Items Keep Vanishing From Backyard So Dad Sets Up Camera To Get To The Bottom Of It


A Tough Time

Graham Clark had been facing a lot of hardships lately, and he knew he had to do something about it. He never expected that in just thirty days, everything he hadn’t bolted down would get stolen by a thief.

Graham gave his situation a lot of thought. He knew he had to do something about it. Eventually, as a crafty man, he thought of the perfect trap for the would-be criminal. He was going to catch them red-handed.

Coordination and Intelligence


At this point, Graham had had enough of being exploited. He was sick of people taking advantage of him. He was a former member of the Air Force, meaning he wasn’t used to being taken for a ride.

To make it as a pilot, you must have great coordination skills and intelligence. This is what Graham would use to get his revenge on the thief.



Once his plan was all set up, all he had to do was lie and wait. He was patting himself on the back for his genius. When he heard the loud bang, he knew what’d happened and grinned.

He quickly checked the cameras to see if his excellent plan had worked, and sure enough, it worked out perfectly. But at what cost?

A Safe Place


Graham Clark lived a relatively quiet life by himself. While in the Air Force, he used to have a wife and daughter, but 20 years later, everything changed. He was now divorced and would only see his daughter over the weekends.

He always wanted to ensure that his house was a safe place for his daughter to come to. But one day, he was targeted, and his house was no longer safe.

Online Shopping


Recently, Graham discovered the wonders of online shopping. He was a man in his 40s, which meant he was slow to embrace new ideas. But he was instantly impressed by the wonders of online shopping.

One day, he was browsing around online when he ordered a present from Amazon for his daughter. But he was baffled when it never arrived – or did it?

He Waited


Graham felt cheated when it hadn’t arrived after a week. He checked every day but never saw the package on his doorstep. He wasn’t going to let them get away with this. He called customer service and demanded to know where his package had gone.

He told them it hadn’t arrived, but the agent on the other end of the call was adamant that it had. After a long dispute on the phone, he was beyond confused. Had it arrived without him noticing?

Checking The Cameras


Just then, he had a sudden realization. Recently, he’d installed cameras around the house to make it safer. He was about to discover that it hadn’t worked as intended.

He sat by his laptop and connected it to the camera system. When he finally saw what had happened to his package, his blood began to boil.

The Agent Was Right


Graham clenched his jaw and balled his hands into tight fists as he watched the upsetting footage. The agent on the phone was right; they had delivered his package. He could see the package sitting on his front porch, so what had happened to it?

He fast-forwarded the footage by less than an hour, and that’s when he saw it. A strange figure slowly approached his front porch, and what he did next made Graham furious.

He Took It


He watched wide-eyed as the man walked up to his porch, grabbed the package, and walked off. Graham couldn’t help his growing anger. He took this very personally. Why would anyone do this?

How dare this man steal from him? He stole the present he’d gotten his daughter. Did the man not see the American flag above his door? He couldn’t believe that he’d treat an ex-soldier this way. He had to get back at him.

Revenge Plan


Graham always did his best to be a respectable member of his community. But this incident rewired his brain to his old Air Force days. He had to think like a soldier to make the perfect trap.

He quickly got to work, brainstorming his new invention to teach the thief a lesson. He was going to blow his pants off. Maybe even literally.

Taking A Break


Graham decided to take a break from the brainstorming to do a spot of gardening. It was his favorite hobby ever since he got out of the Air Force. He loved to see his labor and love go rewarded as carrots and other vegetables would start to grow.

After watering his “babies” and checking their soil, he headed back inside to figure out what the next step was with the box. But he had no idea that even his garden wasn’t safe.

Drawing Out Schematics


Since he was retired, Graham could devote all of his time and energy to his revenge gadget. He would sit in his office and draw up the schematics for his invention.

But while he was so focused on his new creation, he had no idea what was about to happen in his garden.

Blissfully Unaware


Graham finished up his tinkering for the day and decided to go to bed. He was proud of the progress he had made during the course of the day. He was excited to finish up more the next day but had no idea what would happen.

While Graham was sleeping peacefully, he would be blissfully unaware of what was going on in his back garden.

A Thief In The Night


During the course of the night, something happens in Graham’s back garden. There would be a thief in the night that would make sure to ruin his day the next morning.

When Graham woke up the next morning, he got dressed and headed downstairs to make himself his daily cup of coffee. But that’s when he looked out of his back window.



Graham nearly choked on his coffee when he looked out of his kitchen window, only to see that his proud garden was ravaged.

He nearly broke the back door off of its hinges as he stomped outside to inspect the damage. It was clear what had happened, especially once he checked the back cameras.

Picked Clean


Graham’s pride and joy were picked clean. He could see footprints in the flower beds and even a trail of mud leading to his fence.

He held his head in his hands before going back inside. He sat down and, for the second time, checked the footage from his trusty cameras. What would he find this time?

Another Thief


Graham couldn’t believe his eyes. First, his package was stolen, and now his perfect garden was picked apart.

Was it the same thief? It didn’t matter. He would be put into overdrive from these crimes committed against him.

Used To Be Peaceful


Graham remembered when his neighborhood used to be peaceful. But that was ten years ago. These days, there are always shady figures walking around the suburbs at night.

But Now Graham understood that he had to get with the times and modernize his home. He would make sure no thieves could take advantage of him again.

A Security System


When Graham got back to working on his revenge project, he ordered a new security system to complement it. Now he just had to install it. After a day of work, he had a house alarm, spikes on his fence, and a panic button.

But his porch? He left that completely unguarded. That’s because his new invention would take care of that completely.

Getting The Materials


Graham had now finished all the planning for his revenge box. Now he just had to get the materials. He got into his car and made his way over to the hardware store.

He walked down the aisles with his trolley and carefully picked out the things that he needed. When he got to the clerk in the store, they gave him a funny look. It was clear they knew he was building something spiteful.

One More Stop


After finishing up his shopping at the hardware store, Graham packed his car and made one more stop along the way home. He went to a party store. Why on Earth would he go to a place like that?

He grinned as he picked up the biggest jar of glitter they had and put it on the counter. This time, the clerk had no idea what despicable things the glitter was going to be used for.

Building It


Once Graham got home, he put the materials in his shed, where he started the important work. It took an engineering degree to build something this complex.

Luckily, that’s what Graham had studied in his younger years before he joined the Air Force. He never forgot a skill once he learned it.

Finally Ready


After half a day of steady hands and sweat on his forehead, Graham had accomplished what he had set out to make. It was perfect revenge.

He grinned like a man on the brink of insanity. The thieves had really put him over the edge, and now he would make them pay.



Graham had gone above and beyond. This project of his had turned into a dark obsession that took a week of dedication to see through. Most civilians looking at what he had made would think he was looking to hurt someone.

But when even Graham knew the legality of his box could be brought into serious question, would he actually go through with it all over a stolen package?

Thinking It Over


Graham’s anger had driven his genius for a week straight. But now that he had built the thing, he felt more rational than before. He looked at the thing he had made and started to second-guess himself.

Should he really go through with his maniacal plan that was born out of fury? A calmer Graham thought it over.

Going Through With It


After sleeping on it, he watched the footage of the man grabbing his daughter’s package again. He could tell there was no regret, so in his mind, he would get what he deserved.

The invention wouldn’t actually hurt anyone, after all. It would just teach him not to do it again. Graham’s mind was made up.

Setting The Trap


Graham set the trap that morning. He put his invention snugly inside a delivery box and closed it up. He then armed it and ran back inside. He knew that the smallest bump would set it off.

Graham knew that it wouldn’t be long before the bait was taken. This was the reason why he hadn’t installed any security systems on his porch yet. He first wanted to set up the trap.

Watching On The Cameras


Graham made himself a pot of coffee and made an oven pizza while he waited on his “steak-out.”

He was relaxing while he watched the cameras like a hawk. Then, out of nowhere, he saw a figure approaching the porch. Would this be the moment of truth?

A Greedy Thief


Graham watched as the thief walked right up to the box like he did before. But this time, he seemed a bit more concerned. Maybe he was caught by another house during the week?

Graham’s eyes went wide as the thief finally decided to bend over and pick up the box. That’s when hilarity ensued.

Spray Painted


As the thief touched the box, the top popped open, and a loud pop rang out. Seconds later, the thief stood startled and confused at what had just happened. He was covered head-to-toe with glitter and paint. He looked like a bright “My Little Pony” or something his daughter would play with.

The thief ran off just after, and Graham couldn’t contain his laughter. Now, this was a video he would have to share on YouTube so others could laugh. Hopefully, the vegetable thief would see the video, too, and know not to mess with him.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.