Man Tears Wall Down After Hearing Strange Noise Coming From Inside


Nobody But Me

Jason, (a Reddit user whose true name will be hidden) decided to stay at home while his family went on a cruise ship. It was only a few hours after they left, that the loneliness started to settle in. Now he regretted his decision. It was as though the walls had eyes.  He could feel the darkness crouching towards him and his furry friend Murphy was getting restless too.

In just a short space of time, Jason would discover a huge secret about his house. His family would be shocked to find the state of their home. The authorities were involved now and he had to take the risk.

Night One

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The first night began uneventfully enough; nevertheless, Jason had a growing sense of unease. He suffered from an anxiety disorder, but tonight something just felt … different. He was having trouble sleeping. He had let Netflix ride for hours, but his mind would not stop turning. 

Giving in to his insomnia, he got out of bed and shuffled down the stairs to the kitchen to make himself some warm cocoa. He cupped it in his cold hands outside on the porch. Maybe the cool night air would clear his head. Little did he know, all his movements were being watched and his harrowing ordeal was only just beginning.

Calming His Nerves

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As Jason was sitting on the porch, he realized he had left his phone inside. He felt so alone that any connection to the outside world would be comforting. Placing his mug carefully and deliberately on a step outside the front door, he ran inside to retrieve his cell phone.

Out of habit, he bolted the door as soon as he was inside. It was this action that had him gasping with relief when he realized – seconds later — just what kind of situation was unfolding on the porch where he had been sitting moments earlier.



Jason wrote about the night’s strange events on a Reddit thread dedicated to real-life horror stories. He wrote that, when he realized what could have happened if he hadn’t locked the door, the thought “scares him down to the marrow in his bones”. Here’s what happened. 

Jason looked for his cocoa, but it had been moved and was no longer resting on the step by the door. It was now placed about six feet away, just inside the ring of illumination from the porch light. His heart raced and every hair on his neck stood up. Who had been watching him from the dark

Someone There


Jason slammed the door closed behind him and locked it. All of his senses were on high alert, and he could feel the adrenaline rushing through his veins. Then, he heard heavy footsteps. He looked through the door’s peephole to see what was going on, but what he saw on the porch made his blood turn to ice. 

A figure paced back and forth, muttering something under his breath. That’s when Jason realized he was being watched the entire time. He grabbed his father’s Remington – but when he looked again, the man was gone. In the morning’s light, he felt confident enough to venture outside. He found that his mug had been emptied and a note had been rolled into it. The three words scrawled on it chilled him to the core. 

Just The Beginning

Facebook – Jason Naude

Redditors thought that would be the last post from Jason, but things were about to get stranger. A few days after finding the note with the chilling words “Let us in,” the situation that unfolded in his home intensified. He wrote an update to the original post, and it was even more unsettling than the first.

He wrote the following haunting words: “It’s become clear to me, that I am a pawn, forced to play in a very sick game”. But what twisted game of cat-and-mouse had he been drawn into? He would find out soon enough.

Second Encounter


The second incident occurred when he came home from work earlier than usual. Deciding to order a pizza and watch a movie, he settled in for the night. But when he walked over to the fridge to get a beer, he noticed that it was slightly ajar. 

He checked the internal temperature, but it hadn’t even risen two degrees. He couldn’t have left it open when he had left for work. But then who had? The implications were incomprehensible. He noticed that Murphy, his dog, was barking outside in an unusual way. That’s when he saw it.

Not Alone

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Jason saw something out of the corner of his eye. He turned to the chopping board on the counter and immediately knew something was out of place. He described the discovery in his Reddit post: “When my eyes fixed and focused on what it was, it hit me so hard it put the deepest crack in my sanity.” 

It was another piece of paper. The terror made his knees buckle underneath him, but he snatched the note up with his left hand. “I told you,” it taunted. The words spun around in his mind as he desperately tore around the house, searching for something – anything –  to point to forced entry. But he couldn’t find it. How had the intruder gotten in?


True Activist

Jason bolted to his room and locked himself in. He knew it was time to call for help. When he dialed 911, all he could do was stammer “intruder,” his address, and wait for them to arrive. He heard the van pull up the drive and the men kicking the front door open. 

Boots came up the stairs, coming to a stop at his door. “Police! Let us in!” But Jason refused to come out from the safety of his room until the police had searched every corner and shadow of the house.

Hidden In The Walls

Old Lawns Farmhouse

Jason could see the incredulity on the policemen’s faces grow when he explained what was happening. They could see he was shaken. After finding nothing in the house, they reassured him that he could call again if something else happened, but muttered that he had wasted their time. Feeling foolish, he let them out and watched them disappear into the night. It was now 9:30 PM.

Frightened and alone, he brought Murphy inside and secured the dog door. He kept watch for the entire night. But, just a few feet away from where he rested his head at night, there was something that he could never have imagined. It was lurking within the walls.

Peace At Last

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After a few nights with no incident, Jason finally felt somewhat at ease within his own home again. He knew that what had happened that terrifying night was still a very real threat, but he thought that he had located the weak area in the house and had secured it. 

Once he had bolted the dog door shut, there had been no more signs of an intruder. He must have given up tormenting Jason and moved on. But as Jason was lying in his bed one evening, he heard the strangest sound

An Ominous Sound

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There was a loud and constant noise… were the neighbors having a party? But the sound grew louder until it was a maddening drone. That’s when Jason realized it was coming from inside the walls, right behind his head.

When he couldn’t take the sound any longer and could almost feel the humming inside his head, all rationality went out the window. He leaped up and fetched a hammer. Then, he started to pound at his bedroom wall. 



Jason scraped and banged at the wall furiously. He had to do something – anything – to make the infuriating noise stop. 

Exhausted, he fell on his bed, defeated. But his anxiety only grew stronger as he sat there, listening to that sound coming from the wall. Tomorrow he would have to find the proper equipment to investigate the mysterious noise. But what would he find inside the wall?


Facebook – Jason Naude

What was going on in Jason’s home? Everything seemed wrong. He had been experiencing crushing migraines for the last week and felt like he had been living in a fever dream. 

Feeling more and more paranoid, he became reluctant to leave the house. This feeling grew until one day, he didn’t show up for work. The home and the mystery of whatever was going on inside the walls had completely consumed him.

Seeing Things


Occasionally, Jason would see dark shapes in his peripheral vision and think that there was someone in the house but, as soon as he moved his head, they were gone. 

He documented the whole experience on Reddit, writing that he felt like his mind and body were “being poisoned” slowly. But he didn’t realize that that was exactly what was happening. Soon, the authorities would storm in to confirm a nightmare he could never have imagined.

A Disturbing Find

Daily Mail

When Jason woke up the next morning, he was exhausted. He had been kept up all night by the noise that seemed to grow louder and louder. He stumbled to the kitchen to brew some coffee, hoping that it might give him strength. 

He took his coffee to the living room and sat down. The noise was louder in here, too. The whole room smelled sickeningly sweet…but he couldn’t quite place the scent. As he sipped his coffee, he noticed something. Something had pooled on the carpet in a thick stain against the far wall. This was where the smell was coming from.

Something Oozing


He got up to inspect the dark puddle on the carpet, and then he saw that there was something oozing down the wall in thick, dark trails. It looked like very dark tree sap. But how could that be possible? 

The entire surface of the wall was sticky with it. He felt his mind trying to process this new information, but he couldn’t accept it. He felt an urge to just leave all this madness behind him and never come back. It was all becoming too much.

Searing Pain

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Needing to escape the new madness he had just discovered, Jason went outside with Murphy. He methodically walked around the house’s walls, tapping and listening. He had to put an end to this, and he had to do it now. 

After circling the house several times, he thought he had pinpointed the point in the wall where the sound was loudest. There was a crack in the bricks, just large enough for him to slide his finger inside. It was damp but surprisingly warm within the wall. He moved his finger around, trying to feel how deep the crevasse went. Then, he touched something and a searing pain shot up his arm.



Enraged at the unseen cause of his pain, Jason pulled his throbbing finger out of the crack in the wall and cursed. He ran to the shed and found the sledgehammer. 

In a fit of inexplicable rage, he got to work on the wall. He’d tear it all down, he thought angrily. He’d tear it to the ground. He loosened a brick and slid it out, scraping his knuckles raw on the rough surface. But he didn’t care. He was going to get to the bottom of the noise. 

Finding The Source

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Jason laughed wildly as he tossed the brick aside and stepped back to see what was within. He couldn’t quite comprehend what he was seeing, it was so bizarre and so unexpected that he thought he must be hallucinating.

He blinked and shook his head, but there it was. He had finally found the cause for the incessant droning noise that had been driving him mad. He took one more look and pulled his phone from his pocket. With his shaky and swollen fingers, he started dialing.

The First Wall


They came within an hour in a big white van. They pulled on their safety suits and got to work on the wall. When Jason saw the honeycomb when he removed the first brick, he knew he had a massive infestation on his hands. There were hundreds of thousands of bees, all humming and buzzing within the hollowed-out space in the wall. 

There were so many that their honey had started to seep from the molding and cornices in the house. He felt a sense of calm now that he knew that the sound he had been fixating on had a logical cause. But there was still one other niggling worry.

The Beehive

The Bartlett Bee Whisperer

The bees didn’t explain the intruder, the cryptic notes, or the growing sense of unease Jason had been feeling. Little did he know, he was about to discover something much more sinister hidden in the walls than bees.

Jordy of Jordy’s Bee Removal Service was aghast when they removed the remaining bricks and revealed the inside wall of the old home. There were at least 35,000 bees residing within – they had never seen anything like it. It was a massive beehive, and it had taken over 5 hours to carefully smoke and relocate the bees that dwelled there. They then began to remove the hive, piece by painstaking piece.


The Peace Bee Farmer

One slab of honeycomb that Jordy removed was an enormous 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall. It was no wonder the kid who had called them to come urgently sounded dazed and had appeared absolutely shell-shocked on their arrival. 

Jason had been waiting in the driveway with his head in his hands when they rolled up. When he showed Jordy and his men the gap in the wall, there had been something about the boy’s eyes that had unsettled him to the core. 

Downward Spiral

Facebook – Jason Naude

Jason paced in the house, waiting for the beehive to be removed. He was feeling feverish and made no sense to the servicemen when they had asked him to show them where he had found the hive. He was shaking and was having difficulty organizing his thoughts. 

He wanted to pour himself a glass of water – a simple task — but kept finding his hand empty whenever he reached for a glass. There was something deeply wrong with him. Then, he saw something on the kitchen tiles that pushed him right over the edge.

Nowhere To Hide

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There, lying on the tiles, was the very same mug that he had found moved from the porch on that first terrible night, smashed into pieces. Aside from the bee removal men and Murphy, he was the only soul on the property. 

His fear gripped him like a vice and his hands started to tremble. He could feel his whole world spinning uncontrollably and he reeled, trying to remain conscious. His stalker had been inside the house again… But was he still inside? 

All Crashing Down


Jason ran upstairs to his parents’ bedroom and frantically tried to open the safe, but it was locked and the key had been moved from its usual place. He searched for a weaponanything he could use to defend himself from this unseen enemy who had been watching his every move for two weeks. 

He knew in his bones that something awful was about to happen. The tension had built to a breaking point and something had to give. He heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. When they reached the bedroom door, they stopped. 

Final Stand

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Jason had his back to the wallhis eyes fixed on the bedroom door. The terror swelled inside him. This was it – the final confrontation. Everything in the last two weeks had been leading up to this. He felt a slight sense of relief that soon it would all be over.

He watched the doorknob turn and winced as the door swung open and the figure came into view. He heard it breathing heavily, and he barely registered the shiny white biohazard suit as he lost consciousness and fell to the floor.

Silent Sickness

The Bartlett Bee Whisperer

When Jordy’s Bee Removal Service had delved deeper into the cavity behind the colossal beehive, they were perturbed to discover a furry black mass running along the entire inside of the home. They quickly called the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. Soon after, a unit was dispatched and men swarmed the building.

What had been lurking in the walls behind the beehive was Stachybotrys, or black mold. It had been slowly poisoning Jason over an extended period of time. When Greg B.Cole had swept the house for quarantine, he had found Jason unconscious in the master bedroom and carried him to safety. They also explained that the toxic black mold could cause hallucinations, memory loss, and even paranoia.

Coming Home To Chaos


Jason’s parents had to cut their ocean cruise short when they received the call from the CDCP. The entire house was cordoned off and deemed completely unlivable due to the dangerous black mold, and they had to return urgently as their son had been found unconscious.

When they arrived on the scene, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Their exterior walls had been stripped bare, revealing gaping black holes in the structure with a few straggler bees still buzzing. The house had been blocked off with neon police tape, and there was a van parked outside with a biohazard symbol emblazoned on its side.

A Living Nightmare

Facebook – Jason Naude

As for Jason’s nightmarish game of cat-and-mouse with an unseen intruder, he was no longer sure if he had fabricated the entire and prolonged incident while he was under the influence of the toxic black mold.

His mind had taken him on a ride to the very depths of his own soul, but could he really have imagined the entire thing?


Facebook – Shayla Edgington

As soon as Jason could get away, he needed to get back to the house – or what was left of it now. He still had the notes. He had proof that there really had been someone stalking him. If he could only hold the notes one more time, it would validate his entire story.

He needed this, and he needed to know what had happened. It couldn’t have been an elaborate mixture of delusion and paranoia that his mind had spun into its own twisted narrative, could it? He needed to go back.

House Of Dreams

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Days went by, but they still had no word that they could return to the house. All their belongings were contaminated. Their entire lives had been in that old house. Jason had been born and raised there, and it was the only place he called home. Where was home now?

Home definitely wasn’t within the sterile walls of the hotel room they had been put up in. He itched to go back. He had started to tell his parents about the threatening notes, but they had fobbed him off and wouldn’t hear another word about it.


Facebook – Jason Naude

On the 6th day, Jason had made his mind up to go back to the house and find the notes. If he could just do that, he would be vindicated – and not just in his parent’s eyes, but also his own. He would no longer have to doubt his own sanity. And that was growing increasingly important.

He could remember the incidents and the fear that came with them so vividly that his heart pounded and his hands shook when he relived being hunted like an animal in his own home. He had to know.

Morning Breaks

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Jason got up early, made sure his parents were asleep, and quietly exited the hotel. With his fingers shaking while he dialed the number, he called for a cab. The wait was excruciating and he was filled with nervous energy. He paced nervously up and down the pavement  with his hands in his pockets.

It was 5:00 AM and the light of the sky was just fading into the grey of early morning. He was filled with fear about going back to the house alone. What would he find there?

Going Home

Facebook – Jason Naude

When he saw the cab roll around the corner, he knew it was time. He stepped in and gave the cab driver the address. He was going home maybe for the last time. 

The drive was only about 30 minutes, but Jason counted every one. Soon he recognized his street, and then the old house came up into view on the rise, stark in the morning light. He immediately saw the police tape around its perimeter, barring anyone from entering.



The cab driver was confused and asked if he had the right address, but Jason reassured him that this was where he needed to be. He stepped out and walked up the drive.

He fumbled under the slats of the front porch until he found the spare key that he had hidden there. Snapping the police tape over the door and sliding the key inside the lock, he took a deep breath and swung the front door open on its old hinges. What he saw inside left him breathless. 


Toronto Star

The interior of the house had been torn apart and was barely recognizable. The scent of honey and pesticide hung thick in the air, and the floors and walls had been draped in white tarps. A mist of fungicide hung over everything like a shroud.

Covering his face with his sleeve to avoid breathing in the toxic fumes, Jason ran up the stairs and into his room. When he entered, he was surprised to see that his belongings were as he had left them. There were shirts strewn on the floor, and his TV was still on. A Netflix message flickered on the screen: “Are you still watching House Of Cards?” 

The Notes


Frantically turning to his desk, he rifled through the clutter of his drawers, looking for the notes. He knew he had left them there, secreted away and safe – just in case he had to present them as evidence. 

He started to panic now. Where were they? Had they been taken? Then, he pulled out an old notebook that had been placed conspicuously at the top of the pile of papers. He opened it, and what he saw made his shaky reality crumble around him in an instant.

The Notebook

thought catalog

There were two pages torn out from the notebook — he could see the jagged lines where they had been. 

But this was his notebook… had someone written the threatening notes on his own notepaper? What was the alternative? That he was, indeed, delusional? He let the reality sink in for a moment, before sliding to the floor and hugging his knees.

The End


And that’s how they found Jason, clutching himself in the fetal position and rocking slowly, the notebook still in his hand, in the house that crumbled around him as his reality had. 

Do you know what dangers lurk in your own home? In the walls, floors, and recesses? There are dangers that lurk in the human mind, too. One silent spore can wreak havoc on the human body and send the mind reeling into a living nightmare. Do you know what toxic molds lurk in your home?

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.