Mom And Daughter Denied Entry To Airport Over Daughter’s Remark


Treated Her Daughter Poorly

Anne felt her blood pressure shoot through the roof at what they had said to her daughter. She couldn’t believe they’d say something like that to a child.

But her biggest mistake was objecting to their wishes. Once they saw she wasn’t making it easy on them, they told her to take her daughter and leave.

Her Shirt


On her way out of the airport, she recounted what had happened. All it took was one insensitive staff member who didn’t understand children; all he said was, “Sorry, ma’am, but your daughter can’t wear that here.”

She saw the tears well up in her daughter’s eyes. “Well, why not? I’d like to speak to the manager and see if we can sort all of this out.

Getting The Manager


The staff member stared daggers at her before walking off, Anne thought that everything would be resolved, But five minutes later, the manager came out. But it wasn’t to fix things.

He took one look at what her daughter was wearing and shook his head. He told her that it was just the policy there. But he didn’t know what kind of mother Anne was.

Seeing Red


Anne obliged and left the facility. She felt her blood boil as she thought about what the lounge had just done to her.

She knew one place she could go to that would put pressure on them for what they had done. She was going to post what had just happened on social media, but people were less understanding than she thought.

Something She Stood For


The mother felt like she had been humiliated on a fundamental level. She had to make sure they never did this to anyone else. It wasn’t just revenge; it was something she stood for.

It was such a silly reason to deny them entry, but the internet wouldn’t mince words about what they thought about the situation. She couldn’t believe what some people thought.

Anne Morrel


Anne Morrel was a mother to a beautiful daughter. She was prepared to make her happy any way she could. The day that Storm was born, she knew she’d do anything for her.

Growing up, Anne knew that she wanted to be a mother from a young age. It was because she never got to meet her own biological parents.

Not Parental Love


Even though her foster parents tried their best to love her like parents, it wasn’t parental love. She loved them back very much, but she always felt a rift in her heart.

That’s why she wanted to know what it felt like, even if she was the one that would be a mother this time. She would try her best to be the greatest mother ever.

An Orphan


Anne never met her parents; they passed away when she was young, and with no other family members, she was put in an orphanage. Thankfully, she was adopted quickly by a loving couple.

She couldn’t remember much about her parents, but it still pained her to grow up without them. This drove her to want to be a mother. If she could do that, then she’d finally fix the rift in her heart.

One Problem


Anne grew up watching reality TV shows about babies and read through every prenatal care book she could find.

But there would be one hitch in Anne’s plans. She was about to find out a dark secret about herself that she didn’t know until she was a teenager.

Bad Luck With Men


Anne found out something about herself as a teenager. Relationships just never worked out for her. She never really felt close to the person she was dating until she realized why.

After thinking about it long and hard, she finally figured out why she struck out with men again and again – she was attracted to women. That spelled trouble for her dream, but she’d find a way.

Never Distracted


Because Anne was never distracted by men, she managed to work hard and graduate from university with a degree.

This meant she could now support a potential child; she just had to figure out how to have one now. Adoption was out of the question, but then a brilliant idea dawned on her.



Anne decided to find a sperm donor and conceive her child like that. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was since most people struggled with conception for months, but after a few weeks, she was pregnant.

After nine months, her daughter was finally born. Her dreams had just come true, and she could now enjoy the rest of her life ahead of her. But she had no idea what would happen one day.

Years Later


After six years, her beautiful daughter had grown into a polite young girl. Anne decided to take her daughter to a special place that she would love.

She had a big trip planned for her daughter. They would go to Disneyland, but that meant they’d have to fly. That’s where the trouble started, and Storm’s world would crumble.



The two of them got to the airport to go on the flight that they had planned months in advance. But when they arrived, Anne noticed they were early.

She decided to take her daughter to the lounge in the airport, not knowing how much of a mistake that was. The two walked into the lounge but were quickly stopped by security.



Anne didn’t even know that the lounge had such tight security, but she was about to get a rude awakening. She assumed they’d just have to check them and be on their way.

It seemed that everything was going to go according to plan, but then the security guard looked over at her daughter’s shirt, and his eyes went wide.

A Problem


The security guard’s face turned sour. Anne didn’t know why he looked so upset; then she realized that he was looking at her daughter. What was he doing?

She had no idea why he seemed to have a problem with her daughter. She was about to open her mouth to ask him what the problem was, but he was about to crush her daughter’s dreams.

Her Shirt


“Sorry, miss, but I’m afraid that shirt isn’t appropriate here.” The security said without blinking an eye. Little Storm looked up at the security guard with the innocent eyes of a child.

“But I love this shirt!” She said back to the security guard, but that seemed to set him off more than anything else. The guard wasn’t going to let them off that easily.

Wasn’t Going To Budge


“Hey!” Anne interrupted, getting his attention. “You can’t speak to my daughter like that! she’s just a kid!” But he wasn’t going to budge. He was about to make sure that their day was ruined.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I won’t let either of you in.” He snapped back. Anne felt anger rising inside of her. “Well, go get the manager. I’d like to speak with him about this.” She thought that she had won.

Leaving Them


The guard turned away and left them. But moments later, he was back with another man who looked more important – this was definitely the manager.

He walked up to them and smiled at Anne before turning to her daughter. It seemed that he wasn’t impressed by the shirt either. He was about to make sure Storm was miserable.

Kicked Out Of The Lounge


“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I stand by my staff on this one. Your daughter’s shirt isn’t appropriate, and we actually need her to leave.” He coldly told Anne.

She had never seen anyone ever complain like this. Her daughter had been wearing that shirt for a long time, and even though sometimes she got stares, no one actually complained.

Leaving The Lounge


Anne didn’t need to hear any more abuse from people she didn’t even know. She told Storm that they would find another, more accommodating place.

The young girl was unhappy but listened to her mother. She never disobeyed her and followed as she stormed out of the lounge. But she had no idea that it wouldn’t just be the lounge that had a problem.

Hot Dog


Anne’s blood boiled as she took her daughter to a new place to eat. She decided that the hot dog stands across the way would be the easiest place to get a quick bite, and afterward, they went home.

Storm tucked into her hot dog and smiled up at her mom. Anne was glad that she was happy now, but she had to make sure that the lounge got what was coming to them.

Going To Social Media


Anne decided that she would make the lounge pay for what they did. She went to the place that would get the most attention – social media.

She quickly got onto her phone and made a post ranting about what they had done at the lounge. She called them out and even took a photo of the shirt in question. But the response wasn’t what she expected.

Waiting For Her Flight


Anne never once doubted the fact that she was in the right. The lounge was the one that had done something wrong, right?

She forgot about her post as she waited for her flight as her daughter gobbled up her hot dog. But when she checked back in half an hour, she couldn’t believe how people had responded.



Anne’s eyes went wide as she read through the posts that people had left on her rant. Many of them contained hurtful words justifying the actions that the lounge took over a simple shirt.

She couldn’t believe it. Was she really in the wrong? She didn’t understand the issues that the shirt presented, but it seemed the public was also disgusted by the shirt.

The Shirt


The shirt that her daughter was wearing was something special to Storm. She could still remember the day that she had gotten it for her. She didn’t think she’d like it, but she begged her for it.

It was a cute shirt, but she had no idea it would cause so many problems for her child. She had no idea how cruel people could be.

What Was On It


It was a Minnie Mouse shirt, but when Storm requested the shirt for her birthday, Anne had no choice.

If the shirt would make her feel more comfortable in her own skin, then she had no choice but to buy the shirt for her, even if it would cause a problem one day.

A Stupid Rule


It seemed that the lounge and most people didn’t understand the reasoning behind the shirt. It made Storm feel safe and secure. But that wasn’t good enough for the lounge at the airport.

They had a rule that meant that Storm couldn’t wear such a casual shirt. That was the whole reason they were asked to leave.

Making Them Understand


Anne snapped back at social media. Explaining the lounge’s stupid rule. After understanding what was actually going on, the internet seemed apologetic.

It wasn’t just social media that apologized. After enough people reposted her story and it gained more traction, the lounge finally responded to all of the harsh criticism.

An Apology


The lounge had a representative reach out and apologize for what had happened. Finally, Anne knew that her daughter would get the justice that he deserved.

She made sure that they apologized directly to her daughter and invited them back to the lounge – even wearing her Minnie Mouse shirt. But for now, the two were enjoying their trip to Disneyland.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.