Man Claims He’s Taking Grandma Shopping Until Cashier Translates What She Really Said


Something Felt Off

Jenna stared at the pair from afar. They stood in the back of the store as the man glanced around himself suspiciously. She didn’t know why, but something felt off about the man’s weird behavior.

He had the same sour expression on his face since he walked through the doors. But Jenna couldn’t help but stare at the old lady. Her head hung low, her small bucket hat hiding her eyes from the world.

She couldn’t explain the uneasy feeling in her stomach. But when she finally caught a glimpse of the old woman’s face, her heart dropped. It was worse than she thought.

She Noticed Them


Jenna noticed them the second they walked through the doors. The man’s face was twisted in anger as he walked ahead of the much older woman.

She struggled to keep up, her frail legs carrying her as fast as they could.

She didn’t think much of the pair at first; the man appeared to be in a rush, but other than that, everything seemed fairly normal.

Keep Up


She was packing one of the shelves in the back when they walked past her. The man was far ahead of the woman who was trailing behind him with her old cane. “Keep up,” he grumbled under his breath.

Jenna couldn’t help but frown as she turned to the woman who was trying her best to keep up with the younger man. She tried to catch a glimpse of the woman’s face, but a small bucket hat covered her eyes. Something about the pair didn’t sit right with her.

An Interaction


She stopped what she was doing and watched the pair from her seat. They walked further into the back and then stopped. The man turned to the old lady and glared down at her. He was saying something, but Jenna couldn’t hear it from where she was sitting. 

Once again, she tried to look at the old woman’s face, but as the man spoke down to her, her head lowered to the floor. Jenna watched as she raised a shaky hand to her face and wiped at her cheeks. Was she crying?

Abandoned Task


By now, Jenna had entirely abandoned her task. Instead, she was fully facing the man and woman. He began forcefully tossing items into a basket, his harsh action making the woman jump back.

Jenna couldn’t quite explain it, but she felt for the woman. She was clearly very old and frail, and the man seemed to have no sympathy. She wondered what their story was.

She Knew Better


She got up from her seat in front of the shelf and slowly walked closer to the pair. The man’s face was twisted in anger as the woman stood motionless behind him. She was still facing the floor, occasionally wiping at her face.

Jenna wanted to walk up to them and ask if the old woman was alright, but she knew better than to get involved. But was the situation as bad as it seemed?

She Saw It


Although she wanted to help the old woman, she knew that there was nothing she could do. She was about to turn around and head back to her shelf when it happened.

For a split second, the old lady lifted her head and glanced straight at Jenna. Her heart dropped when she saw it, and her hands instantly became sweaty. She couldn’t believe it. The woman instantly looked away, knowing that she had messed up by revealing her face. Jenna had to do something about this.

A Simple Life


Born and raised in Saint Joseph, Missouri, Jenna Adams lived a simple life. The twenty-three-year-old was in her second year of college and occasionally worked at a local supermarket.

Everyone who knew Jenna knew that she was a strong and independent young woman. She always stood up for what she believed in, not caring if it got her into trouble. But one day, she would suffer the consequences of doing so.

Out Of The Ordinary


The day started like any other. Jenna had just gotten through a day at college and was on her way to work. She was running late, but she knew that her manager would be cool with it. He was always understanding.

Rushing through the doors of the massive store, she headed into the back and clocked in. Over the next few hours, she completed a bunch of miscellaneous tasks. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But that all changed when the man and woman walked in.

In A Rush


She was restocking one of the shelves when she glanced at them for just a second, noticing the grumpy expression on the younger man’s face. Behind him trailed an old woman with a cane. She was clearly struggling to keep up with the man’s pace, but that didn’t stop him.

He simply walked ahead of her. But Jenna didn’t pay them too much attention at first. She assumed that they were just in a rush.

Going About Her Business


She mindlessly went about her business, not really focusing on anyone around her. She had an hour of work left and couldn’t wait to go home to rest. She was distracted by her own thoughts when she heard the loud stomps behind her. 

When she turned to glance at the person, she noticed the grumpy man from a few minutes ago. He had made his way into the back of the store, and the old lady was feet behind him.

Odd Characters


Jenna thought it was strange that the man wasn’t waiting for the old woman, but since she’d started working at the supermarket, she’d seen many odd characters.

But as the man passed her, he turned around and grumbled, “Keep up.” Those two words changed the way Jenna felt about the entire situation. Something about the way he spoke to the old woman didn’t sit right with her. She stopped what she was doing and turned around. She didn’t know it at the time, but the old woman was in serious trouble.

Something Didn’t Feel Right


Jenna looked at the woman who wore an old bucket hat that covered her eyes. She was facing the floor. The only part of her face that was visible was her nose. She frowned, watching as the old woman tried to pick up speed, but she wasn’t catching up to the man.

Jenna wasn’t usually one to pry, but she couldn’t help herself as her eyes followed the pair into the very back of the store. Something about the man’s demeanor didn’t sit right with her.

He Was Furious


She was still holding a box of canned tomatoes when she spun her chair around slightly. When they had just walked through the doors, she didn’t think much of the grumpy expression on the man’s face, but now that she was really looking at him, he looked furious.
He stopped in front of one of the shelves and turned to face the woman with narrowed eyes. He then said something that made the woman’s head drop even lower. Jenna watched with worried eyes. What on earth was going on?

Was She Crying?


The woman raised a shaky hand and wiped it across her cheeks as the man rolled his eyes. Was she crying? What had he said to her? Jenna placed the box down and fully spun her chair in their direction. Something wasn’t right.

He turned away and began harshly tossing items into a shopping basket, making the woman flinch. Jenna felt an overwhelming wave of sadness wash over her as she watched.

Don’t Get Involved


She wondered if she could just walk over there and ask the woman if she was alright, but she knew that she couldn’t get involved. She wanted to turn away and keep working, but her eyes wouldn’t leave the woman.

She tried to look at her once again, but the lady was staring down at her shoes, making it impossible to catch a glimpse of her face. Jenna was about to look away, but just then, the woman glanced up for just a second.



Her watery eyes landed right on Jenna, catching her as she stared. But Jenna wasn’t worried about the fact that she had been caught staring. What worried her was what she saw on the woman’s face.

A large black and blue bruise covered the old lady’s left eye. It was swollen to the point where she could hardly open it. But the woman looked away almost immediately, knowing that she had made a mistake. A shiver ran down Jenna’s spine. This was worse than she thought.

What Could She Do?


Her eyes were wide as she looked back at the man. He hadn’t noticed the interaction. He was still angrily chucking groceries into his basket. Jenna didn’t know what to do next.

Was she supposed to go over there and ask the woman about it? What if the man was responsible? She didn’t want to make any assumptions, but she was terrified of the man. It was clear that he was in a terrible mood. But Jenna wasn’t the kind of person to just let this go.

She Couldn’t Let It Go


Gathering all of her courage, she stood up from her chair. She couldn’t let the old woman leave without ensuring that she was okay. 

The man and woman now had their backs facing her as she approached them quietly. She took slow, hesitant steps until she finally reached them. “Excuse me, sir and madam,” she spoke up.

Talking To Them


When the man turned to face her, his eyebrow raised. He did not want anyone to bother him. The old lady turned around, too, merely glancing at Jenna’s face before looking down again. 

Her hands trembled as they twisted around her cane. She knew that she’d made a mistake by looking up earlier, and she was terrified of what Jenna would do.



“Uh, I’m sorry to bother you,” she stammered over her words as the man’s eyes bored into hers. She quickly turned to the woman, trying to ignore the man who was trying to intimidate her with his harsh gaze. “But I noticed the mark on your face, ma’am. I just wanted to make sure you’re alright?” 

A thin layer of sweat had appeared across her forehead as the man let out an irritated grunt. But Jenna made the fateful mistake of getting the man’s attention. He now had his sights on her.

An Odd Reaction


The old woman flinched at Jenna’s words. But it wasn’t because she feared for her safety. The look in her eyes implied that she was worried about the store clerk. 

Jenna had no idea that she had just stirred a beehive of trouble. But it was about to come her way, and there would be no way for her to escape.

Sights On Her


The man’s aggression suddenly changed from being focused on the old woman to staring directly at the cashier. Jenna felt a lump forming in her throat as his eyes burned into her. 

But that was just the beginning. The man, now focused on Jenna, started slowly moving towards her, a look of pure evil etched into his face. 

An Eternity


Suddenly, the world around Jenna came to a complete standstill. Each of the man’s steps took an eternity to touch down. And with each of those gut-wrenching seconds, Jenna’s instincts were on high alert.

She knew that she had made a massive mistake when talking to the old woman. But she had no idea about what would happen next.

Countless Thoughts


Jenna’s mind was racing with possibilities. She thought about everything that could possibly go wrong. About every possible action the man could take.

And about the worst scenario she could face in the immediate future. Would the young woman make it out of this unscathed? Or had she just made the biggest mistake of her life?

What To Do


Jenna was sure that the outcome of this interaction wouldn’t be good. She knew she had put herself in a situation that she never should’ve been in. And she wished she could turn back time and stop herself from making this mistake.

But it was too late now. She was already in it, and all she could do now was get out before things took a turn for the worst.

No Way Out


The first thing that came to mind was that she should run and hide. But there was nowhere for her to go. The man’s cold, calculating eyes were locked on her. She couldn’t get out if she wanted to.

So Jenna put on a brave face and stood her ground, hoping it would get the man to back down. But she had no idea what she was in for.

His Next Move


The man’s next move was known only to him. He kept his pace as the gap between them closed. Jenna had no idea that she had poked her nose in an affair that would only get her in trouble, too.

Was it her imagination, or did he have something in his pocket? Fear gripped her as she imagined all of the terrible things he could do.

None Of Her Business


The man closed the distance, and Jenna stood frozen in place. She had no idea what he was going to do to her. He stared daggers at her and opened his mouth to speak out.

Jenna readied herself for the worst. “This is none of your business, lady,” he spat at Jenna, but she suddenly had newfound confidence as she stared at the battered woman.

Battered Woman


Jenna stared at the battered woman, and her heart went out to her. She decided that she had to at least get a good explanation from the man if she wanted to feel guilt-free walking away.

“What happened to her? I think it’s in your best interest to answer truthfully,” Jenna asked in an authoritative voice. The man’s eyes went wide, and suddenly, he backed off a bit.



The man’s sudden submission took Jenna by surprise. Seconds ago, it looked like he was on a warpath, but as soon as she spoke, he just backed down. It didn’t make any sense.

There was more to this situation than met the eye. And Jenna was determined to find out what it was that was really going on there.

Why Would He Do That?


Jenna’s eyes roamed over the man as she tried to figure out what his motives were. In less than a minute, his entire demeanor had changed.

He went from being standoffish and a little intimidating to what looked like a shy young man in an instant. Something wasn’t there. Jenna was sure of it. But what did that mean?

Was It A Trick?


Jenna couldn’t help but wonder if this was some kind of trick. Was he trying to look less intimidating so he could get closer to her? Was he preparing to do something drastic?

The thought alone was enough to send Jenna’s system into overdrive. She was prepared for anything that could possibly go wrong. Or so she thought.

Something Was Off


Jenna looked up at the surveillance camera that was situated behind the man, hoping that the security guards would see the footage and that they would realize that something was wrong.

But that was the only thing she could do at the time. At that point, the young woman could do nothing but hope that her plan would work.

Standing Her Ground


With that thought in mind, Jenna folded her arms over her chest. She was standing her ground, and she would not back down until she knew that the old lady was safe.

What Jenna didn’t know was that the man had a trick up his sleeve. And if she isn’t careful, her entire plan would go up in flames.

Leave Us Alone


“She’s fine. She fell down the stairs,” he grumbled, “Now, please leave us alone.” He tried to turn the old woman away from Jenna, but Jenna stopped him. 

“Excuse me, sir, but I was talking to her. I will only leave you alone once she tells me that she’s alright.” Jenna challenged the rude man, now angered by the way he was treating her. She didn’t like him, and she didn’t trust him.

She Knew Better


The lady raised a hand to her cheeks again, wiping tears away. She still refused to show her face, her eyes not leaving the floor. Jenna was a smart girl, and she knew better than to leave the woman’s side. 

“Look, she is my grandmother, okay? I live with her, and she fell down the stairs last night. Now, back off, or I will report you to a manager.” He spat.

Growing Concern


Jenna’s concern shot through the roof after his lousy excuse. She knew that it was a far-fetched story that abusers normally told. If she really had fallen down the stairs, why was she so sad?

She wanted to get all the facts. Maybe there was an explanation for everything, but he hadn’t given it yet. Until he satisfied her concern, she would be watching him like a hawk.

Another Attempt


Seemingly satisfied with his terrible explanation, the man smirked. But Jenna wasn’t phased. She wasn’t buying a word he was trying to sell, and his arrogance was only making things worse.

“Happy now?” the man asked, not knowing what was about to come his way. But he was about to hear something that would wipe that smile right off his face.

Another Refusal


“No,” Jenna said matter of factly. “If you think anyone will believe the lame excuse you just gave, then you’re gonna be in for a surprise.

The blood drained from the man’s face as he realized that Jenna could see right through the tough-man act he was putting on. But this was just the beginning of his encounter with the feisty woman.

Tensions Rise


Knowing there wasn’t much left for him to do, the man tried to intimidate Jenna by staring her down. But that didn’t work out in his favor either, as the young woman was just as stubborn as he was.

That was when the tension really started to rise. Everyone around them could pick up on the fact that something was happening.

A Threat


That was when the man decided to take things to the next level. He leaned in close so only Jenna could hear what he was saying. “Leave us alone, or I will hurt you.”

Jenna quirked a brow at his audacity. “I’d like to see you explain that to the police,” she said, leaning in as well.

No Idea 


The man burst out laughing, not knowing that in the depths of the store, the security guards had picked up on the altercation. But then, out of nowhere, he seemed to have come to his senses.

“Please, just leave us be. She really just fell down,” he said, his voice calmer than before. But Jenna still wasn’t buying it.

Her Behavior


It didn’t matter how many times he said it. His explanation didn’t explain her behavior. It clearly seemed like she was in distress, so Jenna wouldn’t leave the issue alone just yet. She looked at him and said, “Her behavior doesn’t fit your explanation.”

He seemed to only get more infuriated by her questions. Jenna was getting ready for anything when she noticed people gathering around. Maybe it was better for her to think of other ways to solve this.

Backing Off


By now, a small crowd had formed around them. One of the cashiers, Sarah, had crept closer, watching with suspicious eyes. She had noticed them, too. Jenna didn’t want to leave, but she also didn’t want to get into trouble for harassing a customer. She slowly backed away from the man and woman.

But as she was about to turn around and walk off, the old woman raised her head. She didn’t make eye contact, but she spoke in a delicate voice.

What’s Going On?


Unfortunately, she spoke in Spanish, and Jenna couldn’t understand a word of what she’d said. “I said, leave us alone.” The man glared, and she nodded, slowly walking off despite not wanting to. She spotted her manager, who was watching from afar and made her way toward him.

She felt bad. Was she wrong about everything, and was the old lady actually irritated with her? Maybe she had a disorder about going out in public?

Someone Watching


Thankfully for Jenna, someone else was watching the situation unfold. They had been a silent spectator the entire time and didn’t see any kind of reason to intervene. But now, she felt she had to.

She worked in the store just like Jenna did. She understood what the old lady actually said, and it was far darker than anyone thought.

Back To The Manager


Meanwhile, Jenna had made her way back to the manager, who wanted to know what was going on. “What was that about?” he asked. Luckily, he didn’t seem upset with Jenna. 

She was about to explain when Sarah, the cashier, ran up to them. She couldn’t stand by any longer and let bad things happen to people for no reason. The man really was bad.

Call The Police!


“We have to call the police!” Sarah told the manager. She came from a Spanish household, and she overheard what the old woman had said. “You have to hurry before they leave.” She warned. 

But the manager refused to call the police until Sarah told him what the woman had said. They were about to learn how bad the situation really was.

Getting Help


“She asked Jenna to help her, and she said that the man hurt her,” Sarah explained, and Jenna’s heart dropped. The manager didn’t waste a second as he rushed into his office.

Within minutes, he was on the phone to the police. Thanks to Jenna and Sarah, help was on the way. But what exactly was going on? Was he really her grandson?

An Explanation


Once the call was made, Jenna explained the situation to the manager. She explained how the man had treated the woman, which Sarah could confirm as she had been watching them, too.

With both of them as witnesses, it seemed clear what was going on. But Jenna wasn’t even finished yet. She told her manager one final detail that would be the nail in the coffin.



She could only feel anger when she mentioned the bruise, shocking both the manager and Sarah. Nobody would defend the man after hearing about that.

Jenna was the only one who’d seen it. They just hoped that the police would get there in time. Who knows what else would happen if the man got away?

The Officers


Ten minutes after the manager had made the call, a police car pulled up outside the doors. Two officers came in, and the manager walked them to where the man and woman were standing in line. 

“Sir, we would like to have a word with you outside,” one officer said before they led the man outside. The woman stayed behind, immediately bursting into tears of relief.

The Full Story


A female officer approached the old lady and spoke Spanish to her. After a long conversation, they had all of the information that they needed. 

It turned out that he was, in fact, her grandson. He had moved in with her after the sudden loss of his mother and her daughter. He was a thirty-year-old man with no ambition.

Tears Of Joy


He lived off of his grandmother’s money and hurt her whenever she couldn’t give him exactly what he wanted. It was a terrible thing to do, but thankfully, he wouldn’t be able to hurt her anymore. The police made sure of that.

She cried tears of joy when Jenna told her that he had been arrested. But the old lady wondered what would happen once he was released. 

Needed Support


Jenna’s heart went out to the old woman. She was being taken advantage of by her own grandson. She needed support, even if she had plenty of money on her own.

That’s when Jenna decided to do something nice for her. The woman started coming into the store once a week. Why was she returning to the scene of the crime?

Grocery Shopping


It didn’t look like she was just grocery shopping. She barely bought anything whenever she came, and she always stared at Jenna. She never approached her, but it was as if she wanted something.

Then, finally, the old woman approached her. She stared at Jenna and started speaking. But there was one problem.



The old woman spoke only in Spanish. But thankfully, Sarah came to the rescue. She came to translate the woman’s words. She thanked Jenna for what she’d done, but she had other problems.

She told her that she was worried what would happen when her grandson came back. This sent shivers down Jenna’s spine. What would they do?

Thinking Of A Plan


Jenna felt obligated to help the woman. She didn’t want the grandson coming back and doing who knows what to her. She and Sarah brainstormed ideas while the lady nervously watched them.

She needed to find a way to ensure he could never harm her again. Then it came to her. Jenna told the old woman what to do. It would change everything.

A Restraining Order


Jenna instructed the old woman to go get a restraining order against her son. The evidence was clear enough to get one easily. The old woman was nervous, but she had to do it.

The woman reluctantly got one against the last of her family. This meant that once he was out on probation if he got close to her, he would go straight back to jail.