Dog Missing For 6 Weeks Found 900 Miles Away


Beyond Belief

The couple went away for a much-needed weekend trip. But on their return, they received devastating news. Their beloved chihuahua, Lucy, was nowhere to be seen.

The couple searched high and low for Lucy but it was no use. Then one day, they got a call from a stranger in Las Vegas. What unfolded next was beyond belief.

Jared And Kristi

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Jared and Kristi Owens were on their way to Vegas for a short weekend trip. They couldn’t wait to catch a break, let loose, and hang out with friends.

They lived in Texas and both worked in the advertising world. It was safe to say that their lives got a little hectic from time to time. And this day was no different.

Trip To Vegas

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They packed their bags in a rush before they raced out the door. Working late, they had no other choice but to leave packing until the last minute – right before their 6 am flight.

They left water out for their dog, Lucy, and prepared a package for their dog sitter who was coming by later to pick her up and mind her over the weekend.

Flight Rush


Jared and Kristi caught their flight in the nick of time. They threw their checked luggage onto the revolver belt, raced through the terminal, and boarded their flight with mere seconds to spare.

They continued to have an amazing time in Vegas but they returned to devastating news.

Missing Dog


They arrived home, expecting Lucy and her dog sitter to be standing at the driveway waiting for them. Instead, it was just the dog sitter. She looked visibly distressed. Immediately, the couple knew something was wrong. Jared’s heart began to pound.

Lucy was missing. But where she would eventually be discovered shocked the nation.



The dog sitter ran up to them. She explained that she had tried to contact them all weekend. She arrived that morning at an empty house. Lucy was nowhere to be seen.

She speculated that she may have run out the door the morning they left and had been searching the neighborhood all weekend to no avail. Kristi began to cry.

Old Dog


She was a tiny, old chihuahua. There was no way she’d be fairing ok out on the streets with no food or water.

Jared and Kristi immediately began to call their neighbors, asking them if they had seen their dog. When all of them said no, they grew highly suspicious. With her age, she wouldn’t have been able to get that far. But they were wrong.

Bizarre Behavior


Lucy had never run away from home before. It was so unlike her. She loved Jared and Kristi. In fact, she was obsessed with them and followed them wherever they went.

She was the clingy kind – not the boisterous, playful kind. The more they thought about it, the more they realized this just didn’t add up. Jared’s heart dropped at the realization that someone must have taken her.

Shocking Realization

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The couple called every shelter in town to make sure she wasn’t handed in or found. Once they confirmed that she wasn’t, they couldn’t ignore the more obvious conclusion.

Someone must have taken her. Kristi and Jared were distraught. But just as they began to come up with a plan to find her, they got a strange call.

Mysterious Caller

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Jared answered the phone. It was a man calling from Las Vegas. He asked Jared if he had lost his dog. Jared hesitated before he answered, “Yes. Who am I speaking to?”.

What was this man getting at? How did he know Lucy was missing? He listened carefully to what the man said next. His jaw dropped to the floor as his face went pale.

Urgent Flight

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Jared got a note and pen and scribbled down an address. He hung up the phone and told his wife to pack a bag. They were getting the first flight out to Las Vegas.

The three-hour flight felt like a lifetime. When they finally landed at the airport, they raced into the security holding area and there she was; Lucy. How was this possible?


Facebook/Jared Owens

Lucy lay in the corner of the room. A woman looked up from her desk, questioningly. When she saw the shocked faces of Jared and Kristi, she knew they must be her owners.

“You’re finally here! Lucy!”, she called. Lucy looked up at her then across to Jared and Kristi. Her ears perked up and she squealed. She excitedly raced into their open arms. “I bet you’re wondering how she got here, huh?”, the woman said.

Something To Declare

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Airport security in Las Vegas detected movement in their luggage. When they opened it up at customs, they were shocked to find their 12-year-old dog, Lucy, hiding in Jared’s suitcase.

She was lying snuggly in Jared’s brown cowboy boot. When security opened the suitcase, they were relieved to find her perfectly calm and unharmed. But how did she get in there?


Facebook/Jared Owens

Jared and Kristi think that while they were packing hectically in the dark, Lucy hopped in the suitcase and curled up in the boot.

Because the couple were tired and in a rush, as well as Lucy being so tiny – they didn’t see her in the suitcase and closed it up completely oblivious to what happened.

Going Viral

Facebook/Jared Owens

Kristi sobbed apologetically to Lucy, cuddling her as Jared thanked the staff for looking after her and making sure she got back to them okay.

Luckily, Lucy got away from this incident scratch-free. Once the couple got back home, they shared Lucy’s incredible story online. It soon went viral!