Men Refuse To Look At Woman In Gym, When She Finds Out Why She Bursts Into Tears


Self Awareness

Jenny felt embarrassed and self-conscious, everyone was laughing at her, but she didn’t know why.

She was doing everything right, she was exercising, and she was pushing herself harder than ever before.

It wasn’t until she got home one night and took off her clothes that she realized something was wrong. She stared at her pale body in the mirror.

My Own Woman


Jenny Atkins had always been an athletic person, but when she moved to the city, she found it difficult to find a gym that suited her needs.

After a few failed attempts, she finally found a gym that was open 24/7, which meant she could work out whenever she wanted.

At first, Jenny didn’t pay much attention to the stares and whispers from other gym-goers. She thought it was because she was new, or because she was a woman working out alone. But as the weeks went by, the stares became more frequent, and the whispers turned into laughter.

What’s So Funny


Jenny was determined to figure out what was causing the laughter, but she didn’t want to stop working out. She decided to keep going to the gym, but she started wearing long sleeves and pants to cover her skin. She also started wearing gloves to protect her hands.

Jenny Atkins had always been a fitness enthusiast. She loved working out and took her health seriously. However, her work schedule didn’t permit her to hit the gym during regular hours.

So, she started going to the gym at midnight when it was less crowded, and she could focus on her workout without any interruptions.

Rude Women


The stares and whispers continued, but Jenny was too focused on her routine to care. She started watching the other gym-goers closely, trying to figure out what was different about her routine.

That’s when she noticed something strange.

Every time she used a certain machine, a group of women would giggle and whisper to each other. She didn’t know why, but she felt like they were mocking her. She started avoiding that machine, but the giggling continued.

Can’t Take It


One night, she decided to confront the group of women. She walked over to them and asked them why they were laughing.

They didn’t answer at first, but finally, one of them spoke up. “You’re wearing gloves to cover up your tattoos, aren’t you?” she said, smirking.

Jenny was confused. “What tattoos?” she asked. The woman pointed at her arms. “Those,” she said, “the ones you’re trying to hide.” Jenny looked down at her arms and realized what the woman was talking about.

What Are You Looking At


Jenny couldn’t understand why the other women were staring at her until she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her body was covered in a red rash, which she had no idea how it got there. She was horrified and didn’t know what to do.

She took off her gloves and showed the women her arms. Her body was covered in a red rash, and she looked like she had been burned.

They were stunned. They had never seen anything like it before. They apologized for their behavior, and Jenny smirked at them as they quickly hurried away.

Nowhere To Hide


For weeks, Jenny had been going to the gym at midnight, and everything seemed to be going well. She enjoyed the quiet atmosphere, and she was able to push herself harder during her workouts.

However, she started noticing that other women at the gym were staring at her and laughing.

At first, she thought it was because of her intense workout routine, but the glances and whispers became more frequent. She couldn’t hide herself any longer.

Big Cover-Up


Jenny tried to hide her body by wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants, but it only made the other gym-goers more suspicious.

It was a sensitive topic that she never spoke about because she was always in modest clothing.

She felt like an outcast and dreaded going to the gym. It was the only time she had to work out, but she couldn’t handle the stares and whispers anymore.

Catching On


One day, a gym staff member, Rita, pulled Jenny aside and asked her, “what was going on?”

Jenny was hesitant to tell her, but the staff member assured her that she was there to help. Jenny broke down and told her everything.

The staff member was shocked and immediately called for medical assistance. What was causing the girl to be so distraught like this?

Professional Opinion


They took Jenny to the hospital and the doctor diagnosed her with a severe allergic reaction. The doctor was serious and said, “did you always have this pigmentation on your skin? You seem to have had an allergic reaction to the cleaning chemicals used at the gym, you need to find out what it is.”

Jenny was grateful for the doctor’s diagnosis. It seemed like she didn’t fully understand what was going on. She was prescribed general medication for her rash and was told to take a break from the gym until she fully recovered.

Rita was apologetic and promised to find a solution to the problem. But the staff member didn’t stop there.

All Aboard


The gym management decided to switch to organic cleaning products that were safer for customers with allergies.

They also offered Jenny a complimentary membership for a year to make up for the inconvenience she had faced. Jenny was grateful for the gesture and felt like she finally belonged. She was getting everything she wanted.

From that night on, Jenny felt free. She stopped wearing long sleeves and pants, and she worked out without any shame or embarrassment. She was proud of her body and the way it looked, and she knew that she didn’t have to hide it anymore.

Happy Jenny


Jenny returned to the gym after a few weeks, and the atmosphere was different. The other women were no longer staring at her, and she was able to work out without any interruptions.

She felt like a part of the community and even made a few friends.

The gym staff noticed the change in her attitude and behavior, and they started treating her with more respect. They no longer laughed or stared at her, and they even started offering her tips and advice on her workouts.

Create Your Own Space


Jenny was happy to have found a gym where she felt accepted and respected. She continued to work out at midnight, but now she did it with a smile on her face and a newfound confidence in her heart.

She had learned that true beauty comes from within, and that it’s important to love and accept yourself for who you are.

Jenny realized that sometimes people judge without knowing the full story. She also learned that it’s important to speak up when you’re facing a problem. If she hadn’t talked to the staff member, she would have continued to suffer in silence.

Proud To Be Me


Jenny continued to work out at midnight, but now she did it with more confidence. She had overcome a hurdle and was determined to achieve her fitness goals. She no longer felt like an outcast and was grateful for the support she received from the gym staff.

As Jenny’s rash cleared up, she began to notice other improvements in her health. She had more energy, slept better, and her skin looked clearer.

She even started to enjoy her workouts more and pushed herself to try new exercises. A few cute guys even noticed her and smiled.

A Fake Foundation


Jenny became an inspiration to others at the gym who were facing similar challenges. She shared her story and encouraged others to speak up if they were experiencing any issues. She became a valued member of the gym community and was even featured in the local newspaper.

Jenny’s story spread beyond the gym, and she received messages from people all over the world who were inspired by her bravery. She started a blog to document her fitness journey and to share her experiences with others. Even though Jenny was confident now, she started to feel guilty. She knew the real truth to her fame. She had a rare skin condition that caused her skin to develop dark patches that looked like tattoos. She had been hiding them all these years.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.