Work From Home Dad Sick Of Comments Mom Gets Revenge


She Couldn’t Believe It

Jane stood there, frozen in place, as she listened to what her husband’s colleagues were saying about their baby. She had never heard anyone being as rude about a child as they were.

That was when she discovered what her husband had been hiding from her. It was also the moment she swore to get revenge.

It Had Been A Year


Jane gave birth to her daughter Sarah a year before this incident took place. And for that year, she had basically been a stay-at-home mom. But it wasn’t because she wanted to or had to be.

Jane just wanted to spend some quality time with her husband and child before jumping back into her hectic job. But she felt that the time had come.

She Wanted To Return


Even though Jane adored being with her family, she really wanted to go back to work. She loved her job and had already been away from it for quite some time.

The need to be productive again was nagging at her, and she wanted to get rid of the feeling. But she had no idea what consequences her actions would have.

He Was Working From Home


Jane’s husband, Hue, had been working from home since the pandemic broke out. And considering that his job could be done from anywhere, his boss agreed to let him stay at home.

So Jane didn’t have any negative feelings about returning to work. She knew that her baby would be safe no matter what. But she was looking into getting a nanny.

Countless Discussions


Jane’s idea was that the nanny would come to their house daily and take care of the baby until one of her parents stopped working, and they could take over.

But Hue was having none of that. He said that he could do his job and take care of the baby. And he wasn’t wrong, but his plan came with dire consequences.

He Demanded It


Jane was reluctant, as she knew how much his job as an IT Specialist meant to him. And she didn’t want to do anything to risk his position or the benefits he was receiving.

But Hue wasn’t going to back down. He demanded that she leave the baby with him, stating that he would make sure everything worked out. But they had no idea what they were in for.

All The Preparations Had Been Made


Jane eventually gave in, and Hue made an appointment to see his boss in person. When he got home that night, he informed Jane that all the preparations had been made, and she could return to work.

His boss had no problem with him taking care of the baby and even offered to let her join meetings so the team could meet her.

First Attempt


Still reluctant, Jane agreed with the plan and got ready to leave for work early the next morning. When the time came to go, everything seemed fine.

But she would soon realize that this plan wouldn’t be as simple as Hue made it seem. She was barely out the door when it happened. And it had her rethinking everything.

She Had Just Left The House


Jane had just left her house. She wasn’t even at her car yet when her phone started ringing, and Hue’s name popped up on her screen.

She answered in a hurry, thinking she might have forgotten something. But all she could hear was her daughter screaming at the top of her lungs. What was going on?

Postponing Her Interview


With that, Jane turned around and made another phone call. She was supposed to be interviewing someone that day, but it was clear that it wasn’t going to happen.

She postponed her interview and headed back home to take care of her baby while her husband worked. But this was just the beginning of their trouble.

Giving It Another Go


Hue was still adamant about taking care of the baby while Jane was at work. And they decided to give it another shot. But this time, they would prepare for what was going to happen.

Hue suggested that Jane go out one night after he finished working. He’d stay with the baby and see how things went. Would it work?

Girls Night Out


Jane agreed with the plan and called up some of her friends. She invited them for a girls night out and started getting ready.

At that point, everything was going well. But she couldn’t help but wonder what would happen by the time she reached the car. Would she get another phone call?

Everything Went Fine


The hours passed by, and Jane hadn’t heard a word from her husband. She could only assume that it meant things were going well.

So she put her phone aside and enjoyed her evening, thinking that their plan had been successful. But not all’s well that ends well. She would learn that lesson soon enough.

Returning To Work


The next week, Jane returned to work, and she couldn’t be happier. She was in her element once more, and she hadn’t received a call from her husband once.

What she didn’t know was that something was happening in the background. Her husband was too afraid to share the truth. But everything comes out eventually.

All Seemed Well


A week had gone by, and Hue didn’t complain about taking care of the baby once. From the outside perspective, all seemed to be going well.

But Jane knew her husband better than most, and she could tell that something wasn’t right. She had picked up on the subtle signs, and she wanted to know what was going on.

Subtle Changes


Jane had noticed that her husband wasn’t his usual bubbly self anymore. His jokes had all but disappeared. And the smile she loved so much was never seen again.

He also seemed to be irritated all the time. Did it have something to do with the baby? Or was there something else going on that she wasn’t aware of?

He Didn’t Want To Talk About It


After a couple of days of watching her husband suffer in silence, Jane decided to broach the topic. She asked what it was that was affecting his mood so drastically, hoping that she could help in some way.

But Hue refused to talk about it, stating that things would be better soon. For some reason, though, Jane didn’t believe him.

Weeks Of Silence


Days had turned into weeks, and Jane still couldn’t get any answers out of her silent husband. Over that time, his condition was only getting worse. And the subtle changes had become the norm.

What was going on? Was he hiding something from her? And if that were the case, what was his secret? She was about to find out.

On Her Day Off


It was a Monday, and Jane had decided to take the day off. She missed spending time with her family, and even though Hue would be working, he’d still be there.

When Hue had to go into a meeting, Jane decided to take the baby for a walk. It was when she returned that she finally uncovered the truth.

A Work Meeting


Jane never stuck around when Hue had meetings, and there were two very valid reasons for that. The first was that she didn’t want his colleagues to see her walking around in the background.

But she had no idea that this particular meeting would take so long. And she didn’t know what she’d walk into when she got back.

She Froze In Her Tracks


As soon as Jane walked into the house and heard that the meeting was still in progress, she froze in her tracks. But it wasn’t the voices that had her stopping. It was what the people said.

They were making fun of her baby, who had a deformity since birth. They called the poor child a vampire from the movie Blade. And it was all because she was born with a cleft palate.

It Didn’t End Well


They were going on and on even though Hue tried his best to get them to stop. He tried to explain that she was born that way and that she was scheduled for surgery.

But his colleagues weren’t listening to what he had to say, and their comments only became worse. Jane knew what was about to happen. And she knew it wouldn’t end well.

He Finally Erupted


Jane stood there for five minutes before Hue erupted in a fit of rage. He attacked every single one of his colleagues before slamming his laptop shut.

He had reached the point of no return. And Jane knew that it was time for her to do some damage control. If she didn’t, he’d end up losing his job.

Spilling The Beans


Jane sat her husband down and demanded that he tell her what was going on while she was at work. Hue was hesitant at first, but he broke down eventually.

He told her that the comments had been made since Sarah joined his first meeting. And when she wasn’t there, they would be worse than ever.

She Wouldn’t Stand For It


Jane was furious. She couldn’t understand why a bunch of grown men would make such nasty comments about a baby. She didn’t know how they could be so cruel.

But she did know that she had reached her limit as well. She understood where her husband was coming from and why he was so upset. But she could do something about it.



When Jane left for work the next morning, the new nanny was already there. Hue had also taken a week off work so he could avoid the incidents. But he had no idea what his wife was up to.

She spent her time at work thinking of a plan that would put an end to this madness once and for all.

She’d Teach Them A Lesson


But Jane didn’t just want to take the weight off her husband’s shoulders. No, she wanted to teach those people a lesson.

She wanted them to feel how her husband felt. And once that happened, she’d take them down for good. They had no idea who they were messing with, but they would find out soon enough.

They Had No Idea Who She Was


Jane was the CEO and owner of the company that the people her husband worked for saw as their biggest competition. And she had all the resources she needed in the palm of her hand.

She would use that to her advantage. And once she was done, everyone would know what she was capable of. She would teach them a lesson they would never forget.

The Time Had Come


No one knew that Hue had started recording the meetings, as he wanted to approach Human Resources to lay a complaint against his colleagues.

And Jane used that as her ammunition. She approached every single media outlet she worked with and told her story. She also gave them copies of the recordings. Things were about to get incredibly uncomfortable.

Massive Backlash


When the story hit the news the next morning, it created a backlash to the likes that no one had ever seen before. The story went viral in a matter of hours.

And before the company knew what they were in for, they had a flood of protestors standing in front of their door. How would they deal with the situation?

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.