Dad Opens Bag Not Realizing What It Really Is


The Mystery

They had wanted to get rid of the massive tree in their garden for quite some time. But they were unaware that their neighbors had their sights set on this tree.

Their search for their daughter had gone from hours, to days, to weeks. They couldn’t find her. But one day, they spotted a trash bag on the grass in their yard.


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Peter Hoyne appreciated the life he lived. He had a wonderful life and a happy daughter. And both his health and work-life couldn’t have been better.

But just as all things have to come to an end at some point. His seemingly perfect life would take a turn for the worse.

The Tree


Their new house also seemed perfect, except for one tree. There was a huge tree at the end of the yard that blocked out all of their sun.

Peter and his wife didn’t care for it very much. A lot of people might’ve liked it but not them. But once he cut the tree down, he would soon regret it.

Tree Stump

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Peter’s daughter asked him to leave the stump. She loved nature and didn’t want the entire tree cut down. But others felt the same way.

It was just like any other Saturday morning until Peter and his wife found out their daughter was missing. They entered the young girl’s room in the morning to find it empty. Hysteria and panic swallowed the loving parents whole. It was the beginning of the most terrifying journey of their lives.

Calling For Help

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Peter and his family had only just moved into the neighborhood so they didn’t know many people. They assumed their daughter couldn’t have made any friend so soon.

They had to call 911 to report their daughter missing. It had been a few days and she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. But then a strange thing happened.

Missing Food


Then they heard a strange noise one night. But they brushed it off as just the rustle of leaves in the wind.

But they noticed that their food started disappearing. They thought that maybe had a pest problem. It was already hard enough, it couldn’t have happened at a more unfortunate time.

Mouse Traps


They knew that they had to set up mouse traps to deal with that problem while they tried to deal with the much greater problem at hand. They needed to try and find their daughter.

Even after the cops gave up searching they knew it would be hard. What they had to do next would cost them a lot of their own money.

Another Missing Item


All her favorite dolls were missing. Peter and his wife could have sworn that they were still there only two days ago. They looked frantically all over her room, searching for the dolls they knew they’d seen.

They looked at eachother, hopelessly confused. The dolls were gone. Was it the mice? Were they stealing her toys? Peter grabbed another mouse trap and set up three in her room. Then something even stranger came into view.



Just as Peter was placing the traps around her room, he noticed something odd in the distance from her window. Her window pointed out towards the end of their garden which was covered in trees.

A plastic bag was poking out from between the shrubs. It was in the area that he had cut down the huge tree. Curious, Peter dropped what he was doing and walked out to investigate. What he’d find would leave him trembling.

Plastic Bag


He wondered if the black trash bag had somehow blown free from the pile around the corner but when he got close, he realized that wasn’t the case at all.

The black plastic bag was sitting on top of the big tree stump. It sat perfectly still and wrapped all the way around it. Someone had definitely put this here. Without another thought, he reached out his hand and grabbed it.

A Tiny House

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Peter lifted the bag to find a tiny roof with wooden shingles atop the tree stump. Then he looked closer and realized something incredible.

The big tree stump had been completely remodelled. It had a wooden door and windows. It even had a small garden with flowers and decorations carved into the walls. But what was more shocking was what lay inside.

His Little Girl

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Peter lifted opened the tiny door and fell back in shock as the view of his missing girl came into focus.
She sat in the tiny house, playing with her dolls that went missing two days ago.

Peter looked around and saw a mini chair, rug, table and lamp. The miniature house was entirely kitted out. He grabbed his little girl and gave her a huge hug as tears fell down his cheek. It had been two weeks since he last saw her. What happened?

A Woman


Just as Peter set her down, a woman appeared from behind the bushes. “Ah you’re here! We meet at last. I’m sure your daughter has told you all about me”. Confused, Peter looked at his daughter and then back to her.

“No, what’s going on here?”, he demanded. The woman was surprised to hear Peter’s brash reaction. She explained that she was a neighbor and that she and his daughter had been undertaking this project to turn their tree stump into a little gnome home. The plastic bag was to keep the new roof dry.

Telling Lies

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She explained to him that his daughter said she asked you and her mum and you both said it was fine. We have been out here building this thing for two weeks! But how did she not know she was reported missing?

She had no idea the girl they were talking about was his daughter. In fact, as far as she knew, she wasn’t missing at all. She thought she was still going home after they played together – and she was to Peter’s shock.

She Never Left

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Peter later found out that his daughter used the cat flap in the door to come in and out of the house to eat and sleep. No wonder there were strange noises and new food and toys going missing everyday. It wasn’t a mouse, it was his daughter! Peter expressed his thanks to the woman and told his little girl never to do that again!

However, hundreds of miles away, there was another gnome incident that had an entire community screaming at the town hall.

Nature Lovers


The residents of Overland Park, Kansas loved the fact there was a large park in their area.

The winding paved trails were perfect for strollers, joggers, or any kind of pedestrian. For years, it was the normal greens and browns of nature. However, one day, an unexpected splash of color appeared out of nowhere.

Strange Door


There, nestled in the nook of a large oak was a small, bright red door.

The gold detailing and sparkling moss that completed the surprise addition was something out of a fairy tale. There was no question it was a door for fairy folk. However, a week later, something else appeared.

A Bit Of Fairy Dust


This one wasn’t a simple door.

It was an attachment to the side of a tree, fixed in place with strong twine. The creation gave the illusion that it was a front porch for some sort of magic creature. As the weeks turned into months, more and more creations popped up around the park.

More Appearing


Most were of modest size – nothing that would interfere with the trail or flora.

But it wasn’t just the mysterious appearance of the tiny architecture that was amazing. Word spread quickly and more and more people started to come to the park – wanting to explore the winding trails to see what wonderful things they could spot. However, no good deed goes unpunished.

The Creator


It turned out the public gifts were being put up by a woman named Robyn Frampton.

She would make the models in her home and then install them in the middle of the night. Despite making sure not to disturb the surrounding nature, she also made a point to put up signs not to touch the pieces – just look and enjoy. The local government, however, didn’t like it at all.

Forced To Stop


With the threat of heavy fines, she was forced to take everything down.

The magic of Overland Park was gone. It wasn’t just the children that were heartbroken, many adults voiced their displeasure that the tiny doors and houses weren’t harming anything. But when the truth behind the installations came to light, the residents couldn’t believe it.

The Reason Why


Frampton explained in an interview that making the fairy and gnome homes was how she got through a very messy divorce. It reconnected her with nature and, more importantly, with her community.

Every bunch of moss, sprinkle of glitter, and scrap of wood had healed her and brought life back to the park. But the town hall didn’t care at all. It didn’t take long for the residents to stand up and scream at the top of their lungs.

Pushing Back


The first step was a stream of calls to local officials – explaining that the gnome homes didn’t hurt anyone.

When that was ignored, everyone banned together to start a petition. It wasn’t just their town that loved it, there were people from other towns and cities coming into see it for themselves.

Giving In


In a world where money talks, the last detail finally got the official’s attention – a.k.a tourist money.
Even if it was just a little, the chance for more bucks was enough for them to give the green light.

Frampton was allowed to go back to her nightly installments – under a few rules of course.

Sharing With The World


It wasn’t just the small town that ended up feeling the magic of Frampton’s creations.

Years later, she wrote a book on her crafts and how others could make the things to add a bit of magic back in their lives. What do you think? Should there be one park like this in every town?