Kayaker Spots Turtle Approaching, Stops Cold When He Sees Mass Following Him

Hidden In The Water

When two friends were kayaking off the coast of Gran Canaria, Spain they saw something coming toward them that looked too strange to be a sea creature.

As it came closer toward them they tried to guess what it could be, but nothing prepared them for the truth.

A Chance Discovery


As the slow-moving bundle floated closer they stopped paddling to get a closer look. What they saw made them stare in disbelief. It was, in fact, a sea turtle.

The beautiful creature was obscured by a mass surrounding it and the men had to move quickly. It would ultimately be a matter of life or death now.

A Silent Plea


The once graceful sea turtle seemed to be approaching the men in the kayak by choice, extremely unusual for any wild animal.

It was an act that would have dire consequences for a normal sea creature, but it moved onwards through sheer need. Its life would be determined by its choice.

Swift Action


The turtle seemed to be struggling. Combating whatever it was that the sea has thrown its way.

One of the friends lept out of the kayak and swam the short distance to the turtle, fearing it would not make it the final, albeit short, distance to the boat. This had now become a rescue mission.

Unspoken Gratitude


Scooping the turtle from his friend, the other kayaker looked over the exhausted creature. It didn’t fuss or show any fear. Somehow it knew it needed help and it had come to the only place it would find it.

The only people that could save it now from a watery grave, the men got to work while the turtle lay still.

Not Many Dangers


There are many dangers in the sea, but sea turtles have very few natural predators once they have reached a decent size. It’s mostly only sharks and killer whales that can take on the hard shell of a sea turtle.

Still, there is one predator that has started preying on these graceful creatures.

A Second Chance


The turtle had swum through a net of plastic. That was the strange mass that had been hindering it — weighing it down and tangling its head and legs.

It made swimming nearly impossible and forced the turtle to come to one of the greatest enemies of all. People.

A Good Deed


One Kayaker pulled out a knife that he luckily had on him and began the delicate process of untangling the plastic from around the animal.

It was only a few strands that had tethered it, but a huge clump hung down off of those small pieces. Freeing the turtle didn’t take too long and the unnamed man smiled while he helped.

At Risk


After inspecting the turtle’s exterior and being satisfied that he had gotten every last scrap, the kayaker gave the cooperative turtle a kiss on the head before lowering it back into the ocean.

News of the rescue made its rounds on the internet and many users expressed and shared gratitude and praise. A reader wrote:“God bless that angel. I’m sure if that sea turtle could talk, he would have kissed him right back and thanked him for his kindness.”

Time For Change


Sea turtles are becoming increasingly at risk of endangerment and are less frequently seen in their natural habitat as a result of pollution. Plastic bags and waste items are often mistaken by the age-old ocean inhabitants jellyfish, their staple food.

So, if you would untangle a turtle in the ocean then let’s stop putting plastic there too. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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