Master Alex Ziwak’s Top 5 Self Defense Techniques

Master Alex Ziwak
Every 13 seconds a home is invaded. It doesn’t matter whether you live alone or with family, a burglar will target your home if they see you and your property as an easy target. Because of this, protecting one’s home has become top priority for many Americans. Some purchase snazzy alarm systems while others join the neighborhood watch. What does one do when faced with an intruder while home alone, with no help in sight?

If you’re Master Alex Ziwak, world-renowned martial artist and co-owner of Ziwak’s Tae Kwon Do Center in Hamden, CT, you’d probably perform a few awesome Tae Kwon Do moves, knocking the assailant on his rear faster than you can say “Sayonara”. However you’re not, which is why we asked Master Ziwak for the next best thing: a few easy techniques on how to protect yourself when home alone and faced with an intruder.

5 Choke Hold

There are a few different ways to apply a choke hold on your attacker, but whatever method you use make sure you place your inner part of your forearm, the bald part, against the throat. That part of your arm is very hard and the shape will fit right under the chin.

4 Elbow Strike to the Face

Your elbow is like a baseball bat. They call it elbow strike but you are really using your forearm. That bone is one of the hardest bones in your body. It should be used when your opponent is close to you. Just watch the UFC they use elbows quite often. It is very devastating.

3 Open Palm Strike to the Nose

When hitting the noise with an open palm you are striking another very sensitive are. It will cause the person much pain and effect there vision. When using this strike you do not have to hit with heal of your palm any part of your open hand hitting the noise is very painful.

2 Spire Finger or Arc Hand to the Throat

When striking to the throat it causes the person to have a hard time breathing and can cause them to gage. It is hard to punch to the throat because your fist is too big to fit into that small area, that’s why I recommend four finger strike, ridge hand strike and knife hand strike. It also cuts off the air to the brain.

1 Spire Finger Strike, or Gouge the Eyes

The eyes are very sensitive. Striking to the eyes will cause the person much pain and impair there vision. Some people are thought to use two fingers. I recommend striking with four your chances are greater to hit the eye with four fingers rather than two fingers.

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