Missing Persons: the Top 5 Sitcom Characters That Just Disappeared

Have you ever been watching one of your favorite TV shows when it suddenly occurs to you that you haven’t seen a particular character in a while? Then, upon looking further into it, you come to find out they’re just gone? Once in a while, the higher-ups behind a show will come to the decision that a certain character is no longer necessary and elect to do away with them. Sometimes though, they’ll decide that it’s not even worth the effort of actually writing them off and the character is just ripped from existence. No explanation. No acknowledgment that they were ever there. They are simply no more.

5 Tori Scott – Saved By The Bell

Mystery surrounded both the appearance and subsequent disappearance of Tori, the leather jacket-wearing, no crap-taking, tough chick from the final season of Saved By The Bell. In the show’s last season, Kelly Kapowski and Jessie Spano were noticeably absent for what seemed like half the episodes without a hint of any explanation. Their spots weren’t left empty though—they were arbitrarily filled by this random tomboy Tori, who took part in a concurrently running, but not at all related timeline. It was like an alternate Bayside universe where Kelly and Jessie never existed. Then, in the graduation episode, the original girls were suddenly back and Tori was missing and her presence was never explained.

4 Tina Pinciotti – That 70’s Show

Probably only the most devoted fans of That 70’s Show would even know that this happened, but in the show’s fifth episode entitled “Eric’s Burger Job,” Tina Pinciotti, younger sister of Donna, made a very brief appearance, and was literally never seen again. Like a pre-teen shooting star, she was glimpsed but for a moment, and gone in a flash. There was never any explanation offered and from then on out Donna was always referenced as an only child, except for one brief moment at the very end of the episode “Vanstock,” when a voiceover comes over the credits asking Donna “What ever happened to your sister?”

3 Cody – Step By Step

In yet another case of a TGIF show giving a character the unexplained axe, cousin Cody disappeared from Step By Step, never to be seen or heard from again. You know, he was the lovable doofus nephew to Frank Lambert who lived out in the driveway in his van and was dumber than a bag of hammers? Oh, and he said dude a lot! Yeah, Cody was great… Until he was gone. But to be fair to ABC, Cody’s sudden departure likely had something to do with his real-life, drug-addled wife claiming spousal abuse (charges that turned out to be completely false). As Cody would have probably put it, “Dude got totally boned.”

2 Judy Winslow – Family Matters

You may not remember, but in the show’s early years, Laura and Eddie Winslow had a spunky little sister named Judy. Played by Jaimee Foxworth, Judy spent most of her time cracking wise and hanging out with cousin Richie. That is until season 4, when she vanished and no member of the Winslow family ever mentioned her existence again. Did she die? Or had she been a ghost the whole time? No one knows. Well actually, we totally know. The show’s success hinged on Steve Urkel, and since Judy served purpose, she was dropped to give Jaleel White his much deserved screen time. Sorry Judy, you just got Urkel’ed.

1 Stuart Minkus – Boy Meets World

His glasses were thicker than a dense morning fog. He knew the answer to every question Mr. Feeny threw at him. And he harbored a burning love for Topanga Lawrence that could not be extinguished. And then one day… POOF! He was gone. The lovable nerd Stuart Minkus was a staple of the early seasons of Boy Meets World, but when the crew moved on to high school, Minkus moved on to, well… no one knows. His eerie disappearance was finally addressed in the graduation episode when he reveals he’s been on the other side of the school the whole time. You know, the side behind the cameras (well-played writers).

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