Man Confronts Maid About Foul Smell In His Home, Shows Her The Security Footage



Christopher couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This woman came highly recommended, and she had a ton of references. Yet, she wasn’t acting like a housekeeper at all.

There were some things that he was willing to let slip. But this was going too far. It had gotten to the point where he drew the line, and firing her would be just the beginning.

Being A Businessman


At the age of 30, Christopher Smith had amassed a fortune. He had built his company from the ground up and became a multi-millionaire in the process.

But with great success comes great responsibility, and Christopher had to pick which aspects of his life deserved the most attention. Sadly, the rest of his life fell into disarray.

He Hardly Had Any Time


Because of his work, Christopher hardly had any time. To keep his company growing at the rate it was growing, he’d often had to spend between ten and twelve hours in the office.

That meant that he said goodbye to his social life and relationships a long time ago. But what else did he have to give up on in order to succeed?

His Apartment Was Getting Messy


One of the other things that took an attention knock was his apartment. Christopher was usually a perfectionist who kept everything in its place.

But he didn’t have time to do that in recent weeks, and his apartment had fallen into a mess. There was paperwork all over the place. And it had gotten so bad that he didn’t know where to find things anymore.

A Tough Decision


That left Christopher with a choice. He could either take some time off work and risk losing out on massive deals. Or he could get himself a housekeeper.

The second option didn’t sit too well with Christopher, as he had a hard time trusting people, and his possessions were precious to him. But what else could he do? It wasn’t like he could abandon his company.

Word Of Advice


Christopher discussed the situation with his best friend, Jake, who advised him to go for it. But his advice also came with a firm warning.

In Jake’s opinion, paying the housekeeper more would prevent them from stealing anything Christopher found valuable.

Christopher thought the advice was golden and did exactly that when he placed his ad. But the businessman had no idea what he was getting into.

Careful Consideration


By the next afternoon, people were lined up outside of Christopher’s office. They were all there to be interviewed for the housekeeper position, and Christopher knew he had his work cut out for him.

Hours had passed, and Christopher felt conflicted. No one seemed to fit the bill. That was until the last person walked in.

A Perfect Fit


Rebecca Williams had a resume to die for. She had been a housekeeper for upper-class families for multiple years, and she had a long list of references to prove it.

She was the perfect fit for a man like Christopher. But Rebecca had her secrets and weaknesses. And it wasn’t long before they started showing.

Everything Was Going Well


Even though Christopher thought that Rebecca was perfect for the job, he still had his reservations. So for the first few days, he kept a close eye on the progress she was making.

Everything seemed fine. She did everything she was supposed to do and more. And Christopher couldn’t be happier. His apartment hadn’t looked that good in a while.

Getting Used To The Idea


The more time passed, the more Christopher got used to the idea of having a housekeeper. In fact, he was starting to enjoy it.

Rebecca did a lot to improve the way his apartment looked, and he was starting to enjoy the fine touches. For the first time since he moved in, the place felt like a home.

New Habits


The pair were creating new habits. Rebecca would arrive just before Christopher left for work, and she would always wave goodbye when he left.

Plus, Christopher would always come home to a warm meal waiting for him in the oven. But this was just the beginning of their relationship. Things were about to take a drastic turn.

Refreshing Trinkets


Another thing Rebecca changed was adding fresh flowers to all the bland, open surfaces. And she even went as far as to leave small chocolates on Christopher’s pillows.

For a man who had nearly lost touch with the outside world, it was a fantastic change. One that he would like to keep going for as long as it could.

A Nice Change


It’s easy to understand why Christopher enjoyed this arrangement as much as he did. But there were certain things that he was missing out on.

Since he was never there when Rebecca was working, he didn’t know what was going on behind closed doors. And that would become his biggest downfall, especially when he started dropping his guard.

One Day


On one particular day, Christopher managed to finish earlier than usual. And he was incredibly excited to get home.

He’d been thinking about dinner the entire day, wondering what his excellent housekeeper had cooked up. But his appetite would fade the minute he stepped foot in the door. Why was that? What did he find?

What Was That?


As soon as Christopher stepped into his apartment, a pungent odor crept up his nose. It was unlike anything he had ever smelled before, and he started wondering if it had come from the fresh flowers.

That was where his search began. He smelled every single bouquet and checked every trash can, but he couldn’t find the source.

Awful Smell


The smell could only be described as something acidic that couldn’t have been caused naturally. So what caused it?

Christopher went through his entire apartment and found that the smell was worse when he was standing behind his couch. But that wasn’t all he discovered while he was searching the place. What he found would have him taking action.

A Few Other Things


The smell was one thing, but as Christopher pulled his apartment apart to find the source, he realized that there was more going on than he first thought.

His biggest fears were becoming a reality. The one thing he had tried to avoid his entire life was coming to pass. And it had everything to do with his new housekeeper.



As soon as Christopher walked into his bedroom, he realized that the bed was untidy. It was almost as if someone had used it.

That unsettled the meticulous businessman as he never wanted anyone else to use his bed. But who was it? And what were they doing there? The truth would be revealed soon enough.



Christopher also realized that some of his items had gone missing since Rebecca started working for him.

The Rolex everyone in his company got when they hit the five-year mark was gone. And so was his favorite suit. Plus, some of his t-shirts had also gone missing. Was Rebecca stealing from him? Or was it something more sinister?

Not Letting Go


That night Christopher tried his best to get some sleep, but he couldn’t keep his eyes shut. He was tossing and turning as his mind went over everything he had discovered.

What should he do? Should he accuse Rebecca of stealing from him? Or should he just forget about it and act like nothing happened?

Camera Installation


The next morning the perfect idea came to mind. Christopher would handle the situation like every good businessman would.

He would install hidden cameras and get evidence before accusing anyone of doing anything. But he’d have to do that on a day when Rebecca wasn’t around. Luckily, it was Friday, and she had the weekends off.

The Next Morning


At 9 am the next morning, the company he hired to install the cameras was at his door. They worked fast, ensuring that no one could see the cameras they had installed.

It was the perfect plan, especially for a man like Christopher. And he was excited to see those cameras in action. So, on Monday morning, the first thing he did when he got to his office was access his cameras.

A Shocking Sight


At first, everything seemed normal. Rebecca vacuumed the living room and washed the few dishes that had piled up over the weekend.

But then things changed. What Christopher saw next shocked him. Rebecca had gone to his room and undressed so she could have a shower. But that wasn’t nearly as bad as what he would see later on.

Nothing Worth Worrying About


Christopher kept watching. He was wondering what she would do next. After a rather lengthy shower, she stepped into his room and started trying on his clothes.

At that point, Christopher was speechless. But what he saw wasn’t enough to cause him to worry. He could explain her actions in a variety of ways. However, none of his excuses were the truth.

Continuing His Work


After trying on a few of his things, Rebecca got into his gown and used his bed to watch TV. Christopher was disappointed. He was hoping to see what was happening to his stuff, but he got no evidence whatsoever.

Feeling defeated, he turned his attention to his work, hoping it would get his mind off the things that were happening in his apartment.

Later That Day


At around lunchtime, Christopher decided to check the footage again. And this time, he got a hit. Rebecca was still on his bed watching TV.

If he didn’t know any better, he would say that she didn’t do any work in the last few hours. Was he really paying her to watch TV and take showers? That was when he picked up on something incredibly subtle.



Confusion etched into Christopher’s face as he watched Rebecca get up. She walked to his cupboard and slipped one of his shirts into her purse.

After that, she went to his sunglass case and took the most expensive pair he owned. This was the evidence he was looking for. But for some reason, he felt that it wasn’t enough.

Investigating The Matter


After seeing what he saw, Christopher headed to his company’s IT department. He asked one of the employees to constantly monitor his cameras and to write down everything he saw.

He needed to investigate further. He needed more proof. He needed something solid he could present in court when he filed charges against her. But would he get it?

A Couple Of Weeks Later


A couple of weeks later, the IT guy came rushing into Christopher’s office. He had a massive file in one hand and a tablet in the other.

What he had to say would change Christopher’s mind about having employees in his house forever. “You need to see this!” the IT guy said as he put the tablet down on Christopher’s desk. “She’s using your house as a shopping mall.”

It Only Got Worse


Christopher watched the footage of Rebecca shoving large quantities of the most expensive things he owned into designer shopping bags. But that wasn’t all.

Women were arriving at his doorstep like they owned the place. There was alcohol on every countertop and snacks scattered throughout his apartment. That was when he realized that the party had just begun.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.