Package Never Gets Delivered, They Install Hidden Camera


Plan In Action

She was infuriated when she realized that they had taken what was hers once again. She wondered how many others this was happening to. But that was when she came up with a vicious plan. She had to get even with whoever was doing this.

She was proud of herself as her smile grew wider. This was sure to make them never steal from her again.

Gift Plan


Ava Kaplan was born and raised in Minnesota and thought she had it all planned out.

Ava felt that she could save money wherever she could help it. She’d shop around for specials and look far and wide. She’d even give her neighbors tips on how to save the most.

Gift Plans


All of the things she had ordered were due to arrive within the month. She was excited to say the least.

She would wrap them immediately and hide them away until the special event was coming. But just as it was about time for the first of the many gifts to have arrived, there was nothing.

No-Help Service

The Seattle Times

She called the courier and complained but they notified her that it was no mistake and they had indeed shipped the item to her.

The missing present was for her daughter’s birthday in the coming month. It was a Lego set she really loved. She couldn’t believe it. But this was only the beginning.

Again And Again


But it was only the start of it. Three deliveries later and Ava stood empty-handed. Nothing was ever on her porch.

To make things even worse the people she called on the phone could only account for one of the missing boxes. She felt like a fool, were they scamming her?

No One Else

Macon Telegraph

Ava stomped down the street, steam whistling out her ears.

Her neighbors, however, didn’t share her anger, because no one else had been having any problems! This wasn’t just a computer error, she was being targeted. It was time to take action. She had to get to the bottom of this.

No One Is Safe


Incredibly, a third of all packages delivered to residential homes in the U.S never make it to their intended recipient.

Not because of a delivery service, but because of greedy ‘porch pirates’. And, although they have a cute name, their deeds are far from innocent. And the residents were growing sick and tired.

The Statistics


Of course, there are worse times for theft than others — the holidays, for instance — when thieves suspect that your packages will contain wonderful gifts and not the replacement toaster you got yourself online.

With the high theft rate, you have probably been a victim too. So, have you dreamed about the ways you would take your revenge? Ava did, and the result was genius.

Enough Is Enough!


Every part of her hated that she had to spend the extra money, but after a week of missing gifts, she couldn’t take it any longer.

Ava came home with a new camera system for her front door. She was going to catch the thief herself. She had also decided to be extra sneaky.

Extra Careful

Tom’s Guide

She wasn’t going to install it during the day. She would wait until late evening, so no one would know it was up.

The new app ran on her phone, giving her updates on whoever pressed the doorbell or even approached the door. It wouldn’t be long now. But first, she had to prepare.

It Started With A Video


Ava’s revenge begins with a video that has clearly had time and effort put into it.

She obviously really got into her revenge tape. The video is titled “I’m sick of my packages being stolen, so I got creative…” and has now been viewed by over 1 million people. It seems that everyone wants a piece of the action, maybe because so many of us have been burned before.

A Smelly Present


The video begins with Ava cleaning out her cat’s litter box. She makes sure to get it all, every kitty parcel.

She seems to have collected kitty contents for a few days because when he fills a brown package lined with a black bag, there is a lot of it. All the way to the very brim. But her creativity didn’t stop there.

Wrapping It All Up


Most impressively, Ava even spends some time by making the box look like a very official delivery, going to the trouble of neatly taping it all up.

And then she really goes the extra mile, adding official-looking accessories, such as an authentic-looking printed packing list, taped to the top of the parcel. There was only one thing left to do.

The Victim Arrives


Ava makes an elaborate video of placing the box on her porch steps, cleverly adding her accomplice cat to the film, watching her through the glass door as she lays her trap.

Then the wait begins. It takes a couple of hours for the bait to be taken, but taken it is. Her phone beeps.

It’s Go Time!

News Break

Ava pulled out her phone to see the livestream that was taking place just outside the house.

Someone dressed in dark colors and a pulled-down hoodie strolled up to the porch, grabbed a box, and then made for the running car in the driveway. The furious mom ran to the door to confront him.

Catch Him!


She leaped out, pointing a finger and yelling accusations. The culprit hesitated in a moment of shock then ran for the car.

This was actually happening! Ava was already dialing 911 and yelling that it was already too late for the guy. He made his getaway, but that was okay. Unfortunately for him, he still held on tightly to the package he’d pilfered.

A Smart Plan


Like many package thieves, this team knew which homes were going to have packages delivered to them, not exactly state of the art tracking… They actually just followed the Aramex truck around all day, leaving a 10 minute wait time between the truck and themselves.

“They were tailing the truck, which can be seen in security camera footage about 10 minutes prior,” Ava said gleefully.

Getting Even


The package thief, expecting an expensive or useful item, opens the sandy surprise…after a few hours on the porch, I’m sure it was smelling rather ripe.

Maybe that will teach him a valuable lesson–to keep his thieving fingers to himself! However, other package thieves weren’t so lucky.

Also Tired Of Thieves


The next group of people who decided to go sidewalk shopping with a five-finger discount crossed the wrong man.

An engineer named Mark Robert created the ultimate revenge box to deter package thieves, and inside was something far fouler than cat litter. His machine is artfully designed to dish out instant karma, and you’ll see why.

A Smart Guy


Mark is a former NASA engineer who worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and a nice guy. He doesn’t want to see anyone hurt, but he does want to mess up your car interior… If you happen to be a Porch Pirate that is.

Mark’s prank goes so deep that the technical mastery of screwing up someone’s day is absolutely mind-bending.

His Elaborate Plan


He begins with this apparently common problem of people not being able to keep their hands to themselves and then he explains his elaborate and mesmerizing plan.

So what would you consider the worst way to ruin someone’s day? Without violence of course? Did you say glitter?! Well, that is exactly what Mark thought too. Glitter and a certain odor.

6 Months Of Work


It took Mark six months along with help from a friend to create what must be the most satisfying revenge video for all of you who have suffered at the hands of the Porch Pirates.

Not only are the tools used absolutely perfect at distributing glitter into absolutely every nook, cranny and crevice but we get to watch it all go down.

Going Viral


Mark’s video was trending at number #3, that’s how good revenge tastes. His 10-minute video starts with a lengthy introduction explaining how he built his booby trap.

designed to douse thieves in glitter and fart spray (of which, he says gleefully, one spray will “clear a room”) and is named “Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap”.

A Beautiful Tornado


Unleashing a tornado of gorgeous glitter followed by 5 sprays of fart from a can every 30 seconds it is bound to get reactions.

Personally, I slowed it right down to look at the amazing glitter cloud spin and change color over and over again but that’s just me, I think most people would agree that the genius is in the video feedback. From every angle!

Every Angle


Boasting 4 individual iPhones, each triggered by two latches. When the lid of the box is opened it sets a whole lot of things into action.

Mark explains: “This custom printed circuit board is the brains of the operation. It has a built-in accelerometer and when it’s jostled that will check the GPS signal to see if it’s been moved from the porch. And if so it sends a signal to all the phones to wake up and start recording and I’m using four phones that have a wide-angle.”

Nothing But The Best


“Ultimately when they open their package I just want to celebrate their choice of profession with a cloud of glitter, because who doesn’t love glitter?”

He continued “…and because the phones have GPS we created a virtual geo-fence around my house so I get a notification when the package has been moved off the property.”

The Footage


And it was not long before that happened. The best part? Seeing the footage… “So it appears he was walking down the pavement and then suddenly makes a hard left.

Then he takes the package and gets in his car and eventually makes it to this garage where this glorious sequence unfolds,” Mark narrates in glee.

Just Desserts


The first worthy victim is a young thief and he was really not impressed but you can hear in his voice that he knew he deserved it.

He whines to a friend, “My car dude. It’s all over my car. [It’s on] Everything!” And the second group, they don’t manage to open it properly so it wasn’t so visual, but everyone in the car is yelling to “throw it out!” and “what’s that smell?”

The Best Prank


Of all the thieves caught out by this fantastic gadget, I think the man shown last is my favorite. He managed to hold in the excitement of opening the package until he got home.

As the lid is lifted off you hear and see the glitter being flung across the room and he just stands there, absolutely still and silently. The device plays a recording, “Keep the change you filthy animal.”



The dazed man has a look of resignation on his defeated face as he fetches a vacuum cleaner and starts trying to clean up the devastation left by Mark’s device of Instant Karma.

A layer of fine glitter covers every surface of the room, and the camera keeps rolling. You almost feel sorry for this hapless package thief. Almost.