Husband Neglects Wife, Has No Idea Crowd Is Watching



They were spending time at the fair when the event transpired. She’d been doing everything on her own for months and had no idea how to ask him for assistance.

However, when the mime stopped them, she knew that things would be forever altered.

The Best Experience


Being a mom is the best feeling in the world. A lot of people dream of having children when the time comes, they are fully prepared to take on the role of parent.

However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to raising children. It is a very enriching experience, but many people would tell you that raising a child requires thick skin. That, and all the assistance you can receive.

A Job For Two

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For many families in America, parenting is a two-man job. Some people are fortunate enough to have their spouse’s support when they embark on parenthood, while others are not.

There are, however, a select handful who, although having a spouse, are compelled to do everything on their own. This story is about one such extraordinary mother and the mime who came in to show her husband what a real partner should look like.

First Timers


Frank and Patty Olinsky had been married for more than three years before they had a child. Frank was three years older than thirty-two-year-old Patty, and once they learned that Patty was pregnant, they could not contain their happiness.

But things didn’t go as planned for the couple, especially when Patty gave birth to their child. What was supposed to be a wonderful experience for the new parents quickly devolved into a nightmare.

Demanding Careers


Both Frank and Patty both had very demanding careers in Florida. Frank worked as a freight plane pilot, and Patty was a multimedia designer that worked at a video game company.

They barely had time to be home during the week due to their work. All of that would change once they found out they were expecting a child.



Patty and Frank faced some difficulties while trying to conceive, and after two years of trying, they finally received the amazing news. They were filled with pleasure and shared the information with their families, just like any other parent in their position.

In preparation for the baby’s arrival, they both took time off work, not knowing what the future would hold.

He Did Not Seem To Care


Patty’s stomach became larger as the months passed. But there was something else she spotted that made her nervous about bringing their baby into the world.

Despite her putting most of her life on hold, Frank acted as if nothing had changed. Despite his long hours at work, he returned home oblivious to Patty’s day, not even asking her about hers. Things would quickly worsen from there.

It Get’s Worse

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When the baby arrived, Frank did not act like a father. He barely did the bare minimum and would sometimes bring groceries home and help out in the kitchen. He didn’t care to help Patty as much as she desired with their son.

He was constantly busy with work, watching television, or spending time with his friends. Despite her efforts, Patty did not know how to tell him she needed more help. That is where the neighborhood mime would come in handy.

Family Trip


When everything happened, Frank was on his way to the fair with his family. Patty, as always, went above and beyond to ensure that their son was prepared for the adventure.

In a travel bag, she packed his favorite doll, snacks, bottles, and pacifiers, then bathed and dressed him. Her next task was to prepare breakfast for the family, then get ready to go to the fair.



Frank did nothing but purchase the tickets and take them to the fair. As soon as they arrived, he left them to go look at what was happening.

He did not even ask Patty whether or not he could help with their son’s bag or if he could take their son. Patty was just doing what she could when she realized he wasn’t coming to help.


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The mama slung the heavy bag over her shoulder and gently carried her son from his seat. She would have words with Frank about his behavior when they got home.

He snapped at her to hurry and walk them across the bustling crowds. He had no idea that his reckoning was just a few meters away.

The Mime

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Patty was walking before Frank when it occurred. A towering mime appeared before her, smiling enigmatically as she and her son approached. He waved at her, and Patty waved back, turning Jerry so he could see his first mime.

But then the man’s gaze shot past her, landing on Frank. He stopped both parents, gesturing to Patty if she was with Frank. When she nodded, he did the unthinkable.

Take This

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The man walked around Patty and removed the heavy bag around her shoulder. He handed it to Frank, tapping his chest as if telling him he should’ve been carrying it.

Frank’s face burned red with embarrassment as he accepted the bag. Patty looked at him, knowing how much he didn’t like standing out in public places. But it would only get worse from him.

The Crowds

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Many people around the couple had stopped what they were doing to watch. They roared cheers at the mime after he placed the bag in Frank’s hands and reverberated the message that he should help his wife as a co-parent.

Although the incident took less than a minute, it would change Patty and Frank’s life forever. They would discuss their marital life that night, and the result would leave Patty in tears.

Their Decision


Patty opened up about how she felt alone as a mom and needed all the help Frank could give. He apologized a hundred times over for being lost in his bubble, assuring her he’d do better.

His words would bring her to happy tears that night, while his actions as a dad and a partner would wow her for many years.