Mom Finds German Icon Buried In Backyard


Formidable Find

This family never thought that they would stumble upon a real treasure, but it had been right under their noses this whole time. They had been busy with a landscaping project when they found it, which would lead to tons of press and a lot of attention.

Now that they knew what it was, they quickly had to jump into action. It had been a formidable find, a piece of history. But some felt that it had been a piece of history too controversial to restore.

A Secret

The historic UK

Guernsey is an island just off the Normandy coast along the English Channel. It makes up a piece of the British Crown. It’s a peaceful little island.

But once in a while, something would happen that excited everyone. One of the most exciting events was when the Ward family found a secret buried in their backyard.  

A Simple Life 


Citizens of this island enjoy a happy life with high living standards. Their economy saw a flux due to an increase in tourism. The Island is a historically significant place. 

However, the area does have something of a fractious past. Relics from these periods are often found in the oddest places. 

France and England

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The English are famous for their Channel that separates England and France. That means the Island between them is self-governing.

It fell under the British Crown in 1066 after the Island was invaded by the Duke of Normandy. But in the 1940’s there had been other threats lurking.  


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The world has changed a lot after World War II. It would be hard to find a single place that has not been affected by the War to some extent.

Germans occupied the small island – the only part of England that had ever been under German rule. Guernsey left the English with a sour taste in their mouths.

Backyard Excavation

The Guernsey Press

This family found a piece of the war buried in their yard. They are still not sure where it had come from, but they do think that it is possibly an artifact from the period of German occupation.

But this had not been the first time that something like this has happened. There have been many famous finds from the era all throughout Europe, all famous in their own ways. Here are some to take note of. 

Raid Shelter

Brad Wakefield – SWNS

Lesley Holmes and his wife who live in Somerset were shocked to find what had been in their backyard all this time. On top of it had been a big pile of sand and within laid a secret.

There had been a raid shelter built on the couple’s property. Discoveries like this one usually do not yield any financial gain but others were luckier.


NBC News

In California one couple went on a walk past their property, but they did not expect anything to come of the rusty can sticking out of the ground. But it had changed their lives forever.

They found gold coins from the 1800s which were worth almost $10 million. It had changed the rest of their lives. However fortunate this finding had been, not all of them go as well.  



Many people unfortunately discover gruesome things in their backyard instead of money and anything of value. It’s not uncommon for people to find human remains buried in their yards.

But the Wards had been lucky and found something with many stories from a time that has passed. It had been a tremendous surprise.  

The Experts

BBC News

The family had to allow an entire excavation to take place in their backyard, which would be very inconvenient. They would have to call experts to assist them.

They needed to find out if this finding had been anything of value. The family had been very excited about this.  

In the future 

Alex Cousins – SWNS

The discovery began with a single piece of metal that the family realized was a registration plate. They were admittedly not experts and remain unsure of what will become of the find. 

While pondering the way forward, the family has yet to decide if they should fully excavate it, move it, or leave it where it is. So the big question remains, what was this mystery item of theirs?

A Car

The Guernsey Press

Incredibly, the ward family had discovered the wreck of a classic automobile in their backyard. It was found when the family dug out rocks and came across pieces of metal. 

The registration plate was soon unearthed, and it was later discovered that there was much more beyond that. Soon enough, the scale of the find became evident. 


The Guernsey Press

Once the vehicle’s number plates and gearbox were analyzed by local experts, it was confirmed that the car was a Daimler model. The most exciting part was that it was dated to the 1940s, which meant it was from the period of the German occupation. 

As more parts were found, it became clear that the car was intact. It still had its original six-cylinder engine. 



The Daimler company was awarded a Royal Warrant, making it a British brand. However, its ties to Germany were also undeniable. 

 The British company bought the right to use the Daimler name from Gottlieb Daimler and the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft company based in Germany. Over the years, the company has become synonymous with its affiliation with other iconic car brands. 


The Guernsey Press

The Daimler company history has undergone many transitions and, over the years, has been bought by or affiliated with Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, and Chrysler. Only missing a set of new wheels, the Daimler found by the Wards is an exciting find. 

The car’s fate is yet unknown. However, the family is currently considering many possibilities. Have you ever found anything exciting in a backyard?

To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.