Neighbor Steals Landlord’s Parking, Gets Taught An Expensive Lesson



Peter continued his day like normal, thinking nothing of his bad behavior. He figured that whoever he stole the car parking spot from would get over it. He was wrong.

He walked up to his car and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. His car was as good as a block of ice. Suddenly, a threatening voice appeared from the shadows.

Peter Connor


Peter Connor woke up to a beautiful Friday morning. He lived on his own in a nice apartment complex in New York City. He got dressed, brushed his teeth, and opened his window to let the morning sun in but what he saw instead, left his jaw hanging.

Overnight, the ground had turned into a white blanket. About 8 inches of snow had fallen. As beautiful as it was, however, there was a problem!

Covered In Snow


Peter looked around at the blinding white snow, almost everything was buried beneath it. He could just about make out the roof of cars that were as good as gone. “Those drivers are about to have a bad day”, he thought.

Thankfully, he managed to find a parking spot in the garage last night so he didn’t have to worry about his car being buried.

Shoveled Spot


He waited for the snowplows to come and clear the garage driveway before he hopped in and drove to work. He just needed to attend a quick meeting.

After an hour, he returned home. He saw a parking space right beside his building that was cleared of the snow. It was so much closer than the garage. His next move cost him dearly.

Wrong Decision


Without much thought, he stole the parking spot. He knew that there was a general rule in his apartment complex that once somebody spent time shoveling snow from their parking spot, it was theirs but Peter didn’t care.

He wasn’t about to spend a couple of hours clearing snow away. Instead, he chose the easy option, but he had no idea who he stole from.

Forgot About It


Peter continued his day like normal, thinking nothing of his little misbehavior. He figured whoever it was would get over it. After all, it was too late to do anything now.

But it wasn’t too late and while Peter was inside his office, working away and carrying out his day like normal, someone else was arriving at their parking spot, realizing someone robbed them of their hard work.


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Peter had no idea that the car space he deliberately stole was none other than his landlord’s. It even had a reserved sign on the ground but of course, he missed it because of the snow.

His misdemeanor instantly got ten times worse. As Peter was looking at his computer, his landlord was in a fit of rage. Knowing it was going to snow heavily the previous night, he woke up at 6 am to begin shoveling the snow from his car.

Taking Pictures


He was shoveling in freezing conditions. It took him almost two hours to free his car and make a path to the road.

While Peter got up from his desk to make some coffee, his landlord was already planning his revenge. He took a picture of his registration plate and stormed inside. What he did next was beyond belief.

Pay Back


Peter didn’t have a chance. He would never have anticipated what was coming his way.

His landlord came back out to Peter’s car with a big bucket in hand. He poured water all over his windscreen. He repeated the process about 8 times, carrying the bucket back and forth between the building and his car. What was he doing?

Revenge Executed

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By the time the landlord dumped the last bucket of water on his car, all the water had already frozen over. He got every last drop out of the bucket before retiring for the night.

The next morning, Peter walked down to his car to go to another important meeting but he was met with a horrid scene. He gasped as he stood in fright.

Solid Ice

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Peter’s car was as good as a solid brick of ice. His windshield was covered in a solid sheet of ice that slid and melded with his front bumper.

It looked like the ice had found its way into his entire engine. He opened his car door. There was no way he could see through this – or even start the car. But he needed to fix it, and fast.

In Trouble


He ran inside and grabbed his windscreen ice scraper. He scraped the ice piece by piece but there were layers of it. He wondered if his engine looked this bad. He tried to open the hood but it was sealed shut with ice.

Peter immediately called his office and explained his situation to his boss. He was in big trouble. But just as he hung up, he noticed something odd.

Being Watched


Peter was beyond stressed, he feared he could lose his career over this. He put his phone in his pocket and wondered how on earth this had happened?

Then he saw him, the strange figure in the window that seemed to be looking at him. Just as Peter spotted him, he disappeared back into the building. Moments later, he reappeared.

Unexpected Interruption

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He walked out of the building. Peter immediately noticed that he was his landlord. He seemed to be unhappy to see him. Peter’s wave was met with a stern look of disgust.

Confused, Peter ignored him and focused his attention back on scrapping the ice from his car. He was interrupted shortly after by a deep voice.


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To Peter’s surprise, it was the cops. They informed him that he was being fined. His car registration was reported to them with an accusation of parking in a private parking spot.

Peter stood frozen, quickly thinking of how he could get out of this one. “I didn’t know this was a private spot”, he said. “Sorry sir, the law is the law”, the officer replied. In this case, the landlord’s revenge is certainly a dish best served cold!

A Different Part Of The World


But Peter wasn’t the only one to learn his lesson after parking his car in a place he had no business parking. In Eastern Europe, a similar incident would result in hefty amounts being paid to rectify a wrong done by very inconsiderate people.

Although there was no snow in this case, the perpetrators more than learned their lesson. Don’t park in areas you aren’t permitted to park.

Welcome To Transylvania


This particular story revolves around an elderly man who had a piece of land in the heart of Transylvania, Romania. The land was small and had fed the man and his family for years.

He would spend time tilling and planting on it, and when the time was right, he would harvest his produce. He would then hold off from planting until the rainy season returned.

Meet Lulian


The man, Lulian, lived a good life. Although he and his kin didn’t have much, they could depend on their land to feed them and give enough produce for them to sell at the market.

But of late, visitors were pouring into the neighboring villages, some even staying for months. Lulian didn’t mind it at first. But then the visitors started being a problem for him and his family.

The Cars


The visitors had been parking their vehicles on Lulian’s land for the past few days. Their cars trampled his crops, most of which he’d just planted.

Since the rainy season had just started, Lulian and his family had tilled their land and planted across half of it. But then the cars came and ruined everything.

Going To Work


Lulian and his family woke up early and prepared for a long day at the field. They hopped into their tractor and drove down to their land.

They were surprised to find a row of vehicles parked all over the area. As any sane man would, Lulian was behind himself with fury. He needed to get to the bottom of what was happening.

Market Week


He went around asking about the cars and soon found out that the owners were visiting the neighboring village, which was holding a market week.

Lulian knew how popular market week was for locals. But many tourists had been frequenting the market of late, bringing in the influx of car owners with no place to leave their vehicles.

Finding The Owners


Lulian couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He set his family to work on the empty parts of their land while he went into the market to find the vehicle owners.

After an hour of asking around, Lulian managed to find a few owners of the vehicles. Some were friendly enough to chat with him, while others were the exact opposite. But were any of them open to moving their cars from his property?

Two Sides Of The Story


Some car owners apologized for parking their vehicles on Lulian’s land. They had no idea he used the land to feed his family and couldn’t take their cars off his property quickly enough.

But others weren’t so quick to act. They argued that the land was empty when they parked there. They didn’t even care about his need to plant crops before the rains became constant. But that wasn’t half of it.

A Good Morning


The tourists drove off by evening, and Lulian was happy to see his land free of vehicles. He went home happy, not knowing that the day would repeat itself as soon as the sun was up.

The following day, he and his family woke up early and drove to their farm. The hour they spent on the road couldn’t have ended fast enough. But as they turned the corner, they saw something that withered their insides.

It Happens Again


Their property was covered in vehicles. And the number was higher than the previous day, with more cars coming in.

Lulian jumped off his tractor and ran to talk to the drivers. He was lucky to find some still parking and asked them to find another place to leave their vehicles. While some listened to his request, others shrugged and parked on his property.

The Bad Batch

Lulian was back at square one. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He spent the day weaving through the market, asking the tourists to take their vehicles out of his property.

But the ones who were left didn’t want to take their cars out. They maltreated Lulian, flashing their money in his face and calling him names. He had to act.

His Revenge


Lulian returned to his family, who were still working on parts of the land. After sending them home, he hopped into his tractor and dug a ditch around his property.

The ditch was a few feet deep and wide, boxing all the vehicles on his property. And as if that wasn’t enough, something awing took place that left Lulian grinning.

Nature Comes To His Side


It seems nature was on Lulian’s side because the sky darkened with storm clouds. It wasn’t long before the village was covered in heavy rain.

The vehicle owners came running back, jumping over the ditch and into their cars. But they couldn’t drive out of Lulian’s land. As the rains continued pouring, it became clear what sort of mess they were in.

A Stormy Afternoon


The rains transformed Lulian’s land from dirt to runny mud. The ditch was covered with flowing water, ensuring no vehicle went over it.

The car owners were furious with Lulian. They tried to drive away, quickly finding out they were stuck on the land. Some of them even brought the police to the matter, hoping to scare Lulian into fixing the situation.

He’s On The Right Side


But the police were on Lulian’s side. They even pointed at a restricted property sign that Lulian had erected on the property years before.

In the end, the visitors spent a lot of cash financing removing their cars from the property. By the end of that week, no tourist parked his car on Lulian’s land. Finally, he could continue with his life as before.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.