Mom Delivers Baby Girl, 24 Years Later She Discovers She’s Her Sister


Meeting Ivy

She watched the girl, her mom, and grandma walk through the front door, eager to meet their family. Her blood flash froze, and her breath hitched as she realized where she’d seen her before.

Barely excusing herself, she dashed upstairs for the photo album. What she would uncover would leave her sinking to her knees in tears.

The Hand Of Fate


Even though twenty-four years had passed, Liza couldn’t forget that face. The night had been long and arduous, and she and the girl’s mom had shared heartfelt conversations.

But Liza never expected the baby she helped deliver to be her own sister. Such things were unheard of. She couldn’t even make sense of what she’d just discovered. But the picture in her room was proof enough that this was all happening.

A Quiet, Comfortable Life


Elizabeth Thompson had always led a quiet, comfortable life. A loving mom of five kids and a great wife to the best husband in the world, she never thought her world would one day turn upside down.

Like with every captivating story, this one had an unforgettable beginning. Liza had been a mere twenty-two-year-old nurse then, unaware of what fate was about to fling her way.

A Sound Career Path


It had been a dark, cold night when it happened. Liza had just started her career as a labor and delivery nurse and was looking forward to experiencing everything the job would bring.

But she soon found out that the position was challenging. What would happen that night would define the rest of her career before coming back to stare her in the face twenty-four years later.

Show Time


Liza was an hour into her shift when two nurses wheeled in a lady her age. She was covered in sweat, although it was a cold December night, and her face was contorted as she struggled to regulate her breathing.

“Show time,” Liza whispered as she ran to help. She knew the necessary steps to take when receiving a pregnant person and was eager to show what she’d learned in nursing school. If only she knew what she was getting herself into.

Talking To Her Mom


Liza and the two nurses took the woman to the nearest delivery room. She was accompanied by an older woman, who Liza could only conclude stood in as her mom.

But as a medical professional, she couldn’t operate on assumptions alone. She called the woman aside, ready to get to know her better. But something odd happened, something that would sit with Liza throughout the night.

Earn Her Trust


In the labor and delivery world, establishing a therapeutic relationship with the patient and their family is just as important as the delivery itself. Showing the family you are worthy of their trust is usually the first step.

In this respect, Liza introduced herself and welcomed the woman to the hospital. After learning that the pregnant lady was indeed the woman’s daughter, she assured her the lady was in safe hands. And that’s when it happened.

Learning About Her Family


In a tired voice, the woman lamented how the baby’s father wasn’t in the picture. Although she didn’t go into much detail, Liza was able to deduce that the man was older than the pregnant lady.

There was also some disconnect between him and the lady’s mom. But now wasn’t the time to delve into such matters.

Tensions were already climbing, and Liza needed to tread gently and carefully. She was sure she had everything under control.

Important Details


As the other nurses took the pregnant lady’s pertinent information, Liza noted everything she could from her mom. She got the patient’s personal data, illness history, and delivery preferences.

From the other nurses, she learned that this was the lady’s first delivery, and she was quite scared because she believed she was too young to have a child. Liza knew she had to step in.

She’s Scared


While assessing the lady’s vitals, from her contraction patterns to her heart rate, Liza started talking to her. The lady’s name was Jane Warren, and her eyes were wide with fear.

Taking her hand, Liza started talking to her, anything to calm her down. She told her that she had given birth just a year ago and everything would be fine.

She even promised Jane that they had everything under control. She’d soon learn that that wasn’t the case.

On To The Next Phase


With the admission stage taken care of, Liza, two other nurses, and a doctor geared up for the delivery stages.

This phase, divided into three, would start with true labor contractions and conclude with the placenta delivery after the infant’s birth.

Liza had read every material available when it came to these stages. But more often than not, practice is usually very different from theory.

Kind Words


The delivery stages commenced, and for hours, Liza and her colleagues worked to bring Jane’s daughter into the world.

Throughout this lengthy time, Liza talked to Jane about her own kid, saying it was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Although she didn’t know it then, her kind words would be the boost Jane needed to get through the night.

Keeping Her Focused


The delivery started well. Liza did everything in her power to divide her attention between mother and child, ensuring that as much as the pregnancy was coming along nicely, Jane was also holding her own.

She remembered how scared she’d been while giving birth to her own angel. Terry, her daughter, had taken twenty-three hours to greet the world. But Jane’s case would be far more harrowing.

Something’s Wrong


You see, while in labor, Jane shared something with Liza that would dunk the entire delivery room into a frantic panic. “Something’s wrong,” she whispered into the nurse’s ear.

At first, Liza thought she was just scared; her fear had remained intact throughout the night. But as she started telling her everything would be fine, Jane stopped her. “Something doesn’t feel right,” she cried.

Go And Check


Liza jumped into action, checking Jane’s delivery status. She informed the head nurse that Jane believed something was wrong. But the nurse maintained that everything was fine.

“It’s normal,” she said. But Liza wouldn’t listen. She checked the stages herself, ensuring she didn’t miss a detail, no matter how small. What she uncovered wizened her insides.

A Terrible Discovery


“Velamentous cord insertion,” she whispered, horrified. This rare condition usually happens when the umbilical blood vessels insert into the amniotic sac instead of the placenta.

In many documented cases, this condition can cause blood loss for the mother and baby, resulting in fatality for both the mom and the baby. Lisa couldn’t jump into action fast enough. If only she knew whose life she was saving.

Hello, Ivy


After a lengthy twenty-seven hours in the delivery room, the world finally met baby Ivy, a healthy infant who would turn heads wherever she went.

As Jane, Ivy, and Jane’s mom left the hospital, Jane called for Lisa and thanked her for everything she’d done. She was thankful for Lisa’s kind words and for saving her daughter’s life. But unknown to her, she’d see Lisa soon and under very different circumstances.

Two And A Half Decades


Twenty-four years had passed since it happened. The last thing Lisa expected was to see a face from two and a half decades ago.

Since Jane’s delivery had been her first and most memorable experience as a labor and delivery nurse, she’d taken a picture just outside the delivery room after Ivy was born.

Jane appeared in the photo’s background, nursing Ivy. She’d be speechless when she discovered who her daughter truly was.

A Few Changes


Many things had changed in the twenty-four years that Lisa and Jane had been apart. For one, Lisa had five kids now instead of the one she had back then.

She’d also lost both her parents and was the matriarch of her extended family. This position came with several responsibilities that would change her life forever, resulting in her reuniting with Jane and finally discovering the truth about Ivy.

Her Little Brother


For the longest time, Lisa’s house had been the mother base for the family. Although all her siblings were grown now, they always visited her with their families.

So when Lisa got word from her little brother Jason, their last born, that he’d fallen in love with a girl who wanted the family to meet her, she could barely contain her excitement. But her thrill and joy would wither the moment she saw Jason’s love interest.

Finding Love


Jason was only twenty-eight years old. He’d been born three years before Lisa started working as a nurse. Now finishing grad school, he had his entire life in front of him.

Lisa’s family had always been a close-knit one. So she wasn’t surprised when one night, Jason called her, saying he’d met the most beautiful and intelligent girl while on an academic trip to New York. Lisa could never have guessed who this mystery girl was.

That Boy Is Smitten


Jason spared her no detail. He shared how he’d felt talking to the girl he called Ivy. He spoke about their instant connection and how breathless the girl had left him.

He even shared that she and her family were New Jersey natives just like his and Lisa’s folks, although they’d moved away when Ivy was young. As Lisa continued to listen, one thing became crystal clear.

She’s Happy For Him


Lisa could tell her little brother really liked this Ivy. She’d never known Jason to be the kind to get into relationships. The last time she’d seen him with a girl, he’d been a senior in high school.

Even more interesting was that he rarely came to Lisa with these stories. This was a new side of him Lisa had never seen before. She was glad to hear the happiness in his voice. If only she knew what all this would lead to.

His Plans


As the months went by, Jason and her mystery girlfriend got closer and closer. One night, he called Lisa, telling her he’d bought a ring for the girl. Lisa was speechless.

She’d never pictured her brother as a married man before. But she was here for it. Mobilizing every family member at her house, she asked Jason to bring Ivy and her folks over. But this reunion would go differently than expected.

Finally Meeting Them


Lisa watched as the two women walked through her front door. Jason followed closely behind them, carefully helping an elderly woman into the house.

Lisa froze as her eyes landed on the middle-aged woman standing next to the youngest woman, who could only be Ivy. Her brows furrowed as she realized she’d met the woman before.

A Needed Introduction


But Lisa wasn’t sure where she’d met her. She walked over and hugged Ivy and the woman before extending the courtesy to the elderly lady.

Jason introduced the three women from the youngest, Ivy, to the oldest, Millicent, her grandma. The middle-aged woman was Jane, Ivy’s mom. That’s when everything started falling into place.

Back In Time


The name ‘Jane’ rang deeply within Lisa’s mind, dragging forward memories she’d long buried. She recalled the first time she’d worked in a delivery room as a labor and delivery nurse.

The woman’s name had been Jane, and her daughter Ivy. She even remembered Jane’s mom and how she’d lamented about Ivy’s dad being out of the picture. Lisa froze in place.

Lost In The Past


“Sis,” Jason called, snapping her out of her stupor. “Are you okay?” Lisa nodded. She could finally remember everything, from how scared Jane had been to the moment she’d received Ivy in her arms.

She remembered how she saved both the mom’s and daughter’s lives and how strong her bond with Jane had been that night. Barely excusing herself, Lisa tore upstairs.

Going For The Photo Album


The entire room was speechless as she disappeared into her room. “I promise you, she is usually less weird than this,” an embarrassed Jason said.

But Lisa didn’t care; she rummaged through her drawer until she found what she was looking for, an old photo album that would show her the truth. She opened the back and started sifting through the photos. Her heart stopped when she saw it.

The Photo In Question


The photo she’d been looking for stared right at her. It was the same one she’d taken after helping deliver Ivy. She looked at Jane in the photo cradling her newborn, and tears took her eyes. Hurrying back down, she quietly presented the picture.

Jane was the one to take it. One look and she gasped, throwing her arms around Lisa. The two women hugged for long, crying as everyone watched, perplexed. It was clear that what was happening here was meant to be. Without knowing it twenty-four years ago, Lisa had helped deliver her sister.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.