Millionaire Mocks Poor Family, Then Waitress Tells Him Who They Are


A Successful Man

Chris Haines was a successful businessman and Vice President of a supermarket chain.

Every evening, as soon as he left the bustle of his office, he liked nothing more than to go to his favorite French bistro.

He knew that when he showed up, the staff would pull out all the stops just to impress him. After all, he tipped very well. But this one evening was not going to be as pleasant as he had hoped.

Used To Great Service


He was used to great service, and he knew when he came to his favorite restaurant, he would be getting just that.

As soon as he stepped through the door, it was like an unseen red carpet had been rolled out just for him.

And he expected it. He spent a lot of money just eating there every single day.

The Five-Star Treatment


He wanted to have five-star treatment because that was what people like him anticipated.

But on one particular evening, as Chris sat down at his favorite table, something unusual caught his eye.

At most times, Chris felt like it was his restaurant because he was spending so much money there. He felt like he had the power to give orders and requests as he pleased.

Entitled Behavior


Most of the waiters and waitresses tolerated his entitled behavior because, at the end of the day, he was a generous tipper.

And for them, extra cash was always welcomed.

Chris Haines knew this. He felt like he had a hold over the staff, and he often berated them and reminded them that he paid them a lot of money.

At His Beck And Call


Chris had the waiters and waitresses at his beck and call.

If he wasn’t dining alone, he would enter with a string of business associates and executives.

Those were what the staff hated the most because now they didn’t only have to deal with Chris but his friends as well, who were equally as obnoxious as he was.



As they opened bottle after bottle of only the best French Champagne, the staff could only look on as they reveled in their obvious need to boast about their wealth.

One such waitress, Talia, particularly loathed Chris Haines and hated when he would specifically ask for her to serve them.

Her skin crawled every time they passed remarks about her.

Making Demands


But one evening, when the restaurant was at its busiest, Chris walked in at the usual time and demanded that the staff treat him especially nicely that night because “he had a hard day at the office.”

Talia rolled her eyes. If only he knew what a hard day at work really was.

She served him his mandatory French Champagne and took his order. But then, he stopped in his tracks and looked to his right.

A Problem


Talia could see that he was muttering under his breath and looking at some patrons with a disgusted look on his face.

“Is there a problem, Mr. Haines?” Talia asked.

He looked at her and rolled his eyes. “Yes, there’s a problem. I didn’t know that this restaurant’s standards had dropped so dramatically. What has become of the world?” he muttered.

What Do You Mean?


Talia looked puzzled at his remark. “Excuse me, Mr. Haines. What do you mean?” she asked. Clearly bothered by her question, Talia could see the frustrated expression on his face.

“What I mean is, when did this exclusive restaurant start admitting peasants?

Who are these people in here? They clearly don’t belong here,” he almost yelled. But it was too late.

They Heard Everything


His remarks were intended to be heard. The family, sitting just within earshot of him, heard everything that he was saying. And they knew he was talking about them.

Talia’s heart sank. She could see how dejected and disappointed they looked.

No one should be made to feel lesser than who they were. Talia just walked away from the wealthy man’s table.

Where Are You Going?


But as she walked, she heard him shout out, “Where do you think you’re going?

I haven’t even placed my order yet. Is the service going down the toilet as well?” he said, shaking his head.

Talia felt her blood begin to boil. She was never going to serve that man ever again. She didn’t care about his generous tips anymore. She hated how he treated people.

Not Having It


It wasn’t long before the manager angrily approached Talia.

“What have you done? You don’t want to anger that man. He is our best customer. Now get back out there and serve him,” the manager demanded.

But Talia was not having it. “I won’t do it. I don’t like what he said to that poor family. He has no right to do that to people. I’m tired of us just turning a blind eye to his blatantly disrespectful behavior.”

What Would Happen Next


Talia watched as the family tried to continue their meal, but they were clearly shaken by what Chris had said to them.

But the restaurant and its patrons were not ready for what would happen next.

Chris stood up from his seat, went over to the family, and continued to openly berate them. “Do us all a favor and leave the restaurant. Can you even afford the food here?”

The Audacity


The family, which consisted of a husband, his wife, and two children, looked on in complete shock. They couldn’t believe that someone would have the audacity to do that to other human beings.

They seemed to shrivel down in embarrassment, but not before the husband said something.

“This was supposed to be a great day. We’re celebrating because I got a promotion. Why are you ruining our night? Does it make you feel better about yourself?”

How Dare You


With that statement, Chris almost exploded into flames.

“How dare you even talk to me. You aren’t fit to even look in my direction. I will have you removed from here!” he yelled.

But the husband wasn’t backing down. He stood his ground. He felt like he wanted to protect his family against this unreasonable man.



Talia watched as the man started defending his family. She got a feeling of satisfaction in her stomach. Finally, someone was standing up to the “mighty” Chris Haines.

At the end of it all, both men sat down, and the family decided to just continue celebrating.

Chris sat looking even more disgusted. Talia had a feeling that he was not going to let it go.

Something Unexpected


She decided to do something unexpected. She took the family a bottle of Champagne. “Compliments of the restaurant. Congratulations on your promotion!” She made sure that Chris heard her.

The family looked very grateful for her kind gesture. She looked at Chris and saw the disdain in his eyes.

She could see that he hated that Talia had chosen the family over him.

A Note


But before Talia could walk back to the kitchen, the husband slipped her a note.

She didn’t know what it said, but she supposed it was a thank-you note for the Champagne she had given to them.

But when she unfolded the note. She couldn’t believe her eyes. In all of her years working in this exclusive restaurant, she had never seen anything quite like this.

Was It Over?


She looked back at him in acknowledgment. She couldn’t wait for what she was about to do next. But she didn’t know how he would react.

She saw the family get up and leave.

The manager had decided that their meal would be on the house to make up for the harassment they endured from Chris. But the worst was yet to come.

Handing Him The Note


As soon as the wealthy man got up to leave, Talia handed him the note without saying a word. He looked at her in confusion. But then he smiled.

He had always hoped that the pretty waitress would one day come around and hand her number to him. This was his lucky day. Or so he thought.

He flashed her a smile and walked out of the restaurant. But not everything was what it seemed.

Reading The Note


In the comfort of his limousine, he unfolded the note. His eyes widened in shock. He clutched his chest as he felt the weight of his heavy heart.

The note read, “Dear Mr. Haines, I once admired you, but after tonight, you have lost my respect. I was celebrating a promotion from working in one of your supermarkets. I worked really hard to finally become store manager.

Tonight, I just wanted to celebrate with my family, and they wanted to show me how proud I had made them. Maybe you should take a lesson in humility. There are a lot of people who look up to you. A change in attitude would do you well. Sincerely, Jason Wells.”



Chris Haines sat in the back of his limousine, staring at the note in disbelief. He never expected such a message, especially from someone he considered beneath him.

The words hit him like a ton of bricks, and for the first time in a long while, he felt a pang of guilt and self-reflection.

He felt so embarrassed for what he did, and he knew that he needed to make it up to Jason and his family and the staff of the restaurant.

A Feeling Of Shame


As the limousine drove through the city streets, Chris couldn’t shake off the feeling of shame that had settled deep within him.

He had always prided himself on his success and wealth, believing it entitled him to treat others as he saw fit.

But tonight, a simple note from a stranger had exposed the hollowness of his values.



Days passed, and Chris couldn’t get Jason Wells’ words out of his mind.

He found himself replaying the scene at the restaurant over and over again, haunted by his own arrogance.

He realized that the family he had berated had something he lacked — humility, love, and a sense of accomplishment through hard work. He only felt shame.

Visiting The Store


One morning, Chris decided to do something he had never done before. He went to visit one of the supermarkets from his chain, unannounced.

As he walked through the store, he observed the employees, the very people who worked tirelessly to make his wealth possible. He saw their dedication and the pride they took in their work.

Approaching the store manager’s office, he knocked softly and was greeted by a friendly voice. It was Jason Wells, the man who had left him that impactful note. Chris took a deep breath and entered, ready to make amends.

An Apology


Mr. Wells, I’m Chris Haines, the vice president of the supermarket chain,” Chris began, feeling a bit nervous.

“I wanted to apologize for my behavior at the restaurant. I was completely out of line, and your note made me realize how wrong I was.”

Jason looked surprised but then nodded. “I appreciate your honesty, Mr. Haines. It takes a big person to admit when they’re wrong.”

Congratulations Are In Order


Chris continued, “I also wanted to say congratulations on your promotion. Your dedication to your work is commendable, and you deserve all the success that comes your way.”

Over time, Chris began to change. He started treating people with kindness and respect, regardless of their social status.

He learned the value of humility and how it could bring genuine happiness and fulfillment. He also made it a point to support and encourage employees within his supermarket chain, recognizing their hard work and contributions.

A Complete Transformation


As the months passed, news of Chris Haines’ transformation began to spread throughout the company.

He went from being a feared and disliked figure to someone admired for his humility and genuine concern for others.

His relationships with both employees and customers improved, and his company flourished as a result. For him, it was better to treat people with respect.

Going Back


He visited his favorite restaurant again, having stayed away for some time, too embarrassed to face the staff. He needed to make up for his bad behavior.

He called them all aside and apologized for his unruly behavior. He then gave them all something for their trouble for having put up with him.

He pulled Talia aside, apologized, and praised her for the kindness she showed towards the family.

The Power Of Humility


In the end, Chris realized that true success was not measured by wealth alone.

But by the positive impact one could have on the lives of others.

And it all started with a simple note from a man named Jason Wells, who had shown him the power of humility and the importance of treating everyone with dignity and respect.


This story was handcrafted with love by a creative novelist to thrill and entertain, mirroring real-life situations to awaken your imagination and evoke profound emotions. All events, places, and characters are products of the author’s imagination, and all images and videos are used for illustrative purposes only. We hope you enjoyed reading it just as much as we enjoyed writing it!