad, I want to help.”

Michael burst into tears and held his son tight, “Thank you my boy, you have a good heart.” Their children grew up to be successful and loving individuals, each one contributing something special to the world. The Sanchez’s knew that their love for each other and their family would always be enough to see them through.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.