Kid Refuses To Move Legs On Subway, Man Teaches Him Respect


How To Act In Public

The world in which we live is always evolving. Using public transportation and highways should teach us how to behave in public. Although most individuals are aware of this, some people are not.

We need to adhere to the laws and guidelines established by the government in order to be a responsible member of society. One young man made the choice to profit from this.

One Subway Rider


Public transportation may be both convenient and inconvenient. It may be a good experience if you respect the privacy of those around you. When you’re on the receiving end of it, you have to put up with rudeness from other people.

One subway rider was making his usual morning trip. He observed the disdain shown by an uninformed adolescent. He was being watched by other travelers as well. The angry guy intended to discipline him.

Public Transportation


It is challenging to own your own a car with the growing cost of petrol. Since public transportation is inexpensive, many people depend on it to travel about safely each day. When forced to ride on a public transportation system with someone who is rude and disrespectful of personal space, sharing that space may turn into a nightmare.

People appear to be becoming less tolerant as cities get more crowded. It seems reasonable that we should be more watchful and considerate to others when the expense of life rises. But this kid needed to learn a moral lesson.

Personal Space


In cramped areas, you typically become immediately aware of your proximity to another person. If you touched that person or they touched you, you would know. Some people may even take actions to prevent someone from approaching them too closely.

There are several instances of this type of conduct. Have you ever passed by a seat and watched someone place their luggage on it? Why does that matter? Well, they don’t want you to sit next to them, to put it bluntly.



There are several methods in which individuals might express their dislike towards you. What, however, grants them permission to do so in a public area? Should everyone in a subway have the same rights to space and/or seating if we all purchase tickets?

The majority will agree, especially if we are all forking out the same amount for a ticket.

He Needed To Learn A Lesson


Most of the time, individuals are reasonable and use common sense to make decisions. However, in other situations, we may have to deal with unpleasant, annoying people who believe they have the right to do whatever they choose. “I arrived first! Additionally, poor folks who lack common politeness frequently respond with “I don’t care” or “why should I?”

Each of us may strive to be patient. Many of us would ignore the offender or choose to leave if we were in that circumstance. Others, though, could respond in a more fair way and make an effort to establish themselves as well. And this hard-headed man did precisely that.

Went Viral


Everything began with a tweet sent by Twitter user @da drought 3. The tweet has about 137,000 likes, 47,000 retweets, and hundreds of comments as of May 2019. It became popular.

The man’s move was receiving good feedback from the public. He allegedly helped some people regain their belief in actual persons. Others were astounded by his bravery. But what did the Tweet contain?

Isabel Kim


Isabel Kim, a perceptive woman with the online handle @da drought 3, was the one who captured this peculiar human encounter. She was a lady who believed it was necessary to depict real life events.

She was very delighted by the man’s behavior. Her tweet went viral because of what this man did, which was humorous in terms of human nature under duress. All those who encounter the same type of treatment on subways have had their thoughts altered by the message.

Small Seats


The majority of subways feature plastic seats that can only accommodate three people. For safety, there are occasionally poles and railings on the side. These guys were obviously of the opinion that they could occupy as much space as they pleased.

Nothing is more impolite than someone taking up more room than they should. This man had to say something when he spotted the disrespectful adolescent.

Lay Downer

In the picture, the annoying youngster is standing with both feet elevated and is absorbed in his electronic gadget. This is why the caption on this image read “Lay Downer,” a typical slang word. This teenager’s actions quickly went viral.

He is totally unaware of the grown man who is in front of him. He doesn’t even turn to face him or even acknowledge him. The lads’ behavior would have upset anyone. It’s disturbing what the man did after that.

Many Asked To Sit There

It is a general rule of acceptance that you give up your seat to particular members of society: the disabled, those who are pregnant, and the elderly. When people approached this kid and asked him to move, the child simply ignored them and continued playing on his phone. 

To make matters even worse, his mom took no responsibility for her son and did nothing about his behavior.

Ignorant Mother


While the kid was ignoring the other passengers, who were eager to sit down, his mother was doing the same. She was completely ignorant of what was going on around her, just like her son. She too was distracted with her phone and focused on YouTube rather than the rest of the world. 

I guess being insensitive runs in the family. As the mom and son were lost in their tech, the other passengers were forced to stand.

He Moved A Little


As the frustration from the other passengers was beginning to escalate, the kid finally took notice. In response, he moved his legs, but only slightly. 

To give the others some space, he crouched his legs, still refusing to take his legs completely off of the bench, adding to the other passenger’s frustration. Then, one passenger, a hero in the midst, had enough, and decided to do something . . .

Unsung Hero


Suddenly, a mysterious-looking man came forth and took notice of the inconsiderate kid. The man wore black clothes and sunglasses and bore a striking resemblance to a British pop star. In fact, many people commented that they were convinced this man was Elton John. 

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Elton, but that still didn’t take away from this man’s amazing actions, one which made this tweet instantly go viral.

Losing His Patience

Like the many before him, the Elton John look-alike stood there and waited for the boy to notice him. The kid never did.

Offended by the kid’s audacity, he knew that it was time to take matters into his own hands, and he did something that the kid would soon never forget . . .

He Sat On Him!

The man sat on the kid! It is important to note that the man did verbally ask the kid to move, but the boy continued to ignore him, leaving the man no other choice but to make his own space. 

Besides, the seat underneath the kid’s legs was meant for a passenger like him anyway. The man thought it only right. The kid’s reaction to this says it all . . .

Lost For Words


Kim was able to capture the exact moment when the kid realized he was being sat on. For a good couple of minutes, the boy was lost for words and just sat there with his mouth wide open in shock. 

It appeared that this was the first time that the kid didn’t get what he wanted. The next set of photos show how hard it was for him to come to terms with reality.

He Taught Him A Lesson

The man thought that he had every right to sit in the space that the boy had taken over with his legs, and rightfully so. Seeing that the boy, whose name was later revealed as Joe, had no respect, the man wanted to teach him a lesson. 

There is no denying that the boy learned the hard way, but by the time his mother realized what was going on, it was too late . . .

She Missed Her Stop


When the man initially sat on her son, the mom persisted in playing ignorant. It was only when she missed her stop did the mom take notice of what was going around her. Immediately, she blamed her son. 

Of course, the only person to blame is herself for having been so absorbed in her music rather than her son. During all of this, Kim continued to record, sharing everything on Twitter.

The Aftermath

The boy’s mom began complaining to her son and yelling at him in front of everyone on the subway, blaming him for missing their stop. It was clear to everybody in the subway that the boy was extremely uncomfortable. After being sat on by a stranger and ridiculed by his mom in front of everyone, it was evident that the kid wanted to leave as soon as possible.

The argument between the mom and son was not recorded, and when Kim stopped recording, they got off the subway. However, it didn’t just stop there though . . .

The Kid’s Got A Dirty Mouth!


Shortly after the end of the video, the kid had a few things to say and included a few choice words. According to Kim, the boy turned on the stranger and began cursing. 

In an interview with the New York Post, Kim said, “When they got off, he yelled, ‘F***! F*** you!’ several times and stormed off.” The story didn’t end there. Somehow, it worked its way to other places . . .

The Lay Downer T-Shirt

After hearing about this story, someone came up with the idea of creating a t-shirt, featuring the infamous “lay downer” himself. The shirt is a simple white T with a picture of Joe’s hilarious reaction to being sat on. 

It’s clear that the stranger and Joe will go down in subway folklore. Though many find the story comical, some people are not amused . . .

Is It Even Legal?


While many were glad to see justice served, there are those who think it wrong of the stranger to sit on the kid.

Some would even go so far as to say that this was a form of “assault”. While this is believed by a few, the majority support the man’s action . . .

He Did The Right Thing?


Online, most believe that the stranger made the right choice in combating Joe’s rudeness, praising the man by saying, “Not all heroes wear capes,” “He has 0 s***s left to give and he is my blood brother.” 

No matter what side you may fall on, one thing is for sure, Joe will never forget the day he was schooled in subway etiquette.

Well, That’s One Way To Take Up Space


This man showcases some dedication when it comes to keeping seats. If you ever need someone to hold a seat for you, this is the type of person you hope to find! This boy could learn a thing or two from this guy. 

 For the time being, he provides entertainment to the masses, hopefully invoking a laugh or two.

All The Other Rude

When you’ve just stepped onto the train after a long day at work, the last thing you want to deal with is someone sitting next to you hacking away at their phone for the entire trip.

However, this woman seems to have an entirely different situation. She’s been forced to make do with an inch of space on her seat because someone else’s feet got in the way.

Make Yourself Comfortable


Here, we see another woman who has helped herself to a row of seats. We’re sure that most subway systems want their riders to be comfortable, and the more props you can find to make the journey as easy as possible, the better. 

Even if this does include a newspaper to act as a light blocker. But what about all the other passengers? Let’s pray the subway was empty that day.

PDA Or Sleeping?


This image captures a peculiar situation and we are unsure of what exactly is happening. We wonder if they are kissing or if they had fallen asleep like that to make the best use of the space. 

Either way, this would definitely raise some eyebrows and it would be something to think about during the upcoming week. And where are her shoes?

The Onion Chopper

This woman clearly will go to great lengths to make sure she follows through with her date plans. Apparently, she was held up at work and decided to start preparing dinner on the subway!

Who would have thought you could chop onions on the subway? She seems to be immune to the tears cutting onions usually brings but her fellow passengers don’t seem to be impressed.

Smart Car, Not So Smart Owner

Now, this is something you don’t see every day! We wonder why he had decided to use the subway when he already has a car that he could use to get around. 

He surely has his own reasons behind it but it boggles the mind to think of what they are. Could he perhaps be a germaphobe? Granted, he doesn’t have to walk around but what happens when he gets to a station that only has stairs?

Excuse Me While I Win This Battle


This has to be something only a true gamer would understand. Serious gamers would know how difficult it is to press pause in the middle of a game but this man has found a solution. 

However, there are a few issues this “solution” presents. He would have to carry some heavy equipment all the way to the subway as well as blocking the exit! 

Give Me Space


Some people are more serious about their personal space than others. This woman seems to be ready to do whatever it takes to not have anyone pop her bubble. 

She may also have some important messages to attend to on her phone and she can’t afford any interruptions. Or she would prefer to limit her contact with people because she’s a germaphobe. 

So This Is Why They Offer Free Delivery 


Imagine first of all trying to haul that thing in a subway, you know for a fact she asked an irritated passenger for help. And second, the look on everyone’s faces when they see her posted there blocking the entire hallway.

You might want to consider the free delivery next time. 

Can You Get Any Creepier?


We commend this man for how comitted he is to finding woman on the subway but he could have read this while at home. 

It may have been a better strategy so that he could apply what he’s learned instead of exposing his strategy to all the women on the subway. 

Table For One

Many commuters are in a rush to get to places and to see people so it makes sense that many are rushed to eat. 

This man had decided that he’d had enough and wanted to make things easier for himself. Forget an ordinary packed lunch. He went all out and decided he wanted to enjoy his sushi comfortably on the subway and the best way to do that was using a tray table. 

The Guy Who Partied Too Hard In Montauk

Among the many passengers on the subway, there are those who use this form as travel to get home after a long night of partying. 

It’s definitely safer than driving by themselves but it would help if they remained conscious for the trip and were aware of every stop they made. 

Breakfast On The Go


It is said that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and this man seems to take that saying very seriously. 

No morning rush would keep him away from his morning meal, even if it meant eating his breakfast with a ladle on the subway. We just hope it doesn’t spill! 

The Aspiring Musician

It seems that this man had worked a long and hard day but nothing was going to keep him away from his real passion: music. 

There’s always time to practice and he was going to make sure he would make his dreams come true. However, if we look at the man seated next to him with his head in his hand, we wonder if he’s any good. 

Sleeping Beauty

We all know how it feels to be tired after a long day at work and wanting to sneak a quick nap in on the way back home. But what happens when you get carried away?

This woman seems to be in a deep sleep, unaware of all the people standing around her. Considering she’s taken up several seats, it would make sense that she would be comfortable enough to have a solid sleep. 



One of the worst things about traveling on the subway is the lack of seats. Everyone dreads having to stand after a tiring day at work and this man had reached his limit. 

He had spent too many subway trips standing and he wouldn’t do it any longer. He decided that the floor would be far more comfortable and embraced the time lying down. 

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental