Man Follows Girl Home From Bus Stop, Dad Is There And Teaches Him A Lesson


He Followed

She had hopped off the bus, making her way home after a long day at school, but she had no idea who was following her. The man was observing her closely, just as he had been for the last few weeks.

As she made her way home, he followed from a distance, careful not to attract any attention to himself. But soon, the predator would become someone else’s prey.

The World Is Dangerous

Herald Sun

The world we live in can be extremely dangerous at times. Everyday, true monsters lurk our streets freely. And most of the time, it’s impossible to tell what malicious intentions these individuals have, before it’s already too late.

Most people go through their days, just trying their best, trying to do what is right, building the lives they want for themselves and their loved ones. But danger could be around ever corner.

Lurking And Creeping


No matter how safe you think you’re being, evil can lurk and creep into the cracks of every shelter. People do a good job at hiding their threats, and oftentimes, wolves dress themselves as sheep.

So what exactly can we do to protect ourselves and the ones we love from this kind of evil? This story will give you the answers you need. As long as you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.

Suburban Area

The Perna Team

Their neighborhood was known to be fairly safe. It was a suburban area, mainly inhabited by families.

The only time the people living in this area heard about serious crime was through the news. The most serious issue these people would have to deal with was a neighbor parking their truck in someone else’s driveway. But one day, everything would change.

The Oliver Family


Laura Oliver was your average, 15-year-old student from Franklin High School in Livonia, Michigan. She lived with her mother, Cindy, her father, Mike, and her 19-year-old brother Chris.

The Oliver family had no idea at the time, but they were about to experience a traumatic episode that could destroy their lives forever. But thankfully for them, the aggressor didn’t know one thing: the family was always ready to protect themselves from anything and everyone. He would regret ever messing with the Oliver family.

A Joyful Girl


Laura had just completed the 10th grade, and she was known for being a joyful and bubbly girl by everyone who knew her, from those in her neighborhood to the school staff and student.

But in the blink of an eye, her cheerful existence would be threatened by someone. To make things even worse, it was someone she knew in person!

Radric Roberts

The Detroit News

Laura had no idea that Radric Roberts, a man who worked at the neighborhood bakery where she bought from time to time, had been obsessively watching her.

Maybe it would’ve been okay if the young man had kept his disgusting infatuation to himself. No one knew that he was a sick, deranged, and twisted individual with grim intentions.

CCTV Footage


Laura had no idea that Roberts had spent the last few months stalking her before the incident. He learned what high school she attended and he found her on social media. Before long, he learned her address too.

After the entire ordeal went down, the police found some CCTV footage that showed Roberts pacing up and down the street Laura lived in. But that wasn’t even the most sinister part.


ANI News

The footage revealed that he would sometimes stand in front of her house, watching for hours on end as he stood by the windows.

It was obvious what he was up to: he was trying to figure out what the family’s routines and habits were. He was getting ready and planning the heinous act. He was trying to find a way to access their house and do as he pleased without getting caught.

The Time Came


The day finally came for him to put his plan into motion. He now knew the times and routes that the Franklin High School bus followed. He patiently waited at the stop where Laura would get off.

He was sure that no one else would be home at that time of day. This was his perfect opportunity. He made sure that there were no cars parked in front of her driveway. He thought this was his best chance to unleash all his evil desires.

He Followed Her


Roberts saw Laura getting off the bus and walking home. He followed her from a distance, trying not to look suspicious. The streets were completely empty. He may have had the temptation to do something right then and there.

Who knows if he could have gotten away with it if he had tried it? But instead, he decided to wait until Laura was home. Little did he know that someone was waiting for him there.

Mike Oliver

Public Domain

Laura’s dad, Mike Oliver, is what you may call a tough guy. The man is an Army veteran, and despite his age, he’s well-versed in several styles of martial arts and self-defense.

That day, he was home with his wife and son. They had taken the car to the mechanic just that morning, which was the reason why Roberts thought they were away. That would turn out to be the biggest mistake of his life.

He Saw Him

Public Domain

As Mike saw Roberts walking towards the front yard right after Laura walked through the door, he knew something was wrong. He went outside and asked the man what he was doing on his property.

Right then, Roberts knew he had messed up. He tried to turn around and run, but Mike chased after him, reached him, and tackled him down.


The Detroit News

“Grabbed him by his hair,” Mike recounted the fight when he talked to the media. “He was like an alligator just twisting, and he got away. He ran around the corner.”

But Laura’s dad wasn’t willing to let him get away. Quickly, he called their neighbor next door, told him about what happened, and asked him for his truck. Then, he chased Roberts around the neighborhood while his son Chris called 911.


FOX 2 Detroit

Soon enough, a group of police officers arrived at the scene and arrested Roberts. Right now, he’s waiting for trial, and Laura is safe and sound, although the incident has caused her a significant degree of distress in her everyday life.

“My daughter is doing well in school this year. She didn’t even wanna go to school today because she was fearful for her life,” Cindy Oliver, the girl’s mother, said. This is what the hero dad has to say about it:

Doing Right

Fox News

“He could’ve been laying there on the ground today,” Oliver said, referring to Roberts and what. “This could’ve been so much worse for him. But, this isn’t about being right. It’s about doing right,” the Army veteran added.

This is not the first time a father resorts to taking justice into his own hands. There are plenty of stories like that: sometimes, a father’s revenge can be ruthless; however, it’s easy to understand the type of rage these brutal outbursts may come from.

What Could Be Worse?

Internet Matters

After all, what can be more infuriating for a dad than seeing his own son or daughter aggrieved or even threatened by some random scumbag? Recently, one father who found himself in such a predicament decided to take action and shared his story on Reddit.

It’s one of those revenge stories that leave a sweet taste after you’ve read how the plot develops. One thing is for certain: he had it coming.

A Harsh Revenge


The narration posted on Reddit by the avenging father is heavily edited; the father would rather preserve the privacy of everyone involved, including the offender, a softball coach who had been getting handsy with the girls on the team.

Some may argue that the man in question should be exposed, but trust us, what happened to him after this father found out what he did is enough of a punishment.


San Francisco Chronicle

The father starts off the narration by introducing us to the context in which the story takes place: “I have coached both of my daughters’ softball teams at some point in my life. At the time of this story, I was the secretary for the Softball Booster Club.”

“As is customary in Pennsylvania, the previous board had conspired and stole a lot of money from the Booster Club.”

Meet Steve

Public Domain

“They all resigned, and a new Booster Club was elected, including a new president. President Carl decided that if the previous members paid the money back in full, then we wouldn’t press charges. They paid it back. End of back story.”

“We still let the previous president, Steve, help out with coaching because most people still really liked him, and he wasn’t a total douche all the time.” However, that would soon change.

Something Off

Chicago Tribune

“Normally, I would head coach for my older daughter’s team and be a “dugout dad” for my younger one,” the father recounts.

“I took the year off coaching and decided to just be a (loud and excitable) spectator. A few games into our season, I noticed Steve was overly affectionate with the girls, nothing terrible, hugging and stuff. Still struck me as odd.”

What Steve Did

Orange County Register

“Game 6 or 7, my daughter Carrie cranks a ball against the left field fence, and she gets a stand-up double. We all cheer, moment over. The next two girls walk, and Carrie ends up on 3rd.”

“As she’s getting ready for the next pitch, Steve, as the 3rd base coach, leans up to her, says something, and smacks her on the butt.”

Not Fine With That

Central Washington University Athletics

And that’s where it all started. “Well, I may be overprotective, but I’m not cool with that,” understandably states the protagonist of this story.

“After she comes in and I say a good job to her, I pull Steve aside and tell him that’s not OK with me, and please don’t do it again. He agrees. Happy ending? Nope.”

It Happened Again

KBIA Sports Extra

“Two games later, I’m sitting behind the fence on the 3rd baseline, and he does it again in the batter’s box. I’m seeing it all from my seat, and I know for sure I’m not going to let that slide.”

“As a boisterous parent, I yell ‘Steve!’ When he looks over, I shake my head no. He nods and pumps his palms to the ground to say, ‘chill out.’ I let it go.”

But Steve Didn’t Let It Go

Palatka Daily News

“For the rest of the season, Steve goes around telling all the parents and coaches about how I’m such a prick, how I embarrassed him, and I shouldn’t be part of the league.”

“At this point in my life, I’ve only been in this town for six years, so most people shockingly side with Steve. The guy has lived here his entire life, his name is even on the Little League field, but I’m still pretty pissed.”

The Plot Thickens

The Unterrified Democrat

“The whole stealing thing was one of those ‘we never addressed it in public’ type of things, the worst kept secret in town. Steve and his daughter also run the Civic Center and Little League, and rumor is that they’ve been skimming from them for over a decade.”

“Usually, our Booster Club Meetings are low key, general business, bookkeeping, etc. We often donate to other local organizations. Given the shenanigans at the Booster Club and Little League, we declined that year to make a donation. Well, Steve goes mental.”

Steve’s Reaction

The New York Times Web Archive

“So Steve goes, ‘how can you hurt these kids’, etc. It’s all aimed at me, and I’m an adult, so I take it. As he’s storming out, he says verbatim, ‘and your kids suck at softball.’”

“Nope. Nope. Instead of charging after him or yelling, I stew in my chair. I go home and tell my wife, who’s just as pissed. Word gets around school about what Steve said, my kids hear, and I’m even more pissed.”



“So, I did what any rational parent would do and wrote an anonymous letter to the FBI. I included everything, ledger statements, dates, and missing receipts.”

“It took 3 months of the FBI raiding all of our local charitable organizations in town, but they charged Steve, his daughter, and son. Over $80,000 between the three of them. On top of that, his wife left him.” But that wasn’t all.

Steve’s Downfall

Georgetown Security Studies Review

“And I’m sure what really messed with Steve’s head the most and still drives him crazy was when they took his name off the Little League field.”

“In the end, he must have scrounged up all the money he had, but his family paid it all back. He received a two-year sentence and is forbidden from being involved in any more charitable organizations.”

A Happy Ending

The New York Times

So, in the end, Steve got what he deserved. Not only was he a handsy creep, but he had also been taking advantage of people’s goodwill for his own enrichment.

And the best thing about this father’s revenge was that he only did what was right and lawful; he didn’t have to take justice into his own hands, and he left it to law enforcement.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental.